The Top Benefits of Using Mail Merge Services

stunning 99% of marketers agree on one simple fact: personal messages improve customer relationships. Furthermore, as anyone in business will tell you, customer relationships drive sales.

Email marketing concept with businessman touching a mail button to send a message to a list of customers

The good news is that messages, relationships, and sales can all be improved through a mail merge. This service allows you to tailor your messaging to specific customers in a quick, easy, and affordable way. 

Mail merge uses customer information from your company database to create a valuable template. That template, in turn, can be used to create personalized messages that speak to the unique needs of each one of your customers.

Mail merge services can help everyone from marketers reaching new customers to charities touching base with old donors.

Read on for a quick but comprehensive mail merge guide.


Reduces Your Costs

If you’re running a direct mail campaign, one of the biggest expenses comes with ordering a large number of letterheads. Often, these letterheads get stowed away until they’re needed.

Rather than paying upfront for bulk orders and worrying about safe storage, mail merge allows you to create multiple templates that only get printed when you’re ready to use them.


Saves You Time

Marketing campaigns – especially ones based on personalization – take a long time to design and execute to perfection. Using a mail merge service can reduce that time in two main ways.

The first is by using a custom template to make personal messaging a breeze. You don’t have to spend as much time worrying about making this personalized.

The second is by outsourcing time-draining tasks to others. For example, instead of spending hours folding letters and sticking stamps, you can free up your time by hiring a professional mail merge service to take care of it.


Customize Your Design

When it comes to creating personalized messages, designing the right look is as important as using the right words. A mail merge service allows you to do just that by customizing your design.

This can mean everything from choosing the best colors and designing the right graphics to using handwritten fonts that add an extra layer of personalization.


Personalize Your Message

When customers receive personalized messages in their mailboxes, they’re highly likely to open and act upon them. In fact, a light personal touch such as adding a name can increase response rates by 135%.

Since mail merge uses customer information to create its templates, you can craft personalized messages that go far beyond a simple name. You can also include their specific likes, needs, and pain points.


Reap the Rewards of a Mail Merge Service

Mail merge can grow your business through tailor-made messaging that is effective, affordable, and hard to resist. It should be a key part of any modern marketing campaign—especially those of the direct mail marketing variety.

If you’re ready to boost sales with custom messaging in the mail, contact us today for a free (and personal) quote.

What Are the Benefits of Handwritten Direct Mail Campaigns?

Direct mail campaigns can be at least ten times more effective than other advertising means.

Handwritten mail campaigns further capitalize on this advantage.

But is handwriting your marketing material worth it? How can handwritten direct mail capture customers’ attention?

Keep reading to learn more.


What are Handwritten Direct Mail Campaigns?

Direct mail marketing sends physical mail to a pre-selected group of a business’s customers. Instead of reaching as many people as possible with one advertisement, direct mail marketing uses a much more selective approach.

Handwritten direct mail is exactly what it sounds like — direct mail that’s handwritten. Because of this, fewer messages are typically sent out with this marketing method.


Handwritten Direct Mail Benefits

Handwritten direct mail campaigns offer higher return for each ad a business sends out. Businesses don’t need to wait for a few customers’ clicks after a digital ad’s been presented to thousands of people. Instead, they can use handwritten letters to secure their audience’s attention.


Higher Open Rates

Customers tend to ignore many emails in their inbox since 80% of them are spam. But direct mail has higher customer engagement than other advertising methods.

That’s partially due to the scarcity of direct mail ads in their physical mailbox. Handwritten direct mail provokes even more intrigue, especially when encased in an envelope that was handwritten on.


Better Conversion Rates

Email marketing produces a low conversion. While this can add up with a ton of resources, handwritten direct mail is proportionately more effective, especially for small businesses. On the other hand, direct mail recipients spent 25% more than email advertising recipients, indicating how effective direct mail is in marketing products.


Cost Efficiency

Handwritten direct mail marketing takes longer but is more affordable than mass digital advertising. That’s because a lot of money needs to go into mass advertising for it be effective.

As mentioned before, handwritten direct mail also offers more return per ad. That means more money is earned back on a marketing campaign than spent. Effective marketing will earn back every penny in the campaign’s initial budget.


Great First Impression

It takes 7 seconds to set up a first impression. Even less if it’s attempting to establish itself within a stuffed digital inbox. But the rarity of both handwritten advertisements and direct mail will at once provoke intrigue.

Not only that, but handwriting proves your attentiveness to your brand. Customers will know that a business’s owner cares enough about its customers to have a more personalized conversation. Audiences may even be likelier to be loyal to brands that show that they care.


Handwritten Direct Mail Campaigns — Let Your Business Stand Out!

As a small business, it’s hard to stand out. But by thinking outside of the box, your handwritten direct mail campaigns can perk your customers’ interest.

At Direct Mail Services, we know how to make a business stand out. For that reason, we offer a plethora of direct mail services that can secure your audience’s loyalty. If you’re interested in doing so, check out our direct mail design services today!

Direct Mail Printing Services: The Benefits

Direct mail printing captures people’s attention and markets your brand in the most memorable way imaginable.

According to research, over 59% of consumers who received a direct mail piece in their mailbox went online and purchased something from the online store. This shows how effective this marketing strategy can be if used correctly.

This blog will go through direct mail printing services and the benefits of using them over other marketing methods.


Gets Your Brand Noticed

Direct mail printing distinguishes your company from the competition. Brochures, for example, communicate your brand’s message and name to your target demographic.

In fact, direct mail has a higher success rate than email, as significant marketing materials are sent to spam folders.


Personalizes Your Marketing

The use of direct mail services is at an all-time high right now. Personalization entails more than writing someone’s name on a postcard or letter. Because of advancements in technology, you can personalize your direct mail marketing letters, postcards, flyers, and more by merging information from the mailing list directly into the mail piece. Your personalized direct mail marketing pieces will not only boost the response rate but will also have a positive effect on your brand’s reputation.

More than 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from businesses that provide personalized experiences. By customizing a direct mail piece using the recipient’s name, or other information from your mailing list, in the body of the mail piece, can raise your response rates significantly.



Digital marketing may be less expensive at first, but it is only successful up to a point. As you try to expand and develop your business, you will eventually need to transition to a more focused medium. This will help to get, keep, and engage with clients more efficiently.

Only direct mail marketing can provide this. It’s a channel that enables you to scale your marketing efforts while maintaining flexibility and reliability. You can then include it into your long term growth plan.



Using a direct mail service makes it easier to launch test campaigns and experiment with different approaches using both digital and direct mail services.

The cost varies depending on how many direct mail pieces you want to be sent out. Thus, sending more pieces in a chosen geographic region can cut overall printing costs. The more pieces you print at one time, the cheaper it is.



Direct mail services take several forms, such as printed postcards, folded leaflet printing, flyers, and brochures, making it ideal for almost any business application.

Commercial printers supply layout templates in a variety of formats tailored to specific companies. This reduces the graphic design expenses for direct mailings and makes it faster and easier to select the format that is most suited to your company’s needs.


Enjoy the Benefits of Direct Mail Printing Services

Are you ready to launch your own direct mail marketing campaign? Working with a direct mail printing and mailing services provider is your best choice.

We consistently offer trusted and high-quality direct mail services. Get in touch with us to explore more about our products and services.