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Tracking Services


Our tracking services will show you the progression of your mail pieces as they travel through the US Postal system. Our mail tracing services will show when every mail piece initially entered the Postal system, the locations the mail piece was scanned at, and the date when the mail piece was out for delivery. Only "presort" mail can be traced; that is first class presort, standard presort and nonprofit presort. Regular first class mail can NOT be traced. Your presort mail is traceable regardless if it has a live peel & stick postage stamp, postage meter, or indicia.

What is Tracking?

You should not use tracing as a "confirmation for delivery"; similar to a package being signed by a recipient that has been delivered by UPS. Tracing should be used as a general indicator as to the percentage of mail delivered, location and date of deliveries and other statistical information provided by our various reports. See a real sample here.

Using Tracking Data to Manage Multi‐Channel Marketing campaigns, such as coordinating other multi‐channel marketings such as mobile messaging and emails blasts to arrive at appropriate times is one of the major advantage of using IMB tracing data. Additionally using the tracing data you can determine the average time from the time a mail piece arrives to the time your customer contacts you. Such tracing information can also be very useful in choosing the right time in staffing call centers to be prepared to receive calls.

See Sample

Available Information

Our tracking services offer a variety of statistical reports. Below are some of the common ones.

  • Home delivery performance
  • Results of first scan
  • Out for delivery by date
  • Delivery results by state, county, 5 digit zip, 3 digit zip, SCF, county and many more
  • Delivery results down to individual piece