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Flyer graphic design - Business class

Also Available: Premium class | Simple Color | Simple B&W
Flyer Design Simple B&W
Flyer Design Simple B&W
Flyer Design Simple B&W
Flyer Design Simple B&W
Flyer Design Simple B&W
Flyer Design Simple B&W
Flyer Design Simple B&W
Flyer Design Simple B&W
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Price: $240.00

This design package includes a business class design with attention to detail, usually involves 4-5 hours of design work. We will need 2-3 full business days after order has been placed and after you have had a chance to speak to one of our designers about your project.


After work is completed, you will receive a high quality PDF or Adobe Illustrator file. You own these files and you may use them with any printer or us to have them printed.


Any photos/illustrations needed to be purchased to be used in your design will be discussed in advance. We purchase royalty free stock photos and illustrations from a third party. Stock photos/illustrations used in your design project are an additional cost, approximately $18 each and are not included in the design fee shown here. You may also provide us all the photo(s) and illustrations, but they must be high quality, at least 300 DPI.


Client supplies all the text. Please note that we do not check or correct grammar and spelling, nor do we add or remove any of your text. If you have an excessive amount of text then please group the text as "primary" - text that must be used, and "secondary" -text that will be used if space is available. Label all components such as titles, slogans and disclaimers accordingly. Please specify if you have any preference in regards to size, position or the side/page (if design is double sided or multiple pages) where your text needs to be placed.


Three revisions are included in the cost shown. A single revision is considered any changes to text, position, color, size or graphics that is requested at the same time, irrespective of the number of changes. Changes requested at different times are considered separate revisions. Additional revisions (after the number of revisions allowed, shown above) are charged hourly at the rate of $55/hour in half hour increments.


Within one business day after completing your order on the site and making a payment you will be contacted by one of our designers to begin your design project.