5 Ways to Improve Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign


Is your direct mail marketing campaign not as strong as you hoped? Failing to proofread and follow up are two ways you could be killing your business. Did you know that the median household return on investment for direct mail marketing is 29%? Or that for every $167 direct mail marketers spend in the U.S., they sell $2095 in goods and service? If you’re not reaching those numbers, you’ll want to keep reading. Here’s a compiled list of methods to improve your campaign and boost traffic.


  1. Pre-Plan

Deciding what your goals are and how you’re going to achieve them are the essential first step. Your first goal is simple: determine a format. Here are a few examples:

  • Postcards – If you’re working with a lower budget, postcards are an affordable option and tend to be effective. This is a great tool to use, as an immediate call-to-action, to get prospects onto your website.
  • Letters – The industry standard letters are known to have the highest response rate. They include sales letters that are directly addressed to the individual prospect. Personalization is key.
  • Self-mailers – This method is similar to postcards in its affordability. Self-mailers can be sent without wrapping or any other protection.
  • Catalogs – Coming from a long history in the direct mail world, catalogs are the strongest (albeit, least affordable) option. They compile large quantities of products and offers for single customer browsing. There’s enough space to provide all buying information at their fingertips.


  1. Target the Ideal Customer

Your best results will come from sending your offers to a specific, niche audience. Here’s how.

Analyze Market Research

Review your initial goal and remind yourself what kind of customer you’re looking for. Then, dive into market research. Quantitative data consists of ratings and rankings. You’ll want to organize your findings for later reference. Alternatively, you’ll want to search for patterns and themes in qualitative data. Once you’re finished, compare your findings to the goals you wanted or expected. You’ll learn methodologies that work best for your particular industry and implement them into your direct mail marketing campaign.


  1. Pick a Better Mailing List Type

The mailing list type you choose is vital to the success of your campaign. Using your market research findings, you can find your most valuable prospects and pinpoint the best mailing type for them. There are three specific types you should consider:

  • Specialty List: identifies the target audience
  • Custom Mailing List: allows selection of customer criteria
  • Cloned List: allows you to find new customers similar to your best customers


  1. Be Different

Use your direct mail opportunity to show how you and your products are different (and better) from the competition. Be creative. Consider the color and design of your envelopes and match them with the offering. Understanding the psychology of color will help you better understand your creative potential in marketing. For example, black represents sophistication and is seen in almost all high-end campaigns.


  1. AIDA

Being one of the best-known marketing models, AIDA will ensure you make a profit. It stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. For direct mail marketing, you’ll need a quick message that grabs the prospect’s attention, tells them why they need it and provides a call-to-action for them to proceed.


Are You Ready For Your Next Big Direct Mail Marketing Campaign?

Study this list and be sure to implement it in your next campaign. Contact us if you have any further questions or concerns about our ideas. If you own a small business, we have a specific guide just for you.

How is Direct Mail an Effective Advertising Strategy?

Snail mail, as it’s affectionately called, may seem obsolete nowadays; but, that couldn’t be farther than the truth. Direct mail is still effective in gathering leads and converting them into customers. After all, there are still people out there that enjoy receiving mail and look forward to seeing the offers that await. In this guide, we’ll explore direct mail and see if it’s still an effective advertising strategy.


People Are Sick of Email

Decades ago, spam was known as a canned meat delicacy. Nowadays, it’s a broad term that describes unwanted emails. Every day, people get bombarded with special offers, coupons, and other emails they just end up ignoring. People treat direct mail differently. The average person checks their mail every day. That means people are more likely to use coupons and other special offers they receive through direct mail. The fact that many companies are switching over to an email marketing approach is actually good for your business. It means less competition.


You Can Get Creative

All the bells and whistles of email marketing may prove to be a headache for most people. Moving graphics, videos, and pop-ups don’t always get a good response. One of the things that makes direct mail an effective advertising strategy is the potential for creativity. You get to play around with fonts, colors, images, and even shapes. Unlike email advertising, you aren’t competing with every other site on the internet. It’s become second nature for people to ignore crazy online graphics or exit out of the email altogether. Direct mail is a tangible item that people can smell, hold, and feel. It might sound crazy, but that matters to people. When we think of coupons, we think of a piece of paper. A colorful piece of paper is a lot easier to remember than a coupon code. As a direct mail advertiser, you can make brochures, postcards, catalogs, and other forms of print media that grabs attention. Additionally, products like InDesign and other desktop publishing tools make it easy for advertisers to create direct mail campaigns.


