3 Great Reasons to Send a Handwritten Envelope

In today’s world, technology is everywhere.

The art of writing a letter has become scarce and underappreciated. If you have a knack for writing, consider these three great reasons to send a handwritten envelope. Allow your personality and creativity to glow.

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1. Allow Your Personality to Shine

Sending handwritten mail to a loved one or friend shows great care and appreciation. In the era of the iPhone, you could easily send a text message or tweet in seconds.

The art of taking the time to craft handwritten notes allows your personality to shine. Your sense of humor and personal touch can be elegantly displayed, writing in a beautiful cursive font.

Your audience will feel closer to you, as if they are sharing the moment with you. Your thoughtful words are more personable when your handwritten notes are carefully written.

Unlike other forms of communication, your recipient will feel special. Taking the time out of your busy day to have handwritten notes delivered shows character.


2. Create a Legacy

Generations come and go. Create a legacy sending handwritten mail. You may not think much about that birthday card you sent but imagine generations from now hanging onto your every word.

The uniqueness behind a handwritten envelope is one of a kind. The style of your penmanship is a representation of you. Your choice of words and how you sign your name allow readers a glimpse into your life experience.

The writing styles of today will likely be very different in the future. Future readers such as grandchildren and great-grandchildren can appreciate your handwritten sentiments.


3. Send and You Shall Receive

One of the most exciting benefits of sending handwritten mail is receiving a response. If you have a pen pal, relative, or friend that you write to frequently, you know the excitement of finding a letter in your mailbox.

Written correspondence is a delightful way to let someone know you care. The excitement and moment of joy of finding a letter in your mailbox is a moment to be treasured.


A Simple Handwritten Envelope Has Its Perks

There are many benefits to handwritten mail. Psychology studies suggest that people who write letters by hand are happier than people who don’t. Sending a celebratory card or a token of your appreciation lets your recipient know how much you love and care for them.

Additional benefits of handwritten mail include:

    • Continuing tradition
    • Affordable
    • Personal
    • Improve upon your writing skills
    • Versatility
    • Have a meaningful impact


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