Why People Are More Likely to Open Mail with Handwritten Envelopes

Why People Are More Likely to Open Mail with Handwritten Envelopes

In today’s society, it is very rare for us to receive something handwritten unless it is from a family or a friend. Often, we don’t even get those. Almost everything is done electronically. While it is convenient, sometimes it isn’t always the best solution for your marketing. Every piece of mail that you send out will be costing your company money, so you want your mail to be opened when it is received. Keep reading our guide to see why people love receiving handwritten envelopes, as well as why they’re more likely to open them.

Get Personal with Prospective Clients

Getting personal with your clients is a great way for them to relate to you and in turn, use your products or services. Using handwritten envelopes will make your direct mail stand out to clients that you send them to. You want to get personal with your direct mail so your potential clients will open it when they receive it. If they feel like it is something important, then they will be more likely to open it. Your direct marketing needs to stand out to clients. Making it personal will definitely help in the long run. 

Handwritten Fonts

Using your own handwriting as a font is a great way to get personal with your clients while also saving yourself time. How? You can get a font created with your own handwriting to address envelopes, make comments, and even write an entire letter to a client. This will make the relationship between you and your clients feel more personal. It will seem like you put more time and effort into the note. It may also make them think more highly of you because you took the time to write a personal comment to them. If you feel like your handwriting isn’t great, don’t worry. You can also go for a calligraphy font. This will make all your direct mail look personalized but also still be professional. 

Be Specific with Your Handwriting

When it comes to handwriting for your direct marketing, you don’t want to overdo it. There are some specific places you should make sure you use handwriting when sending out direct mail to clients. You should use handwriting in key areas like the address, your signature, and a personal note inside your mailing envelope. Including a personal note to your client will sway them to use your company because they will feel a personal relationship with you and your business. If you can point out a specific thing about your client, then make sure to write about that so they’re more likely to relate with you. 

Handwritten Envelopes Are Great for Marketing

What we’ve learned is that everyone likes to get personalized mail. Using your own handwriting can help to boost your relationships with customers. You want your customers to feel like they have a personal relationship with you so they are more likely to use your products and services. Keep scrolling our website for more information on personal handwritten envelopes. Give us a call for a quote today!

What Does It Mean to Commingle Mail?

The success of your direct mail marketing campaign depends on people opening your mail piece and responding to your offer. You also want to optimize your direct mail marketing efforts by reducing costs without impacting response. You can save money by reducing the number of pages you print and how many pieces you mail. But, is it possible to save money on postage? Yes! When you commingle mail, you reduce the postage costs for your campaign. Here’s what you need to know about commingling.

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What Is Commingling?

Mailing a campaign isn’t as simple as printing, stuffing an envelope, putting a stamp on each piece, and putting the flag up on your mailbox. Sorting a large-scale marketing mailing is a detailed and complicated process. 

  • To earn lower postal rates, you must sort your mail in a way that helps the post office deliver it more efficiently
  • Your prep work ahead of time helps reduce your rates. You save the post office the task of sorting and adding postage before delivering

Commingling is one of the best ways to reduce your postage costs. It’s a process of pre-sorting your mail, adding metered postage, and allowing it to deliver with other batches of bulk mail—often from other companies. 

How Does It Save Money?

How does mixing your mailing in with other bulk mailings help decrease your direct mail postage? It’s all about the way it’s shipped.

  • Postal service sorting software puts your mailings into zone and zip code order
  • You deliver your presorted and metered mailing to the post office or a center
  • The post office processes the pieces to organize them based on the regional centers closest to the zip codes in the pre-sorted batch
  • Your mail combines with other bulk mailings going to different regions

By maximizing trucks and routes going in the same direction, you help the post office be more efficient with delivery. Bulk postage rates also drop as your mail quantities increase. Adding your pieces to the pieces of another mailing means both you and the other mailer reach the next discount level together. 

Is It Worth It?

For small mailings, the money saved can be minimal. However, if you regularly produce thousands of pieces for your direct mail campaigns, the savings can be significant over time. Keep a couple of things in mind when you commingle your direct mail campaign:

  • It takes a little longer for mailings to make it to recipient mailboxes
  • You won’t always get back undeliverable mail pieces

For most companies with a significant direct mail marketing plan, the savings from commingling are worth the presort work and delivery delays. 

Commingle Mail to Maximize Your Marketing Budget

There’s no need to pay more for postage when a lower rate doesn’t impact the effectiveness of your mailing. Commingle mail to reduce postage costs and help maximize your marketing budget. Make sure you also use the right printing service to create and mail a quality mail piece. Contact us for more information about our services!

11 Awesome Business Promotion Ideas Every Small Business Should Cash In On In 2019

Trying to avoid a lull in your business this year? Join the club. Business promotion and marketing is a tough game, especially with all the ads out there today. People simply become blind to them. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your name through to people! Follow along for 11 of the best business promotion ideas of 2019!

Direct Mail Marketing

Business Promotion Ideas

These business promotions vary from tried and true to new and trendy. Take a look at our top 11 picks!

  • 1. Direct Mailing

Direct mail marketing allows you to extend your reach to thousands of people within your city. Clever companies know how to design letters and envelopes so they won’t look like junk mail. Direct mailing is a business promotion tactic that’s been around for a while, but it’s stood the test of time.

  • 2. Giveaways

Don’t be afraid to splurge a little to gain new customers this year. Offer high-value giveaways to build hype and get noticed! Offer massive discounts or even free prizes.

  • 3. Reviews and Testimonials

On your website or social media page, do a special post or series of posts that highlight customer reviews and testimonials. People will be much more likely to use your product or services if they know other people were satisfied.

  • 4. Hit Social Media Hard

Social media is one business promotion platform you can’t afford to neglect. It’s a great place for running ads, gaining followers, and reaching new customers.

  • 5. Get Involved in Local Charities

Link up with a local charity you think your business would do well to promote. Organize a 5k run or host a local BBQ. Either way, get the charity and community involvement.

  • 6. Start a Blog on Your Website

Hopefully, you already have a website. If not, get one. Assuming you have a website, creating topical content in the form of a blog is a great way to rank high for SEO, helping people find you faster. Secondly, writing about your trade automatically makes you a trusted authority on it.

  • 7. Build an Email List

Use your website and social media account to build a subscriber email list. An email list is one of the simplest and most inexpensive business promotion tactics. Once you have people subscribed, you can set it up so they automatically receive promotional emails.

  • 8. Partner Up

Another great way to gather new customers is by partnering up with other local business. Affiliating in this was benefits you and the other business. It grants you access to each other’s customer base.

  • 9. Create a Referral Program

One business promotion idea deals with allowing your customers to do the work for you. Offer a ridiculously tempting referral competition. Give first, second, and third place prizes to the customers who bring in the newest people.

  • 10. Try Groupon

Groupon generally doesn’t make the small business owner an extraordinary amount of money. However, Groupon does help you get new customers in the door. It’s then your job to keep them.

  • 11. Try Radio Auctions

Some radio stations will auction off your products or services if they get to keep all of the proceeds. While this doesn’t sound like positive business promotion, it gets people to you where you can convince them to stay.

Start Today

Beginning a new business promotion strategy doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, most of them are relatively inexpensive. Start planning your new promotions today or get extra help! Either way, you’ve got nothing to lose!