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Letters for Jack Bosch members

1 page mail merged letter
Letters for Jack Bosch members
Letters for Jack Bosch members
Letters for Jack Bosch members
Letters for Jack Bosch members
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This letter printing package is specifically designed for Jack Bosch members. Please see our complete line of letter printing packages if you require further customization than offered here. Utilizing the instructions on this page and the calculator on the right side, you can place the order yourself and get started immediately. This product will produce a one-page B&W or color mail merged letter with a #10 non-window envelope. If you are a first time customer and you would like to utilize a more assisted approach, you can complete this form and an iti staff member will guide you thru the ordering process.


1. Create an account here if you have not done so.
2. If you have already created an account, then please log in here.
3. Enter the quantity you would like to mail in the quantity field on the right. Our pricing is quantity sensitive, which means that your cost per letter lowers as your order quantity increases. Our very good pricing begins at 500 pieces. You may also purchase a larger quantity to get a lower cost per letter and have us mail them in batches. For instance, purchase 1000 letters and have us mail them in 4 batches one week apart.
4. Make sure your files are set up correctly as explained below.
5. Choose your options in the price calculator on the right side. You will be required to pay at the end of the checkout process then upload your letter, list and envelope information. 
6. We will email you a PDF proof within one business day. Your job will begin production once you approve your proof.

All files must be 100% complete & final
Make sure you’ve reviewed all your files before you submit and they are correct and final and will NOT require any further changes. There will be a $35 fee if you request any changes after we have received your files and began setting up your job. 


Obtain a copy of your letter from your coach and personalize it with your information. E.g. enter your name, phone number, email and etc. Do NOT remove the mail merge tags <<>> from the letter. You have the option to include a company logo or a signature in the letters; if you decide to do so then you must insert them into your letter yourself. Choose FRONT=COLOR for option 3 on the right if you like anything to be printed in color, such as a color logo or your signature in blue otherwise everything will be printed in black ink.

Salutation on the letter: The Consumer name will be used for salutation if you only have a Consumer name. If you have a Company name and no Consumer name, then the Company name will be used in Salutation. If you prefer something different, then add a Salutation field/column to your list and you may enter anything you wish.


Your list must be either in CSV or Excel format. We highly recommend deleting the fields/columns that will not be used in the mailing job. Do NOT hide the unnecessary columns, just delete them. Keep a copy of your list, we do NOT store your data. Only send us the names that you intend to use in the mailing job; for instance, do NOT send us a list of 1700 and tell us to use only the top 1000. Depending upon the source of your list, below are some items you must watch out for.
  • Consumer names: We do not fix or review your names. The names will be printed exactly how you see them on your list. The limit for all fields is 75 characters (including spaces), anything beyond the 75th character will not print. Depending upon the list source your names may not be formatted correctly and you'll need to correct them yourself. Consumer names can be given to us in separate fields such as first/last & middle or be given to us in a single field.
  • Company names: Not a required field but you can have it and it'll be printed below the Consumer name on the letter and envelope.


We need the name and address you would like to use in the return section (top left corner) of your envelope. This is where your "undeliverable" mail will be sent back to. The printing on the envelope can be in color or B&W. See options below:

  • Only text for the return section: After the order is placed and during the upload process, you will place a comment in regards to the name and address you would like to use in the return section.
  • Logo for the return section: Use this MS Word template to insert your logo and return address. Upload this file with your letter and list. If your logo contains color and you'd like to have it printed in color; you will need to choose FRONT=COLOR in option 4 on right.
  • Handwritten font on your envelopes: You can choose to print both your return and delivery address in a handwritten font or only the delivery address in a handwritten font. You can also use a logo for return and a handwritten font for delivery. There is no additional cost for using a handwritten font but a higher cost will apply for printing the fonts in colors other than black. You can see the available fonts here.


  • Investment Dominator System: If you are using this system, then output your letter and envelope in a PDF format and your list in a CSV format and upload all 3 files after placing the order.
  • How to order after your first mailing: If you have placed at least one order and you'd like to place another order and your letter & envelope is not changing and you are simply using a new list; then you can speed up your ordering by using the Repeat function explained here.
  • Postage class: Jack Bosch recommends using 1st class postage so your "undeliverable" mail will be returned back to you. We offer two types of 1st class postage as explained below. You will receive a real peel & stick postage stamp regardless of which option you choose from below.
    • 1st class regular postage: This is more cost effective for orders below 250 pieces.
    • 1st class presort postage: This is more cost effective for orders over 250 pieces. 

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