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New Borrower Mailing List


Target borrowers who have gained substantial additional buying power from their new loan. Our new borrower mailing list provides the most current information about refinance and equity loan borrowers. The new borrower mailing list is compiled from County Recorder's offices nationwide. This database is updated monthly to give you the freshest data possible.

Basic selects

Your basic selects include only geographic attributes shown below.

  • Zip
  • Zip range
  • City
  • State
  • County
  • Radius
  • Multi-location radius

Cost for basic selects

Price is based on quantity of records purchased with a minimum purchase of $125 per order. Your total cost is computed based on the schedule below plus the cost of Premium selects.

Quantity Price per record
1 - 2,500 $0.08
2,501 - 7,500 $0.07
7,501 - 15,000 $0.065
+15,001 $0.06

*Shown price is a list rental for a single use, please contact us for a multi-use list rental.

File format, layout & turnaround

Turnaround is one full business day from the time you have approved your order and submitted your payment or any required documentations. Our default file format is CSV but you may request to receive your file in dBase III, ASCI fixed width or comma delimited. You may also choose to receive your file in all caps or initial cap (default). Your list will include all the fields from the Basic Selects group plus any additional Premium Selects you used in creating your Mortgage Mailing List.

Premium selects

Premium selects will allow you to create a highly targeted borrowers mailing list. The cost of premium selects are not quantity sensitive. Click here to see a list of Premium Selects and the associated cost for our monthly updated databases.