6 Do’s and Don’ts for Effective Business Mailers

54% of people look forward to receiving mail from brands they like. Even in the age of email and messenger marketing, it’s clear that business mailers are still an effective and economical marketing tool. With that said, there are a few practices businesses should follow — and avoid — in order to maximize their ROI. Here are six do’s and don’ts to consider when sending out business mailers.


6 Do's and Don'ts for Effective Business Mailers

  1. Do: Define Your Audience and Expectations

Success means something different in each campaign. Before designing a direct mailer, consider your business’ goals. What is it you’re hoping to gain from your mail campaign? With a goal established, you’ll have an easier time gauging the success of the campaign. Next, consider the audience for the mailer. This will help inform the tone, design, and scope of the campaign.


  1. Don’t: Forget to Proofread

Since the mailer is indicative of your business, it’s crucial that it looks as professional as possible. That means keeping your mail error-free. Always get a second opinion before sending your mailers out. Check for misspellings, grammatical errors, and design issues that may detract from your message. Read your copy out loud and see if it’s clear, legible, and easy to follow.


  1. Do: Get to the Point

When designing a mailer, it’s important to remember how much other advertising you’re contending with. On average, people see around 5,000 ads per day. If a customer doesn’t perceive value moments after opening their mail, you likely won’t drive them to engage with your brand. Therefore, make sure you’re grabbing their attention from the get-go. Write using the inverted pyramid. Include the most important details first, i.e. the value, to draw them in.


  1. Don’t: Ignore Other Marketing Channels

Direct mail is a great way to engage with an audience. However, it’s far from the only method. Don’t forget to include details about your other channels such as social media pages, your website, and contact information. The more ways a customer can interact with your brand, the better.


  1. Do: Include a Call to Action

A strong call to action inspires your audience to follow through and act on your campaign’s message. Always end your mailers with a quick, direct, and detailed CTA that encourages the reader to take the next step.


  1. Don’t: Spam Your Audience

44% of junk mail gets thrown away without ever getting opened. To prevent your mail advertising from ending up in the trash bin, keep snail mail campaigns sparse. While it’s important to follow-up with customers and keep them informed, too much of a good thing can lead to frustration. Space out direct mail campaigns and remember that you don’t have to send mailers out to your entire audience.


Improve Your Business Mailers with These Do’s and Don’ts

Business mailers are still a fantastic way to reach out to your audience. By using these six do’s and don’ts, you can create strong, impactful mail campaigns that speak to your audience and their needs. To learn more and get a custom quote for your business’ campaign, get in touch today.

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