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Brochure design services

Tri-fold Design
A sales letter should be brief and strong.  Recipients do not like to read lengthy letters, and most people will lose interest if your letter is too long.  Therefore, the most effective technique is  to include your strongest sales pitch in your letter and include further explanations, diagrams, photographs and testimonials in your tri-fold.  This insures that your most important points are read in your sales letter and interested recipients  will have the ability to obtain more information with your tri-fold.

Benefits of a professional designed tri-fold
  • A tri-fold has six panels; a front, a back and four panels for your content. It is an ideal format to have your information grouped in smaller sections. The text is printed landscape; you should use the flyer format if you want your text printed portrait.
  • We design based on your companies existing image or an image you'd like to create.
  • A tri-fold can be designed in a way that can be mailed by itself without an envelope.
  • Text is supplied by client.
  • Our brochure designs are 100% original and not template based.
  • If stock photos or illustrations need to be purchased from an outside source, there will be an additional cost.

Tri-fold Design Premium Class

Tri-fold Design Premium Class