Handwritten Envelopes: Exploring the Possibilities

Are you looking for an effective mailing strategy?

Direct mail can have an average return rate of 1/2 to 2%. In recent years, technology made paper mail easy to ignore. A handwritten envelope can make a big difference with your response rate.

When starting a small business, direct mail is a great marketing strategy. Yet, given the average rate of return for direct mail, you may need to be more creative. A handwritten envelope can set your mailer apart from a customer’s stack of mail in their mailbox. Read on to know the benefits you can get with a handwritten envelope.



An Increase in Open Rate

When people check their mailbox, they decide if a letter is worth opening by looking at the envelope. If you want a strong paper mail marketing strategy, you need a handwritten envelope.

Letters that look like junk mail, such as ads, are easy to discard. You can catch their attention using personal details, like a first name. Still, printed text is may not be too appealing either and can  be easy to ignore.

If your envelope is handwritten with real ink, they will think twice about throwing it away. Seeing the indent on the envelope writings means it took effort. They will be curious enough to open it and read your mail.


A Handwritten Envelope Sets You Apart

In the age of online ads and automated mail, real and neat handwriting would be a sight for sore eyes. It has a greater capacity to grab the recipient’s attention.

Having your mail in handwritten envelopes conveys a certain personality for your business. Even if a customer opens your mailer for the first time, a handwritten envelope’s appeal will last. This establishes a brand that will cover any future mail you send.

By setting yourself apart, you are also boosting customer confidence in your business.


You Strengthen Customer Relations

Personalized mail is always a great way to advance relations with your customers. Handwriting can speak volumes and convey emotions in a way that print cannot achieve. A handwritten message tells them you took the time to connect with them.

This is an effort they will not fail to appreciate. This makes the difference between cold business relations and trust-based customer relations. Send out your mail with handwritten envelopes, and you sow the seeds of customer loyalty.


You Get More Returns from Direct Mailing

Since direct mail increases customer response rate, you can make more money from direct mail marketing. By using handwritten envelopes, you can be confident that your mail is not sent to the trash. Unlike regular mail, you will be receiving more responses and increase your customer base. Handwritten envelopes may cost a little more,  but they can give back more in return.


Personalize Your Direct Mail with Handwritten Envelopes Now!

Direct mail is always a great strategy for businesses. Still, you can go the extra mile by adding a personal touch.

Sending your mail in a handwritten envelope imparts many benefits for your business. Not only are you increasing the response rate, but you are also establishing your brand. Customer confidence and loyalty will also be a sure result.

Thank you for reading! If you are interested in personalizing your business’ direct mail, contact us today!

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