Personalized Marketing Printing Services You Might Not Know About

For small businesses, marketing is a big deal. The Small Business Administration advises business owners to spend about 7% of their gross revenue on marketing–as long as they make under $5 million in sales. That’s not a lot to work with. So, how can you make an impact on a budget? It’s easy to over-spend on digital ad space, only to get completely ignored.

The top four marketing printing services are unexpected, inexpensive, and unique. Show potential clients your company’s competence and creativity; and, show them how much you care about each person individually. With all the marketing fads, you might miss a strategy with a long, winning track record: marketing printing services.

1. Design Services

Create personalized design variations with print design services. Use different customer profiles to develop materials.

These materials can draw on people’s diverse motives. Professional print design services develop your brand and marketing materials.

Cohesive Brand Design 

Brand design aligns your company with a recognizable visual style. A professional designer can help you develop print marketing campaigns that flow from your company’s aesthetic.

Traditional marketing emphasizes cohesive branding for core print materials. It can include designs for your:

    • Logo
    • Letterhead
    • Stationary
    • Print newsletter
    • Business card design

A print professional can connect these materials with complementary designs. Together, they’re the base of your brand’s visual style.

Traditional Marketing Materials Design 

Print marketing campaigns incorporate diverse materials. They work in different contexts. They may be mailed, posted publicly, or handed to a prospect in person. These include:

    • Flyer design
    • Promotional brochures
    • Marketing postcards

Design each material for its context. Then, consider further personalization.


2. Personalized Printing

Personalized printing incorporates variable data into print services. It lets you customize materials with unique greetings, messages, and imagery depending on your potential client’s wants.

Yet, you can still batch marketing materials when you personalize. This saves you the time it would take to create truly individual letters for every single potential customer.


3. Mailing Services

Mailing services save you money on your print marketing campaigns. And, you won’t have to sacrifice the quality of your product, nor the quality of your customer’s personal experience. These services include:

  • Mail merge services
  • Commingling
  • Snap pack mailers
  • Direct mail for non-profits

Mail merge services help you create a form letter with blank sections. You then personalize these blanks depending on variables, like the recipient’s address or purchase history. These are then bulk mailed to correlated addresses.

Commingling groups your mailings with those of other companies. So, every company in the group meets USPS’ quantity minimum. This way, everyone qualifies for bulk-rate discounts.

Snap-pack mailers are thick, pressure-sealed envelopes with perforated sides. People almost always open them. Non-profits might send direct mail to previous donors.


4. Handwriting Services

According to Small Business Trends, handwritten letters have a 99% open rate! Studies show people feel a positive boost to their moods when they read handwritten letters and writing by hand increases your mental clarity.

You may not have time to write to every customer by hand yourself. Fortunately, handwriting services make a great impact. These services include:

  • Variable font
  • Handwritten envelope services
  • Handwritten direct mail campaigns

Some services employ a professional penman to write on your behalf. Others create unique, computer-generated fonts that mimic the natural variations in hand lettering.


Personalized Marketing Printing Services and More

At i.t.i Direct Mail, we’re never short of marketing ideas for our customers. Traditional marketing balances the message and the experience.

If one of these marketing printing services catches your eye–or if you want to explore print marketing in more detail–talk to us. We offer free marketing consultations within one to two business days of initial contact.

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