From the Bottom of Your Heart: 4 Secrets to Crafting the Perfect Thank You Letter to Your Customer

From the Bottom of Your Heart: 4 Secrets to Crafting the Perfect Thank You Letter to Your CustomerAccording to the Harvard Business Review, acquiring a new customer is between five and twenty five times more expensive than retaining a loyal customer. To keep customers coming back for more, it’s important that businesses step up and do everything they can to make their customers feel appreciated. That begins with one of the oldest, yet most effective tools of the trade: A thank you letter. The right letter shows a customer that they’re more than a sale — they’re valued. But writing a great letter requires more than a generic letter and a signature. Companies need to mean it from the heart. Here are four tips for writing a professional and effective thank you letter that customers will cherish.


Keep It Classic

Most people reading this likely have the same question: Why not send an email, instead? Though it’s true that email is faster, it’s also more impersonal, so the message will lose its impact. A handwritten note on custom stationary shows that time, thought, and care went into crafting a message to the customer. Having a physical object to hold and read makes the appreciation more ‘real’ in a sense, whereas an email is likely to get lost in a customer’s inbox. Few people smile upon receiving an email. But seeing a hand-addressed envelope is sure to brighten a customer’s day.


Make It Personal

When crafting thank you letters, businesses should aim to keep the message as personal and specific as possible. A generic note is a piece of clutter — not a show of appreciation. But a handwritten, customized letter lets a customer know they’re valuable enough to spend time and effort on. Though the letter itself doesn’t need to overstay its welcome, it should feature as many details specific to the purchase as possible.


Follow a Format

Those who aren’t sure how to write a thank you letter will be happy to know that there’s a basic format to keep things simple. The process is as follows:


The intro should be a quick, simple greeting. Remember, keep it professional. Use their title (Mr., Ms., Mrs.) or ‘Dear…’ to get started.


Kick the body off with ‘Thank you for…’ and then go into more detail. Remember, the more detailed included, the more special the customer will feel.


When it’s time to wrap up the formal thank you letter, always mention future contact. Tell the customer you hope to see them in the future or encourage them to reach out with questions should they have any. Then, sign your name and add the company’s name. It’s that easy!


Follow-Up Fast

The sooner thank you letters are mailed, the better. Not only is a near-immediate follow-up a great way to express appreciation, but it keeps a company in the customers’ mind. The general protocol is to send the letter between one and two business days, though in some cases up to a week is acceptable.


Craft the Perfect Thank You Letter Every Time with These Tips

A thank you letter is still the best way to show a customer that they matter to your business. Use these tips to improve customer satisfaction and help retain your base. Get in touch to learn how your business can benefit from custom printed stationary and direct mail services.

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