Holiday Cards for Businesses: 5 Effective Tips to Boost Your Customer Relations This Holiday Season

direct mailThe holiday season retail sales are projected to increase by 4.3-4.8% this year. If you’re a marketer, you know how important the holiday season can be for your business. That’s why you need to engage in effective marketing campaigns to draw customers in. Have you thought about sending out holiday cards to your clients? Not only are they an effective way to boost customer relationship, but they can also be a way to tell customers about upcoming promotions. Want to learn more? Keep reading to learn about 5 tips for sending out holiday cards for businesses.

1. Send a Physical Card in the Mail


Although sending digital cards may be easier, it doesn’t have the same effect as a physical card in the mail. An e-card is more likely to be unopened or deleted. It might even be marked as spam. A physical letter, however, will be more meaningful to your clients. With a letter in the mail, the recipient has to open their mailbox, take out the letter, and open the envelope. It can stand out in a sea of newsletters and digital messages.


2. Handwrite the Note

If possible, you should personalize your holiday card with a handwritten note. The note can be a simple message like “Thank you for your business” or “Happy Holidays.” At the very least, you can include your handwritten signature for a personalized touch.


3. Use a Universal Greeting

There are many holidays in the last two months of the year: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukkah. It’s important you take into consideration all religions and denominations. A universal holiday greeting may be the best message. You can write something like “Seasons Greetings” so that you include all the celebrations.


4. Include a Small Gift

You can show your appreciation to your clients by including a small gift in their holiday cards. You can add something small like holiday stickers or maybe a holiday advent calendar. Another option is a bookmark or something that is small and lightweight enough to fit in an envelope. In fact, your business can benefit from giving away freebies. When you give away products, you create positive associations for your brand. You can also drive traffic to your store or website. If you own a retail store or e-commerce website, you can include a coupon or promo code.


5. Choose Quality Materials and Design

Think of your holiday card as a reflection of your business persona. You should invest in high-quality card stock and vibrant, colorful designs. You want to send a heartwarming message that will stand out when the recipient is doing something as mundane as sorting through their mail. You also want paper that will not become damaged in the mail. You may want to consider hiring a graphic designer to create a simple yet memorable card design. Think of it as an investment for spreading goodwill and cheer this holiday season.


Additional Advice for Sending Holiday Cards for Businesses

Wondering when to send your holiday cards? Our final tip is to send your cards out early. If you include a coupon, you want your customers to receive your cards with enough time to get some shopping done. If you want to learn more about sending holiday cards for businesses, contact us!

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