Need Economical Marketing for Small Businesses? Get 6 Ideas Here

As a small business, around 7-8% of your gross profit should be spent on marketing. But when you’re starting out and money’s tight, you need to get creative and look into some inexpensive or free marketing ideas. Are you running out of things to post on Facebook? Whatever happened to print ads, anyways? Let’s check out 6 tips for economical marketing for small businesses.


1. Stun on Social Media

There’s nothing that costs less than free, so social media’s a great and inexpensive tool to stash in your marketing belt. Research which social media platforms are popular with your company’s target market. Don’t just stick to one — choose 2 or 3 channels that are most relevant to your business and use them to showcase your products, services, sales, and coupons.

2. Give ‘Em a Greeting Card

With all the mass marketing around today, the personal touch has become rare and valuable. Get greeting cards printed with your business name and logo and send these out wherever possible. To make them even more personal, go for a handwritten note. Thank-you notes are especially appreciated and will boost your company’s reputation.

3. Go Mad for Magnets

Who doesn’t love magnets? Magnets are practical, which means they’re far more likely to be kept by your clients and stored on a fridge. Your magnet could be used to hold up the kids’ artwork, a shopping list, or the phone bill. But whatever its use, it’ll be a daily reminder for customers to bring you their business next time they need your services.

4. Partner Up with a Guest Post

Guest posts are another free advertising tool. Partner up with another business in your field and write a guest blog for them. Look for a popular company that gets a lot of traffic to their website. That way, you’ll have a potentially huge influx of their customers to your website — kerching!

5. Be Practical with Pens

Pens are another inexpensive way to promote your business. Again, pens are practical and tend to go around; it’s very unlikely they’ll get thrown away. Opt for the best quality pen you can afford, and use a cool logo design or slogan to make it pop.

6. Use Custom Calendars

Finally, calendars are a great and economical free gift to give your customers and prospects. Everyone likes to feel they’re getting something for nothing, and calendars come in handy in every home and business out there. Make sure your calendar is designed to perfection; the better it looks, the more prominent it’ll be. Another tip is to include coupons applicable to each month. That way, your calendar is likely to be kept, displayed, and utilized.

Use Economical Marketing for Small Businesses

When it comes to the advertising budget, small businesses need to think outside the box and consider some cost-effective marketing ideas. What kind of economical marketing for small businesses is out there? Social media and guest blogging are both free ways to get noticed by prospects and potential clients. But traditional marketing is still a serious advertising tool. Physical products like greeting cards, magnets, and calendars all give a sense of value for money and promote goodwill. Do you want to look for some inexpensive products to add to your advertising arsenal? Then check out our store today.

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