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Hand Written Envelopes


NO additional charge for using our handwritten fonts

We have the ability to print high quality, full color hand addressed envelopes at a nominal cost. Color printing is used on envelopes to print your personalized handwritten fonts in blue ink, which resembles a blue ink pen. Additionally, company logos and return addresses may be printed in color as well. This type of printing is NOT the same as having your envelopes printed at a print shop. Most print shops will print the non-changing portion of your envelope in color; the return address and logo, but not the delivery addresses. The key is to print your delivery address in addition to any other information that is printed in full color on the envelope. There are no additional minimum order requirements for color printing on hand addressed envelopes; our regular minimum of 50 pieces per order is sufficient.

Increase your direct mail response by using handwritten fonts

Each day your customers sort through their mail taking only seconds to decide if an envelope is interesting enough to open. Handwritten fonts give you a powerful advantage over the competition by personalizing the look of your envelope. Handwritten fonts immediately take away the look of junk mail and catch the reader's attention much faster than other pieces of mail. Envelopes that appear to be personally hand addressed have a much greater appeal to recipients and are sure to get opened. And with a higher number of envelopes being opened and letters being read, the potential for increased sales is much greater.

Create your own handwritten font

We can create your own personalized handwritten font based on your handwriting or anyone’s handwriting for $149.99. This font can be used for any purpose such as addressing your envelopes or making handwritten notes and comments on a letter or any printed material or even printing an entire letter in handwritten font. This envelope addressing is commonly used for printing both the delivery and the return address on your envelopes in your handwriting. But there is no charge for you to use our already 18 existing handwritten fonts.

Create Own Font

Handwritten Fonts

of handwritten fonts on envelopes

  • Our handwritten fonts still qualify for discounted bulk/presort postage to keep your postage cost low.
  • If you decide to use bulk postage, unlike other direct mailers we print your bar codes at the bottom right corner of the envelope. Bar codes printed above or below the address in the center of envelope will significantly degrade your open rate.
  • By varying the size of the font from line to line or adding a bit of an angle to each printed line we create an appearance of a more natural handwriting.

Printing cancellation marks on your presort postage

Mailings using precanceled postages, which are peel & stick type postage stamps that are used for discounted mail (aka bulk mail) are not canceled by the Post Office. This is contrary to mail that uses regular first class postage stamps. Post Office will print a cancellation mark on regular first class postage stamps which generally includes the name of the USPS facility where the mail began it's processing and the date of cancellation. All precanceled postages (bulk, discounted postages) which include first class presort, standard class presort and nonprofit do not get a cancellation mark on them (bottom left envelope). The lack of this cancellation mark may cause your mail to appear more like a mass mailing/junk mail. We have authorization from USPS, which allows us to print cancellation marks on your precanceled postages. Our cancellation marks will help your mail appear more personalized and less like a junk mail, similar to the above envelope on the left. Click for more info.

Letter Printing

Calligraphy fonts

Our new style of envelopes include calligraphy fonts that are very uncommon but will certainly help to get your envelopes noticed. These handwritten envelopes are great for certain types of direct mailing campaigns, especially since most mail receipts have never received these kinds of mailers. These can only be mailed at regular first class. They can be printed in black ink or various colors. Click here for available options.

Calligraphy Envelope

Calligraphy Fonts