Get noticed with real estate direct mail marketing and generate more listings

Real estate direct mail marketing is an affordable, fast, and effective way to get noticed in your listing areas, leading to more leads and opportunities for sales. While many agents resort to only email campaigns, implementing a successful real estate direct mail marketing campaign will get you the attention you want right away. You won't have to be concerned like that of your email marketing, where emails get deleted without being read. When they have your postcard, letter or business card right in front of them they are more likely to read it immediately.

Real estate direct mail marketing offers you a less competitive, highly interactive method of generating more targeted leads. Of course, with more listings under your name, the chances of increasing your revenue through commissions is significantly higher.

Targeted - Direct mail advertising allows for real estate agents to market directly to likely sellers and buyers in specific areas and/or by demographics (income, age, family size, etc.).

Affordable - If you don't have the budget for radio, magazine, and TV advertisements, real estate direct mail marketing is your solution for reaching your desired, targeted market. It is more affordable and less costly than other types of media advertising.

FREE Consultation - With iti Direct Mail Services, real estate agents are given one-on-one attention in a free phone consultation to ensure realistic expectations are met for the most effective real estate direct mail marketing campaign chosen.

Measurable - The success of real estate direct mail marketing can be tracked and the results measured. You will know exactly how many mailings were sent out and to where, making it easy to track the number of new leads and listing prospects brought in as a result.

Use real estate direct mail marketing to promote yourself and your properties

  • Announce a hot property, open house, or neighborhood event.
  • Attract new prospects for listings in the areas surrounding "Just Sold" and "Newly Listed" properties.
  • Drive additional online traffic to your website which includes posted listings and/or social networks.
  • Announce local real estate market movement and news.
  • Create memory of your name and build brand awareness in your local area.
  • Stay in contact with past clients and your growing sphere of influence.

Real estate direct mail marketing tips for success

With a great, professional real estate direct mail marketing campaign, you can capture your recipient's attention fast, get them to read and think about your content, commit to the message being conveyed, and then respond to a specific call to action. Below are some tips on how to gain the most success from your real estate direct mail marketing campaign:

  • Each campaign should have a primary goal and target audience in mind. A successful formula is found with the right combination of a specific audience and the message that reaches them.
  • Keep your design and content simple with bold imagery and a strong headline for the most impact.
  • Be clear and concise with your real estate direct mail marketing message. Simply put, only use one idea for each mailing campaign.
  • Include an attractive promotional offer to escalate responses. For instance, a free property value assessment works wonders, as it is a time-sensitive offer, which is highly effective in eliciting immediate responses.
  • Always include direct contact information in your real estate direct mail marketing pieces. The agent name, brokerage/firm logo, web address, phone number, and social profile links.

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