3 Ways to Create a Stunning Marketing Brochure

When you’re starting your marketing campaign blueprint, it’s no easy task determining potential success. But what’s even more difficult is ensuring that all of your marketing materials will elicit the best response possible. That’s because unless you’re a marketing business owner, it’s difficult to understand what the perfect formula for marketing success is. For materials like brochures, this struggle doesn’t stop. In fact, the format of it might bewilder your ability to cement your plan! So, continue to learn about three ways to create a stunning marketing brochure. All three of these tips are necessary for a standout brochure.

1. Anchor with Brand Messaging

One thing you must nail when creating your promotional brochures is what you’re trying to communicate. After all, marketing brochures aren’t just to inform potential customers about your products/services.

They’re also meant to persuade them to use them at all! Because of this, you’ll want your marketing brochure content to be anchored by your brand messaging. This way, your audience will follow a clear, powerful message throughout the brochure.

Messaging isn’t only about a slogan or catchphrase. It’s about how you want to convey your business to your audience. Doing so can also specify the language you use in your brochure, allowing you to attract your target audience.


2. Understand Target Audience

Of course, it’d be great if your products/services resonate with every demographic. But most likely, your resources are better spent specifying your campaign. You only have so many resources for a marketing campaign and using a super general self-promotional brochure won’t impress many past the front page.

Understanding your target audience won’t only help you understand what platforms to distribute your brochures on, it will also help you craft your brochure’s language so that readers resonate with your messaging.

You can even offer discounts or specials that the demographic in question would appreciate. If your demographic tends to be low-income families, for instance, you can offer a 15% discount upon their first time using your product/service!


3. Visual Impact

Looks aren’t everything. But for your promotional brochure template, they’re still essential. Arrangement and language are still crucial parts of your brochure, but it’s also important for your brochure to grab readers’ attention.

First, choose your template. No matter what, it should be accessible and easy to decipher. But beyond that, you need to focus on whether the style matches your brand’s aesthetics.

Next comes formatting since text and aesthetics aren’t separate elements. In fact, your text placement can heavily affect your reader’s aesthetic experience. To honor this fact, ensure that your formatting looks clean and readable.

Finally, choose images that resonate with your brand and its messaging. Don’t abuse them to the point of overwhelming your text, but definitely use them when necessary to draw your audience’s attention.


Give Your Marketing Brochure Everything It Needs

Planning a marketing campaign is hard enough. But designing the materials for it is an entirely different story!

That’s why at i.t.i, we offer design services for entrepreneurs just like you. You tell us your vision, and we’ll make sure your marketing brochure is executed with great success. If you like the sound of that, then get a custom quote from us today!

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