4 Of the Most Effective Advertising Trends to Follow In 2019

Did you know that 67% of consumers prefer print to digital advertising? So, if you want to create an engaging advertising campaign, consider mailing out a letter, postcard or pamphlet. But what should you include in your advertising campaign? Read on to learn about the top five most effective advertising trends for the year.

4 Of the Most Effective Advertising Trends to Follow In 2019

1. Content is Key

If you want to engage customers, you need to create engaging content. No matter if you’re using a targeted mailing list or digital content, you’ll need interesting content for people to pay attention. Try to target your advertising to your consumer market. If you can, send to different mailing lists using different demographics to best promote your message. Print media can be just as targeted as any digital form!

2. Collaboration

2019 is going to be the year of collaborations and strategic partnerships. Rarely does authentic advertising fit into perfect little boxes. To create more cohesive and logical stories, collaboration between brands will become standard. Ideally, choose collaborators that offer products or services that will pair with yours, but don’t compete. That way you can split the cost of advertising and create a better campaign.

3. Educating Consumers

Strive to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. If you have data, present it in a pleasing but relevant way. Why use subjective measures of success when you have hard numbers? If you feel comfortable, mail informative brochures that show your expertise. Then, next time someone is looking for an expert, they’ll come directly to you. And if they need a service in that area, they’re more likely to trust someone who is an expert on the subject.

4. Honesty and Authenticity

While you want to be engaging, you don’t want to mislead people. In today’s viral society, getting caught being dishonest is the quickest way to get consumers to turn against you. Be honest about your product and services and what your company is good at to show brand integrity. Consider sharing your customer’s testimonials about your products and services. These stories will help engage your consumers and personalize your brand. And stick to paper: print advertising is considered one of the most trustworthy forms of media.

Now You Know the Most Effective Advertising Trends! Now you know the most effective advertising trends for your next mailing list. Looking to create a mailing list or pamphlet for your business? Consider i.t.i. direct mail for all your mailing needs. View a list of our marketing list services here. Interested? Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.

Why Print Marketing Materials Is Absolutely Essential For Your Small Business

Why Print Marketing Materials Is Absolutely Essential For Your Small Business

Most marketing campaigns focus on a company’s digital presence to attract audiences. While it’s important to develop a marketing campaign for the internet, physical marketing still has a role to play. There’s still a lot that printed marketing materials can do to help you.

Printed marketing materials for small business campaigns can help you find a sense of community around the company. They are less expensive to make than digital materials. And printed marketing can help companies cut through the digital noise to make sure audiences notice them.

And that’s just the start of how printed marketing materials can help any small business. Keep reading below to learn why printed marketing materials are still an important part of any marketing campaign.

Localized Marketing Materials For Small Business Campaigns Creates a Community

If you’re developing a marketing campaign, you should know that one of your goals should be to form a community around your company. When people think of your company as a community instead of a business, they become more invested in it. Yet, creating a digital community is expensive and hard work.

Printed marketing materials can help streamline the process. You can localize your printed marketing materials and use them to reach out to the community around you. When you target the community you are already a part of, you naturally connect with people.

It will be easier to create a community around your company if you are already a part of one!

It’s an Effective Kind of Cost-Effective Marketing

In a digital marketing campaign, you can spend thousands of dollars on seemingly nothing at all. You pay for digital metrics and for expert advice — not for anything tangible. Despite the cost of digital campaigns, printed marketing materials can be much less expensive resulting in greater exposure and R.O.I.

A single retractable banner can cost less than $10. And a well-placed banner can have a far greater impact on people than any digital advertisement. Physical materials can help you stand out against your competition at a lesser cost than digital marketing, which will give you the edge you need in your market!

Audiences Can’t Tone Out Materials Printed With Toner

Audiences don’t want to see your advertisements unless they’re searching for your services. In fact, digital ad blocking increased by 41 percent. That means it’s getting harder to reach people with digital marketing. Print materials cut through the digital noise and make sure people notice your business.

While it’s easy to ignore an advertisement as you scroll past it on Instagram, it’s harder to disregard a pamphlet. Business cards can find their ways into people’s hands. Merchandise branded with your logo can ensure that your business will be a part of your audience’s life. You can ignore advertisements online, but it’s harder to ignore physical advertisements.

Print Marketing isn’t Dead; It’s Evolving

The people who declare that print marketing is dead are people who don’t appreciate the importance of localized marketing. Print marketing materials for small business campaigns help them establish themselves and stand out against the competition. Best of all, they are an inexpensive solution for businesses that can’t spend thousands on digital marketing campaigns.

And it’s easy to get started with a print marketing campaign. All you need to do is contact us and choose which materials you need. We’ll make sure they’re designed to meet your needs, and that they’re printed as fast as possible!

How to Run an Effective Print Marketing Campaign

How to Run an Effective Print Marketing Campaign

In our digital world is print marketing even relevant anymore? Well, it is. In fact, 92% of shoppers say they prefer print marketing when making a buying decision. That’s why the mega corps like McDonald’s, Under Armour and Home Depot will continue to send mail to your door. So how can you create print advertising campaigns that work? Read on to find out.

Focus on Your Headline

If you start designing your print ads with the images and background colors, you’re doing it wrong. Time and time again, we see that the most effective flyers are those that have a strong and clear headline. Your headline needs to pack a punch. This means it should be the most important piece of info on your ad. Make sure that your headline doesn’t get lost in the midst of too many graphic elements and lots of type fonts.

Allow White Space

This goes hand-in-hand with the headline rules. Successful print ad campaigns aren’t afraid to leave white space. Too much text and images are distasteful to your audience. A decent amount of white space makes your ad visually appealing. Plus, it makes it more likely that people will read what is on your ad instead of glance at it and move on. Readability can’t be overstated; and, a big part of readability is skimability. Humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. Your ad needs to capture the reader’s attention in a microsecond. And then you have a couple more microseconds to convince them to keep reading. A jumble of words and images and colors will not help you achieve this goal.

Choose Images Carefully

The right image or graphics can convey your message to your audience quickly and with power. It can reinforce the message of your headline and body text. And it can draw the eyes by adding visual interest. But that doesn’t mean you should choose a pretty generic photo. Original photography is best for print and marketing rather than stock photos. No matter what, make sure your images support the copy. If not, go back to the drawing board.

Proofread Your Content

You can’t afford a single tiny error in your print marketing. Proper spelling and grammar are necessary to build and keep your brand’s reputation. Mistakes in your copy reflect a lack of attention to detail. Definitely not the impression you want your audience to have of you. 

Include a Clear Call to Action

What’s the goal of your print marketing? Make sure it’s clear what you want your audience to do. Whether it’s visiting your store or sign up for your newsletter. Make that specific action loud and clear.

Link with Digital Marketing

The final tip for creating successful print advertising campaigns is to support it with your digital efforts. Think of print and digital marketing as two sides of the same coin. Your brand messaging should be the same on both.

Bottom Line on Print Marketing  There you have it! The ultimate guide for creating successful print marketing campaigns. Need a little help with your marketing designs? No problem. At iTi Direct Mail we specialize in design services for print marketing. Contact us today for a quote.