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Cancellation of precanceled postages

Mailings using precanceled postages, which are peel & stick type postage stamps that are used for discounted mail (aka bulk mail) are not canceled by the Post Office. This is contrary to mail that uses regular first class postage stamps. Post Office will print a cancellation mark on regular first class postage stamps which generally includes the name of the USPS facility where the mail began it's processing and the date of cancellation. Below is an example of each mentioned.


All precanceled postages (bulk, discounted postages) which include first class presort, standard class presort and nonprofit do not get a cancellation mark on them (green envelope shown above). The lack of this cancellation mark may cause your mail to appear more like a mass mailing/junk mail. We have authorization from USPS, which allows us to print cancellation marks on your precanceled postages. Our cancellation marks will help your mail appear more personalized and less like a junk mail. See examples below. 


NOTE: First class presort postmark cancellation will have month, day and year; while standard and nonprofit precanceled postages will only have month and year.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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