It’s Easier to Track Your Campaign’s Performance

Google Analytics and other digital analytical systems were created to help advertisers track the performance of their marketing campaigns. Internet advertising is a numbers game. Sending an email out blindly into the internet isn’t very productive if you can’t see who opens it. Every advertiser knows that the more people see or interact with your content, the better your chances are of getting new customers. But, these digital analytical systems can be a bit confusing and hard to understand. You have to navigate open rates, bounce rates, landing page quality, etc. In fact, many companies require their digital advertisers to be certified in Google Adwords and Analytics.


ITI Direct Mail will Help You Create an Effective Advertising Strategy

Maybe your business has moved away from direct mail advertising and you realize that was a bad idea. Maybe your business has never used direct mail before and you want to give it a try. No matter the case, we’re here to help. We’re experts at direct mail marketing and we can help you with conception, strategy, and production. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Why Your Business Should Use Postcards for Marketing

Print advertising is still a great way to advertise products and services and there is always ample opportunity to use your marketing dollars wisely. You can make the most of postcards for marketing by considering the following ways to use postcards efficiently to increase business. Everyone is putting all of their money in digital these days, which is exactly why you’re going to embrace print. While the rest of the crowd zigs, that’s the time to zag. Here’s why you need to go all-in on postcards for marketing and how to do it the right way.


Because the Opportunity is Ripe

Savvy marketers know that the time of death declaration on direct marketing campaigns was premature, and not even really in sight right now. The biggest reason is something none of us saw coming: Millennials. Data proves that Millennials love print. They absolutely relish the chance to get something in the mail, or visit a public library- two things older generations took for granted. They were born into a digital world and can close a pop-up ad or YouTube video ad with almost precognitive speed. They grew up on a steady diet of digital advertising, so postcards for marketing really connect with them. These cards are tangible. Millennials can actually hold these cards in their hands and they are far more likely to read it from front to back than someone in their 30’s.


Digital Methods to Boost Postcard Campaigns, Not Replace Them

When old school and new age advertising work in harmony the results can be truly amazing. Here are 3 important things to remember:


Don’t send traffic to an existing page

This is the biggest mistake people make when trying their hand out postcards for marketing. They either send the traffic from the postcard to their home page or an existing service page. This is wrong for two reasons. First of all, you can’t measure the performance of this campaign because you can’t separate the page’s normal traffic from traffic from the postcard. You can only assume any sites are from the campaign. The second issue is that this page has to match the exact same message, look, and feel like your postcard. If there is any disconnect people may think they’re in the wrong place and leave. If you’re promising free iPads to new accounts, you need a landing page that features that offer, front and center so there is no mistaking your audience can get what they came for right here.


Don’t Give Up After One Campaign

If one of your blogs performs poorly, you wouldn’t write off blogging as a whole, would you? Of course not. Like any other form of advertising, postcard campaigns need to be measured and tweaked to really show you their full potential. If a campaign underperforms, you would troubleshoot a lot of the same things you would question with a PPC campaign. Should you try an alternate headline? A more concise call-to-action? Maybe there is a problem with the landing page? These campaigns are effective, but not 100% turnkey. They need to be nurtured. So give them the same attention to detail and chance to succeed as you would your digital marketing campaigns. Your sales funnel will thank you!


We Can Help You Get More From Postcards for Marketing

Let us show you the impact that professionally printed postcards can have in today’s marketplace. You can start right now by clicking here to contact us.

5 Reasons to Use a Personalized Printing Service

Looking to represent your business in a professional way that will catch the attention of potential customers?

Did you know that 54% of consumers reported they want to receive mail from brands that interest them?

Direct mail can be an incredibly lucrative marketing channel for businesses.

Read on to learn 5 reasons to use a personalized printing service and how it can help your business.


  1. Make Your Business Stand Out

From customized envelopes and letterheads to brochures, flyers, and beyond, personalized printing can give a business a unique creative edge.

