Take Out the Trash: These Direct Mail Marketing Ideas Can Help Your Direct Mail Not Look Like Junk

Take Out the Trash: These Direct Mail Marketing Ideas Can Help Your Direct Mail Not Look Like Junk

Only four out of ten people look forward to checking their mail. As if that wasn’t frightening enough news, 51% of people regard mail advertisements and fliers in a negative light, tossing the ads straight into the trash. You’ve put a ton of time and effort into your direct mail marketing campaign, and you deserve to reach your audience.

Keep reading to learn some essential direct mail marketing ideas that can help you increase sales, reach a wider audience, and save money!

Target the Right Customers

In general, it’s bad practice to send direct mail to your entire audience. Instead, you’ll want to narrow your selection a bit. Focus on the customers that generate the most business for your company. You can also target those who specifically respond to your mail. During your next campaign, send along a coupon or a discount code that’s exclusive to your direct marketing efforts. You’ll have a better sense of who reads your mail and who you should stop sending mail to.

Avoid Using Certain Buzzwords

When was the last time you opened a piece of mail with ‘URGENT’ written in bright, bold lettering? It’s probably been a while, as such an inclusion is a dead giveaway that the mail is spam. Of course, your mail is important. And of course, you want your audience to read what you’re sending them. But the only way to counteract junk mail is to stop sabotaging your mail campaigns with certain words.

Avoid these words and phrases on the front of your envelopes:

  • Urgent
  • Open now
  • Important
  • Cheap
  • Once in a lifetime
  • Opportunity
  • Exclusive
  • Free

Interestingly, these terms are trigger words that email filters use to get rid of spam emails. Take the same approach to your mailing efforts and you’ll likely notice a bigger and better reception. Instead, think about how you can use an eye-catching design to attract customers’ eyes. Spam words may work for an instant, but they’re almost guaranteed to get tossed in the garbage.

Partner with an Agency

Even if you feel as though you have a good grasp of your marketing campaign, it never hurts to assess the costs of finding professional marketing assistance. While it may seem as though partnering with a direct mail marketing agency is a big expenditure, the right agency can help you make back that money…and then some! A consulting agency will use data-driven measures to look at your campaign’s biggest strengths and provide tips on where you could make improvements. They’ll also teach you how to better target your ideal customer, thus improving the efficiency of your overall operations.

From Trash to Treasure: Use These Direct Mail Marketing Ideas and Avoid the Trash Can

These direct mail marketing ideas should keep your awesome new campaign where it belongs: in your customers’ hands! Give them a shot and watch the business pour in.

For more direct mail marketing ideas, or to learn how we can help you grow your business, make sure to get in touch today! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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