Custom Postcard Printing: How to Create Attention-Getting Postcards

Did you know that only 1/10 of millennials make purchases based on online ads? Not only that, but 30% never see them because they use ad-blocking programs. These numbers tell us that keeping your brand relevant by using digital messaging is no easy task. That’s why custom postcard printing and mailing services are now more effective at getting the attention and influence your advertisements need for your company to thrive.

People usually check their mail not expecting to see anything interesting. Use custom postcard printing to create unique postcards that will grab their immediate attention and increase your sales.

Custom Postcard Printing

There’s plenty of evidence to show us that people enjoy personalization. Gen Z and millennials are especially receptive, but all generations love it. Bring out the personality of your company by showing your true colors.

Here are some of the reasons custom postcard printing is perfect for advertising:

  • Affordable first class mail postcard rate
  • More design freedom
  • Easy to keep around (drives more conversions to paying customers)
  • Highlight promotions
  • New companies can effectively “break the ice” with a postcard

Customers will get to know your company’s “personality” through these postcard ads, leading them to likely share your information with friends and family.

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing allows for text change on each individual piece. For example, you can use this to print a different recipient’s name on each postcard. The fact that you went to this length shows you care about that individual.

Change any bit of text or area on your printed postcards while keeping the rest intact. Get creative with this, and you will see how you can preserve consistency while adding something excitingly new each time.

Handwritten Fonts Printing Services

Handwriting is so rare these days, but it breathes some humanity into an advertisement. There are services that can give your mail a natural handwritten font for printing that looks like pen and ink.

Did you know that 44% of your usual junk mail in envelopes is tossed in the trash before it is even opened? Compare that with the whopping 99% open rate of envelopes with handwriting on the front!

If your company is relationship-driven, such as insurance, non-profit, real estate, and others, it is especially important during the covid-19 era to use this technique to connect with customers.

Work with Professional Designers!

You may have an eye for great art and design but when it comes to your company’s promotional materials you will need the hand of a professional graphic designer. Let them take the reins of the design work because they know what works and what does not. They know the perfect questions to ask you in order to provide you with the look and feel you are going for.

Designers know which type of paper to choose, how to make a great photo even more attractive, and which compositions are most effective for engaging customers. There is a lot that goes into a design, whether it is choosing the proper focal point of the piece or adjusting colors and photos to perfection.

If you need a little help, you can get a postcard template on which you can insert images/text and play around with placement.

What Are You Waiting For?

Stop messing around with digital ads when you can put something personalized into the hands of your customers.

Win the hearts of your customers with printed handwriting and tidbits about your company’s personality. And using professional designers and printers will offer them some eye candy rather than boring junk mail.

Contact us to learn about custom postcard printing today!

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