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Mortgage & Insurance Direct Mail Marketing


Direct mail often goes by another less attractive name: Junk Mail. People have so much of it that they strive to avoid it at all costs; there is even a Do Not Mail list. As a result marketing has had to change its ways in order to help businesses get the business they desire.

At iti Direct Mail, we have worked since 1999 to create direct mail marketing that recipients will actually want to open and review. We have studied the way people perceive business mail and we know what readers want to see. Our job is to help you find the target audience who will be open to learning more about what you have to offer them. We create marketing lists that work for you by focusing on the best possible target audience.

How do we help you create your campaign?

Whether your campaign is for Mortgage or Insurance direct mail marketing, we can assist you every step of the way. The lists compiled for specific purposes help you create the target audience for your mortgage or insurance direct mail marketing campaign. The representative you meet at the start of your journey with us is the same one who will work with you throughout the entire campaign and then on subsequent campaigns so you can develop a long-term relationship with iti Direct Mail.

We make your letters personal for your readers

Our letters don't look like junk mail; they look very personal. We use handwritten fonts that have been created from a real person's handwriting. We can even convert your handwriting into a font for a fee. We currently have 18 handwritten fonts to choose from. Eight of which can used for bulk mailing purposes.

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We offer other personal touches that spark your reader's interest

We have many other options that will make your letters stand out and be received positively. All letters are mail merged and can include any type of variable data or images from your mailing list. You can even add a yellow Post-it Note to your letter with a personalized message addressed to the recipient in any color ink in a handwritten font.

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We extend ourPERSONAL TOUCHto your envelopes

For an added touch we can print the delivery addresses in blue ink to resemble a blue pen, which is very effective to encourage your target audience to open the letter. We use real peel and stick postage stamps, even with bulk mail jobs. We do not use metered postage or postage imprint because these methods will make your letters look like mass mailings. Postages used for bulk mailing, aka "pre-canceled postages" are not canceled by the Post Office as they journey to their destination. But we have received authorization from USPS to print cancellation postmarks on your bulk postage, similar to how regular first class postages are canceled by the Post Office on personal letters.

Snap pack packages are a popular choice for your campaign

Snap packs have gained popularity in the recent years. Snap pack is a single sheet of paper that is mailed without an envelope and is sealed on the edges by glue that the recipient tears off at the perforated edges to open the mailer. They are significantly less expensive than letters and are an ideal choice for discussing private matters.

Snap Pack

Postcards are an inexpensive choice that readers can't resist

Postcards are the least expensive form for direct mail. We recommend large cards, such as 6x11 cards that simply can't be ignored by the recipient. Our postcards are printed on high quality, super-thick 16 point paper and are UV coated on one side for deep rich colors. We can even do postcards with variable data on both sides.

Our goal is to help you create a successful, personalized campaign for your mortgage or insurance business. We will work with you to deliver the best high-quality direct mail campaign you have ever seen.