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Mail Merged Letters


Letter Printing Services

We specialize in printing custom-made letters that do not look like junk mail and because they do not resemble junk mail, the personalized letters tend to produce higher response rates. We offer a wide range of letter printing options and mailing services that can greatly improve your direct mail response rates. With our vast Variable Data Printing capabilities we can produce letters that include mail-merging data from a list to custom letters with changing graphics and layouts based on complex rules and formulas. We are able to handle variable text, changing graphics, and variable layouts on single or multi-page documents with single or multiple versions of your letter. We carry a wide range of paper and envelope stocks and we are also able to manufacture custom sized envelopes from a wide range of paper stocks. We offer digital laser printing, CMYK offset printing, spot printing, as well as high-speed economy full color inkjet printing. We also provide fulfillment services such as inserting various promotional items with your letters, application of post-it notes and much, much more.

Postage Type

We offer all the postage classes that are available. For maximum effectiveness we highly recommend peel & stick postage stamps with all letter printing jobs, regardless of the class of postage that is used. Metered and imprint indicia postages are also available. Pre-canceled postage stamps (discounted peel & stick stamps) are not canceled by USPS; but we do have authorization from the USPS to cancel your postage stamp as this improves the appearance of your envelope so that your envelopes don’t appear like junk mail. All jobs, regardless of size, get free NCOA services if they are being mailed at a presort rate. Unlike other mailers we do not have high minimums for presort jobs. Our regular minimum letter printing order requirement of 50 pieces will qualify to be mailed at a presort class postage rate. We are able to bypass the USPS’s minimums on presort jobs by comingling all of our customers mail before it is turned over to USPS. We can also mail your letters at nonprofit rates if you have a nonprofit authorization from USPS.


  • Fully mail-merged letters with any and all information from your mailing list
  • Letters can include photographs, logos, and/or any graphics
  • We do not charge extra for using any of our 18 handwritten fonts on your envelopes.
  • Your letter is printed exactly as you see it; there is no indication on the letters or envelopes that the job was done by us. We do not market our business at your expense.
  • We can insert a variety of other materials such as brochures, business cards, booklets, newsletters and much more with your letters.
  • You receive a free PDF proof of your letter and envelope mail-merged with a single record with every order. Hardcopy proofs are also available at a nominal cost.
  • For a nominal cost you can receive tracking information which shows when each piece of mail was delivered by USPS. This is only available for presort mail.

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