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About Us

i.t.i. is a dedicated and professional marketing company working to meet the needs of our client's specific printing requirements. We are not a print shop. We specialize in printing and mailing custom tailored letters for our clients. We save you time, labor and money with your in house printing needs. We can personalize, print, and mail your sales letters to existing clients, past clients, or potential new clients.

It's difficult to find a company that can do this specialized type of printing and mailing and that's why it is easy for us to separate ourselves from print shops. A regular print shop can only duplicate the same identical mail piece over and over again. Our mail pieces are not identical; each mail piece is uniquely addressed with your client's particular information. Print shops require you to handle your own mailing after they have completed the printing work. We mail your letters so that you don't have to hire a separate mailing house.

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A Brief History

We came to realize that our client's did not have the time or the in-house capabilities to print & mail their own letters, and outsourcing to a printer and then a mail house was a hassle, expensive, and they could not get the personalized service that was needed. We began testing their specific market with multitudes of different mail pieces including flyers, letters, brochures and postcards. As a result we developed an economical and hassle free letter printing & mailing program that has helped hundreds of our clients to successfully reach their targeted audiences. Our commitment to our clients is to provide them with continued excellence in product, printing and mailing services, and to help our customers meet their specific marketing objectives.

Committed to our Clients

We have been dedicated to our client's success since 1995 and have continually provided solutions to each customer's specific marketing objectives. We individually design custom direct-mail solicitation programs that are related to your specific audience to gain maximum exposure in your related industry. These programs are designed to convey your company's unique image, qualifications, benefits, and professional attitude. Targeted direct mail marketing is more effective and less expensive than traditional TV, radio, newspaper and yellow page advertising.

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