iti Direct Mail is open & operational. Proofing time may be slightly delayed due to additional precautions taken for the safety of our employees. Currently, there are NO delays in production turnarounds. We are considered an essential business as defined by the Department of Homeland Security. Some products or services may not be available but all "letter printing" products are unaffected and are being produced on-time.

ITI Direct Mail
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If your job needs to be re-proofed after the initial proofs have been created due to changes that you have made to your letter or artwork, a $35 re-proofing fee must be paid. If the changes required are due to our errors in creating your initial proof, then the re-proofing is free.

If your order contains multiple versions, then a $35 fee is required for each version. For instance, if you order has two versions of the letter and mailing list and both letters require changes, then your re-proofing fee is $70. The number of changes for reproofing doesn't effect the cost, e.g. to add a comma or completely change your entire letter will cost the same.

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