While some businesses choose to work with an in-house designer, employing the services of a professional printer can bring a needed outside perspective.

Whether your company is hanging flyers or mailing out coupons, having a creative edge will help you stand out from your competition.


  1. Reach a Wider Audience

As a part of a larger marketing campaign, printed materials can play a large role in helping you reach a larger audience.

For example, a new business could start by printing a lot of flyers for its opening event and placing them on local bulletin boards.

On the other hand, an established business could follow up with its customer base using personalized letters, special deals, and periodic coupons.


  1. Proven Direct Mailing Strategies

Many printing companies offer direct mail consulting services to help businesses improve their direct mail marketing.

A direct mail marketing campaign consists of the following elements:

  • An overview of the business, services, and objectives
  • Graphic design of the material
  • Audience targeting
  • Client approval
  • Printing
  • Packaging and shipping

Working with a printer will allow you to get the highest quality printed materials.

For a business that’s new to direct mailing, the company will help you take the next step to perfect your marketing.

With full-service direct mail marketing, you can take the guesswork out of finding addresses and sending targeted marketing materials.

A top-notch team will plan a strategy custom fit to help your business succeed.


  1. Designs that Evolve With Your Brand

When you use personalized printing services your marketing materials will grow with your brand.

As your brand develops and evolves, a printer will be able to bring your vision to life in your print advertising on a larger scale.


  1. Decrease Office Workload

Handling the process of branding, designing, printing, and direct mail fulfillment in-house can put a tremendous strain on an organization. This is especially true for small businesses.

By working with a professional printing service you can outsource these tasks, which will leave you and your staff more time and energy to focus on serving your customers to the highest degree.


Is Personalized Printing Right for Your Business?

These 5 reasons are just the beginning of how a personalized printing service can help with your print advertising and marketing.

Talk with a member of our team about how print advertising and direct mail marketing could help grow your business.

Ready to get started? Contact us and we’ll be ready to partner with you to make your brand shine.

4 Reasons Why You Should Commingle Mail

What Is Commingling Mail?

Commingling mail involves combining the mailings from multiple companies to get discounts from the U.S. Postal Service. These discounts are offered when a mass mailing includes at least 150 pieces of mail to the same zip code. If you’re sending mass mailings, but your totals don’t quite reach that minimum requirement of 150, commingling mail can save you money and provide other benefits.

Services that commingle mail sort the mail from several companies by zip code, bundle it by zip code and tag it with intelligent bar codes, and then deliver the bundled trays of mail. Commingling can even break the process down more specifically by sorting the mail by the actual individual addresses rather than just the zip code, delivering a bundled mail tray that follows the USPS delivery plan.


4 Reasons to Commingle Mail

  1. You Earn Discount Rates

The USPS sets bulk mailing rates based on the number of pieces being mailed. The greater the number of pieces, the more significant the discounts you can receive. If you aren’t generating enough mail in your business to take advantage of these discounts, which can be sizable, commingling is the answer.

Most commingling services offer a guaranteed price per piece, with everything included: The processing and bundling of the mail, the delivery to the USPS, and the actual postage. Heavier individual items (such as catalogs) will incur their own pricing, but will still beat the postage costs you would have to pay if you weren’t commingling.

  1. Your Mail Gets Delivered Faster

When you commingle mail, you skip several transportation steps in the mail delivery process, allowing your mailings to reach your customers faster. A national mailing normally takes up to 14 days from start to finish. Because commingling lets you skip the sorting steps and sends your mailings directly to your destination zip code, you can easily save four or even six days in that process. That puts your mailing in front of your customers in priority time.

  1. You Can Commingle Different Classes of Mail

When you’re mailing periodicals or catalogs, you incur greater costs due to the heavier weight of the individual items. Commingling is also available for these types of mailings, however, to help you save money.

  1. You Have Greater Options for Personalization

Once you start commingling mail, you have the opportunity to personalize mailings going to different zip codes. That greater personalization increases the chances that your recipients will read and respond, in turn increasing your return on investment for each mailing.


At LetterPrinting.net, we offer commingling services to help you reach your customers as cost-effectively as possible. Contact us to discuss how commingling could help you reach your marketing goals.

