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Snap Pack Printing (8.5x14)

Also Available: 8.5x11 snap pack | 4.25 x 6 snap pack postcard
Snap pack 4.25 x 6 Double Postcard
Snap pack 4.25 x 6 Double Postcard
Snap pack 4.25 x 6 Double Postcard
Snap pack 4.25 x 6 Double Postcard
Snap pack 4.25 x 6 Double Postcard
Snap pack 4.25 x 6 Double Postcard
Snap pack 4.25 x 6 Double Postcard
Snap pack 4.25 x 6 Double Postcard
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This snap pack is a single sheet of 8.5x14 paper that is folded and mailed without an envelope. This mailer is sealed using glue on the edges. The recipient opens the mail piece by tearing off the perforated and marked side edges. All forms require both the left and right side edges to be torn; and some forms will require the bottom edge to be torn as well. These forms can be printed in color or B&W including graphics, but these forms are not the ideal choice if you plan to use full color photographs. No additional inserts (e.g. business cards) can be included with this form. You can have mail merge on one or both sides.

For high-volume jobs (+20,000 pieces) we suggest that you contact us first. Sometimes we can reduce your cost by printing a portion of your forms on an offset press. We also have many other types and sizes of snap packs available that are not shown in our site, please contact us for such jobs.


  • Paper type: 28 LB white sheets. Some forms have a blockout on the back that can not be printed on.
  • Sheet size: Standard letter size; 8.5x14 including the edges that will be torn off by the recipient, therefore the net space available will be less. Please download the correct template (below) to insure correct sizing.
  • Bleed: You can print all the way up to the perforation lines. Anything printed pass the perforation line won't be seen by your recipient, since these edges will not separate once the form is sealed and these edges are discarded. We can print full bleed snap packs on an offset press, please contact us if you require such forms.
  • Fold options: C or Z depending upon form type.


Following are some of the common forms in size 8.5x14 that we provide as stock items. Please contact us, if you need a different type of a form. Please study the construction of each form carefully and look a the images above as well as the PDF templates below.
  • PSFMPC: This is an 8.5x14 form that is C-folded. This opens similar to a regular business letter that is C-folded. The entire inside part of this form is blank and can be used. One the back you have 1 panel that is blockout. Once the form is opened the bottom panel becomes loose and separated and can be printed on one or both sides. The final folded size of this form is 4.75" high by 8.5" wide. This form will require printing on both sides.
  • PSFMPEZ: This is an 8.5x14 form that is Z-folded. The final folded size of this form is 5.5" high by 8.5" wide. Once this form is opened, the bottom panel (3.5"x8.5") becomes loose from the rest of the form. This form requires only one side to be printed.
  • PSFMPZ: This is an 8.5x14 form that is Z-folded. You can have single sided printing on this form since the address and the main body of the form is printed on the same side. The back side has two blockout panels and one blank panel that you can use for printing if you'd like, but not required. Final folded size is 4.75" high by 8.5" wide.
  • PSF2W: This is an 8.5x14 form that has a reply envelope at the bottom section. This form additionally includes a 1" high by 8.5" wide perforated section that can be separated and returned as remittance slip. Therefore you have a single blank panel of 5"high by 8.5"wide that you can print your content on both sides of it. This form will require printing on both sides.


  • You can have mail merge information on one or both sides.
  • Artwork must be supplied in PDF
  • All graphics must be at least 300 dpi.
  • You can not print beyond the perf. line, these areas are sealed and do not separate.
  • We highly recommend having at least 0.25" clear margin before you reach the perf. lines.


We recommend that you lay out your artwork on top of the PDF templates for accuracy but do NOT make the template part of your design or it will be printed. You should also print your final design on a single sheet of paper on both sides and fold accordingly to make sure that the orientation of all the panels is as you expect. If you are printing make sure that your "page scaling" in the PDF printer driver is set to "none" and not to "Fit to printable area", so your printed form is not reduced in size.


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