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Low volume letter printing

Also Available: 1 sheet letter (8.5x11) | 3 sheet letter (8.5x11) | 1 sheet letter (8.5x14) | 2 sheet letter (8.5x14) | Yellow letter | 1 sheet letter (8.5x11) NEXT DAY | 2 sheet letter (8.5x11)
2 sheet letter (8.5x11)
2 sheet letter (8.5x11)
2 sheet letter (8.5x11)
2 sheet letter (8.5x11)
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This is a specially designed product that will allow you to mail 5 to 50 pieces of 1, 2 or 3 sheet letters. Refer to our other products if you need to mail a higher quantity. Below are the characteristics of this product:
  • No presort postage, only 1st class regular available for this product. 
  • You can mail 1, 2 or 3 sheet letters in a variety of envelopes. Only non-window envelopes are available for this product. 
  • If your letter is more than one page; then all pages must either be printed in color or all pages must be printed in B&W. 


You must mail merge your own letter and envelope and upload one PDF file containing all your letters and another PDF file containing all your envelopes. Ms Word format is NOT accepted for this product. Typically you will do your mail merge in Ms Word then save the results in PDF. Full bleed is not supported for this product, so please have a least a 0.25" clear margin on all 4 sides of your letters and envelopes. Your job will be run as-is and you will NOT be provided a proof; therefore make sure your PDF files are accurate. 

Confirm the sequence of the records. Meaning if your letter contains mail merge data (variable data from your list), ensure that the first and the last piece match when comparing the letters to envelopes.

Envelope templates
No 10  (9.5" x 4.125")
6x9  (6" x 9.5")
9x12  (9" x 12")

Handwritten fonts on envelopes: Any font you use for addressing your envelopes will be printed as-is since you are providing us with PDF files ready to print. Therefore you can include a company logo or standard font or any handwritten font you have in your computer - whatever you see in your PDF, that is how your envelopes will be printed. 


If your order is placed and paid for and correct files are uploaded by 12 pm PST - that day will count as day one and your letters will be mailed the following day. This timeline is based on Monday to Friday excluding national holidays.


Visit our Knowledge Base for complete setup information.
This link explains the 4 steps involved in the ordering process.

Low volume direct mail

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