7 Benefits Of Creating A Company Brochure For Your Real Estate Firm

There are a lot of ways to market your business so that your customers not only know who you are, but what you do, and why. But choosing the right marketing strategies can be overwhelming and costly depending on what messages you intend to convey. You have to learn how to be subtle enough to project your business as one that is honorable but also relatable. That’s why a company brochure is the best way to market your business. Even in this newly developed technology-driven atmosphere, people still like something to hold in their hands. A brochure is a great way to provide specific information that your potential customers can use to better understand your business. In this article, we’re discussing the benefits of using a company brochure to market your real estate firm. Keep reading to learn more.


A Company Brochure Builds Trust

Make sure to include your company morals and/or values on your company brochure to help build and establish trust with your customers. Once they set their eyes on that piece of paper they should be able to see how dedicated you are. People like to see evidence of experience and accolades, too. Fill your brochures not only with the type of information that you want your customers to see but also what they want to see.


Focus On Distribution

Placing brochures in strategic locations throughout your town or city gives you an opportunity to reach more customers. Brochures are easy to distribute, just like a business card. Also, ask local businesses such as grocery markets and other community-driven spaces if you can place brochures for the taking somewhere conspicuous such as bulletin boards and waiting areas.

When distributing your brochures, you might also consider offering promotional marketing items like t-shirts and recyclable grocery bags. Giving away items will prompt people to be more interested in your brochures when they get home later. You can even distribute brochures in the mail. Use them as a direct mail marketing technique to get in front of your customers in their comfort zone.




A Company Brochure Conveys Critical Information

Brochures can hold a lot of information, especially if you create them in a pamphlet style with front and back pages that describe your products and services. You can get much more information in a company brochure than you can in a postcard or business card. Include pricing or other important details that the customer may have questions about. Make sure you display the company name and your name at the front of the brochure and it’s a good idea to include messages that indicate your level of service. Beyond that, you can fill your brochure up with enough information to provide your customer with all the details they need to make an educated decision about your firm.


Use Personalization

A company brochure is a great way to personalize your business. It’s also an opportunity to tell your customers why they need your product or service in an approachable manner. You’ll have one-on-one contact with your customer as they read your brochure, even if you’re not there. Brochures are also easy and quick reads so your customers won’t feel bogged down with information that appears overwhelming. It’s a great way to lead your customers to your website or other contact details at a more personalized level. Adding a personal touch should be a key design feature in your brochures.


It Establishes Authority

A company brochure can also help your business establish authority. You could use business cards or letterheads but a brochure conveys the message that you’re willing to invest in your customers. Many people expect printed materials from well-established firms and businesses. Established credibility adds value to your business.


Great For Promotions

A company brochure can easily double as a promotional tool to draw customers into your firm. Think about the competition and what they’re doing to ‘wow’ their clients. Take it a step further with a brochure that details your distinguishable characteristics. Developing a quality brochure can put you directly in front of your customer while creating awareness about your business. Think about including something special in your brochures such as discounts or free items. These items will attract the customer to you so you can further explain details of your promotion and other business.


Cost Effective

One of the greatest benefits of using a company brochure to market your business is the fact that it’s completely cost-effective. You can have brochures designed and printed within just about any budget. And, if you buy in bulk it could be even less expensive. Besides saving money on marketing costs, you’ll also save time, which is money, of course. You’ll be able to share your brochures directly with customers that provide succinct details about your products and services. This can save time later when the customer has questions because there is a reference point from which to start from.


Creating Your Company Brochure

Creating a company brochure for your real estate business is an easy way to target customers before and after a sales pitch. You can use the brochure to answer common questions and mention products and services that you offer. It’s a good way to get your contact information in front of your customers, too. Make sure to include a unique and catchy design that will attract the eye with a projection of your unique selling points. Use only pertinent and concise information that the reader can use to determine if your products and services are right for them. Don’t forget a call to action that should be bold and bright enough to find easily on the page.

When you’re ready to create awesome company brochures for your real estate firm, contact us. We have professionals dedicated to marketing and marketing materials.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Mail Merge Services?

Direct mail marketing campaigns can be time consuming, but there is a way to increase efficiency. Read here to learn the benefits of using mail merge services.


Few things can ruin a potential connection faster than sending out an impersonal form letter. If you want to make a great impression on your contacts, without spending a ton of time and money, mail merge services are the answer.

