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Hand inserting services


This service will hand insert pieces that can not be inserted by a machine. Your item can not be thicker than 1/8". For instance:
  • Business cards
  • Magnets
  • Calenders
  • Small booklets
  • Mouse pads

We do not hand insert bulky items such as pens, USB sticks or any items that is not flexible.

What is machine insertable: The piece must be made out of paper, not UV coated, no thicker than 100 lb text weight, have a min. width of 5" and min. height of 2.83". NCR forms are not machine insertable. 

Hand inserting may add one or several additional days to your production time depending upon the quantity of items that need to be inserted. Please inquire about the additional time needed if your order is +2500 pieces.


Your cost will vary based on the size and the type of item being inserted into each mailer. Having multiple items being inserted into a single mailer will also increase your cost. The cost is based on the size of the promotional item being inserted. Choose a level of service where your promotional item fits into. There is no matching, which means that the promotional item can not be uniquely addressed to each mailer.

  Service level  
   Item type/size
Level 1
regular business card (3.5"x2")
Level 2
up to 4" by 6"
Level 3
up to 8.5" by 11"
Level 4
Lumpy item such as a mouse pad/calendar

USPS Flexibility test

USPS will apply additional fees if your piece does not pass the flexibility text explained below. For a full explanation of the physical standards of your mail piece, please refer to this USPS document.
  • Place the piece with the length parallel to the edge of a flat surface and extend the piece halfway off the surface.
  • Press down on the piece at a point 1 inch from the outer edge, in the center of the piece's length, exerting steady pressure.
  • The piece is not flexible if it cannot bend at least 1 inch vertically without being damaged.
  • The piece is flexible if it can bend at least 1 inch vertically without being damaged and it does not contain a rigid insert. No further testing is necessary.

Price Calculator

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2: Turnaround Time

1-5 day turnaround (additional days)
  1 to 5 full business days. This is production time and it doesn't include any shipping time. These days are in addition to your turnaround time required for your mailers. This turnaround time begins after your mailers have been completed. Turnaround time is based on the quantity table shown below:

QuantityTurnaround required
1 to 1500 + 1 more business day
1501 to 5000 + 2 more business days
5001 to 10,000 + 3 more business days
10,001 to 15,000 +4 more business days
15,001 to 20,000 +5 more business days

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