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Multiple drops


Terms of this service, please read!
This service will allow you to designate multiple dates for dropping your mail. This option is added to a single order and gives you the option to designate equal quantities to be mailed at certain dates; for instance, split an order of 5000 pieces to be mailed at 5 drops of 1000 each. We can not mail on weekends or USPS holidays. You can NOT designate a certain portion to be mailed on a specific date; we simply split your order into equal portions on the last stage of production based on your requested quantities. Therefore we do NOT keep track of which name was mailed when. Use the "staggering" option if you would like to control a certain portion of your list to be mailed on a specific date. The entire order (from the first to last drop) must be mailed within 90 calendar days. The entire order is printed as one job, so if you are using a mailing date on your letter, then the entire job will have the mailing date based on the first drop. You may consider not having a date on your letter so subsequent orders will not have an incorrect date.

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