Contrary to popular belief, direct mail is still an extremely effective marketing tactic. Research shows email typically receives a response rate of about 0.12%, while direct mail still gets a whopping 4.4% response rate. Understanding how mail merge services work is the key to your direct mailing success.


What is a Mail Merge?

Mail merge is essentially a program that pulls specific fields from your contact database and merges them into a template.

Merging gives your communications a personal touch. It makes each letter appear to be specifically created for the recipient.


Benefits of Using a Mail Merge

Personalization is one of the most important elements of direct mail marketing success. Mail merge makes it fast and easy. Here are just a few more benefits of mail merges.



Mail merge can be used for letters, envelopes, labels, postcards, and more. Your mail merge templates can include custom colors, graphics, and typography.

Some services even offer fonts that mimic your own handwriting. When using professional mail merge services, your options are almost endless.

Conditional Options

Conditional options are an advanced mail merge set-up. They allow for even further customization of your mailing campaign. These instructions tell the program to treat certain data fields differently depending on the conditions you specify.

If your business has multiple branches, conditional options can help. It allows you to include the correct branch address on certain mailings. This can save you money by combining multiple projects into one larger batch.


Cost Savings

Mail merge can save you from having to purchase expensive letterhead. Instead, you can create templates and print them off as needed.


Why Use a Professional Mail Merge Service?

Although it’s possible to design your own mail merge templates, the process can be complicated. A professional mail merge services provider can quickly create and merge your templates, saving you a lot of time and frustration.

Keeping your bulk mailing in-house is usually not your best option. You and your employees are far too busy to spend all day folding letters, stuffing and sealing envelopes, adding stamps, and taking trips to the post office. Outsourcing non-critical tasks like this will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on the things you do best.


Are You Ready to Experience the Benefits of Mail Merge Services?

At ITI Direct mail, we offer mail-merged letter printing with handwritten fonts. We also check your mailing lists against the National Change of Address database (NCOA) and offer mail tracking services

Our services don’t stop with mailings. We also provide flyers and brochures, business cards, postcards, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business.


4 Reasons Your Next Mail Campaign Needs Handwritten Letters

4 Reasons Your Next Campaign Needs Handwritten Letters

The pen is mightier than the sword AND the printer. Here are 4 reasons your next mail campaign needs to include handwritten letters instead of typed copies.


There’s just something about getting a handwritten note in the mail that makes you feel special. Your customers feel the same way. So, sending them handwritten letters this year may give them the ultimate feels. And when they buy more from you as a result, you’ll experience the ultimate feels, too. Unfortunately, in today’s high-tech world, handwritten notes have all but gone by the wayside. Still, the pen is mightier than not only the sword but also the printer. If you want to make yourself more memorable in your customer’s eyes, picking up the pen may be the best move you could make this year.


Here’s a rundown of four reasons your next mail campaign needs to include handwritten letters instead of typed copies. Let’s get started!


  1. Handwritten Letters Will Get You Noticed

We live in a world where business owners are obsessed with social media likes, followers, and shares. Sure, social media is an excellent way to get your business noticed. But handwritten letters are another proven tool for getting you the attention you want. These days, most everything that comes through your mailbox is printed. That’s why your handwritten note will stand out. And that’s why it’ll likely be opened immediately instead of tossed in the wastebasket with the junk mail pile. Your note will send your customer an important message: “You matter. You are important. And I appreciate you.” And you’ll suddenly climb higher on your customer’s list of important people, too.


  1. You’ll be One of a Kind

A handwritten mail campaign will make your business appear unique in today’s highly competitive business landscape. After all, most of your competitors are still relying on bulk mail to get their messages across. So, take time to write your customer a handwritten letter, as this personal note may be the best part of his or her day. Your customers will see for themselves how much energy and time you put into communicating with them personally. And they’ll be back at your shop in no time, ready to make another purchase. As you draw more customers in, your competition may naturally start to wonder how you’re getting so much new business. If you don’t tell, we won’t either. It’ll be our little secret.


  1. It Seems More Sincere

Being genuine is a trait that is highly valued but hard to come by — especially in today’s social media world. However, a handwritten note adds a touch of sincerity to any relationship. This is the reason why sending handwritten notes is considered proper etiquette when you’re saying thank you to those who have attended your wedding or baby shower. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t think this way. But you’re not like most business owners. Yes, we live in a wired world, where pushing the send button on an email is easier. But try sending a thank you note to a loyal customer this year. Your relationship will be the better for it.


  1. You Can Be More Creative

Emails are black and white — generally not very interesting. But with direct mail that is handwritten, you can get much more creative. Try underlining your message’s key points in ink. Or you can even use a highlighter to make certain words stand out. Also, feel free to send your message in attractive stationary that showcases your personality. And don’t forget to add fun stamps to the mix, too — it’s like icing on the cake.


How We Can Help

We offer a wide range of marketing services tailored to your business’s needs. These services include personalizing, printing and mailing letters to current, past and potential clients.

Contact us to find out more about how we can get your business noticed and help it to grow in the new year.

Grab Readers’ Attention with Hand Addressed Direct Mail

Hand Written

Imagine how it felt back in the day to receive hand-addressed mail or postcard from your loved one. There was nothing as special as having your name or address in handwritten ink on an envelope. We do not see a lot of handwriting around these days, which is precisely why we recommend using it to make an impression among the multiple direct mail pieces a consumer receives every day.


You can use this technique in direct marketing to make your mail pieces stand out, make recipients feel special, and get your mail pieces opened. A consumer will acknowledge the time and effort that has been put to personalize the letter and will undoubtedly take time to open the envelope and see what is in it.


In today’s economy of email overload, businesses have to figure out ways to convince the prospect that their mail pieces are worth opening. An average American receives loads of direct mail in any given year. Most of them are sent in either flashy envelopes or standard windowed envelopes with the recipient’s address printed on them. Most people will ignore this kind of mail as it is viewed as being impersonal and generic. Hand-written prints have the powerful advantage of personalizing the look of your envelope and the ability to catch the reader’s attention much faster than other pieces of mail. In fact, independent research studies have shown that an estimated 99.2% of consumers open hand addressed mail, as opposed to the 15% to 21% that open traditional printed direct mail. Better opening rates will result in higher response rates and increased sales.


Advanced Technology
We have state-of-the-art machines that can recreate real, high-quality handwriting for your mailing needs. Our inkjet addressing machines accurately apply the handwritten look of addresses to the envelope in blue ink. We can print your logo and return address in colored ink as well. We get a lot of intensive labor work done in a short period of time as compared to having a crew of people hand addressing manually. The results are amazingly good, and most people can’t even tell the difference between machine-applied hand addressing as opposed to the real thing.


Why Choose iti Direct Mail For Your Hand Addressing Needs?
Each mailing project is unique. We offer hand addressed envelope marketing options to fit any campaign you may need. Not only do our hand addressed envelopes get opened, but they also get read. We use a variety of high-resolution fonts that resemble natural handwriting to address the recipient’s name and address on the envelopes. Additionally, we make handwritten letters, comments and notes on any printed material, working closely with you to ensure that each of your handwriting projects are a success. We do not charge for this service. All that is required is a minimum order of our usual 50 pieces to qualify for the service. It is a great way to convey your message to your targeted customers and get impressive results in return.


We look forward to discussing with you how we can improve your open rates and increase your ROI. Contact us today to talk about your next direct mail campaign with hand addressing services included.

10 Reasons Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Tools Work

In the digital age of today, some may think that real estate direct mail marketing is a thing of the past. However, that’s not the case. Here’s why.


Real estate direct mail marketing is the only way to go if you want your clients to take you seriously.

Dust off your business cards and design your next property brochure: direct mail marketing is back in fashion for realtors.

Traditional offline marketing strategies are an essential part of getting your real estate brand and offerings seen by potential clients. In fact, direct mail is where it’s at for realtors.

Consider this: how often do you immediately close a pop-up advert on your laptop? Now think about how much time you take to even glance at a piece of direct mail before it goes in the trash.

Longer, right?

It’s only a few seconds longer, perhaps. Yet that’s enough to get your prospective clients’ attention.


Why Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Still Works

If your previous experience with out-of-home advertising and print marketing has put you off, think again.

Direct mail works differently compared to other offline marketing strategies.

Direct mail isn’t something you just see. It’s something you touch.

The physical connection between a client’s hand and your direct mail is vital. It forces them to engage with your marketing.

It’s easy to be desensitized to digital marketing. You can block pop-ups or close adverts. With direct mail, you have to handle it.

With that in mind, here are ten reasons you need to consider real estate direct mail marketing if you want to get ahead of your realtor competitors…

  1. People Read Direct Mail

It’s an impulse: you see something, you read it.

You see something eye-catching and you pay even more attention. Ideally, you don’t want your direct mail to go in the bin – but you can bet that it’ll be seen before it does.

Direct mail is as important for brand awareness as it is for lead conversions. People need to see a brand five times before they become ‘aware’ of it. That could include a few digital ads, a brochure, a poster… and a personalized letter.

  1. People Keep Direct Mail

Direct mail doesn’t get deleted as quickly as an email.

In fact, a bad habit of most Americans is to leave it lying around for days. This means other people are likely to see it, too.

Real estate direct mail marketing works particularly well when targeted to the right audience. Interested buyers will keep hold of your brochure – and your business card – as a reminder to get in touch.

  1. Ingenious Direct Mail is Memorable

Real estate direct mail marketing can be innovative and interesting.

Interactive direct mail will pique your readers’ attention.

Something as simple as including a DVD with a short film about your realtor business is all you need. A multimedia element works twofold: a customer will be intrigued by what’s on the DVD and has to interact with it to make it work.

  1. Finishing Techniques Encourage Touch

Try sending your customers a snap pack mailer. With this type of letter, they need to rip off the perforated edges to open it.

Hey, presto! Immediate increase in reader engagement just by the use of touch. They’ve taken the time to tear it open – so they’re going to take time to read it.

  1. People Take Direct Mail with Them

As stunning as digital brochures can be, you want to make it easy for your clients to compare properties and services.

Send printed brochures to your potential and existing clients who are interested in the local region. Promote your open house event with your direct mail letter or postcard – and let them know about other opportunities in the area at the same time!

  1. Direct Mail Lets You Generate Leads with Ease

Send a call to action with your direct mail. Ask your existing clients for a testimonial or capture leads with an exciting sign-up offer.

A direct mail form makes it easy for clients to interact with your real estate business. Pre-addressed return forms mean they don’t need to go out of their way to connect with you.

  1. Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Is Affordable (and Measurable)

TV, radio, billboards, posters… there are plenty of real estate marketing channels out there.

How do you measure their ROI?

How do you know you’re hitting the right audience?

A direct mail campaign can be  targeted to the people you want to connect with.

You’ll know exactly how effective your campaign has been, too – especially if you use elements such as unique URLs or QR codes to drive people online.

  1. It Works with Digital Marketing for a Stronger Sales Funnel

Using a unique URL on your direct mail letter will help you to customize your client’s experience from the start. Send them to a personalized landing page for the local region, for example, and it will give your client a positive boost.

They will feel like you understand them more than someone who only provides a generic website link. Your prospective real estate client will feel like they have a personal connection with your brand.

  1. Personalization is Possible

That ‘personal relationship feeling’ is really important. It’s hard to establish over email but a physical letter already breaks down that barrier.

The first step is the handling of an actual physical object that is connected to your real estate business.

The next step is to personalize it. Use a mail merge to address your letters to individuals, rather than ‘The Occupier’, and your open rate will sky rocket.

  1. You Target Only the Clients You Want

Real estate direct mail marketing can be targeted to age, income, family size , etc. This means you’re only sending messages to those who will be interested.

You’re marketing costs will decrease when using targeted direct mail campaigns. Spend less money, send fewer letters , and get a greater response. It’s all down to personalization and targeting exactly those who would benefit from your real estate services.

Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing is Easy When Someone Else Does it

A direct mail campaign is affordable but can be time-consuming. You need to know how and where to get hold of your marketing data. You need to create stunning and engaging direct mail packages.

After that, you need to work out your direct mail ROI and find out how effective your campaign has been.

If you get the experts involved they can do all (or some) of this work for you. Take the hassle out of real estate direct mail marketing by outsourcing to a pro!

Contact us today to find out how we can help you make a lasting impression with your real estate direct mail marketing and increase your sales revenue.