Snail Mail Marketing: Why Print Advertising Matters in The Email Era

Snail Mail Marketing: Why Print Advertising Matters in The Email Era

Looking for new ways to get exposure for your business? Despite the fact that we are in a digital age and around $100 billion was spent on digital marketing in 2018, print is not dead. In fact, many successful businesses consider print necessary. You should too! Still on the fence about print advertising? Keep reading below for why you should still be using snail mail.


Appeals to the Senses

People see online ads and that’s it. When you send out advertisements in the mail, the items can be seen, but also touched. Tangible items can create a sense of luxury that online ads can’t do. Brochures and business cards can be easily handed out and stowed in bags and purses. Using different paper thickness will allow your advertising to stand out.


Multi-faceted Marketing

Successful marketing campaigns are not one note. Digital marketing and print are not competing mediums. In fact, using both digital and print mediums tend to lead to the most success. You can bring the offline world online by using QR codes, dedicated hashtags, and trackable URLs to boost the effectiveness of your print and digital campaigns.


Print Advertising Materials are Saved

All it takes to delete an email is one click. A print mailer has to be handled at least for a few seconds before someone makes a decision about it. Work to make your print materials valuable. You could consider offering a quarterly newsletter to update your customers on sales and any big changes with your business.


Build Trust

People are flooded with more online ads now than ever. Sometimes they go unnoticed because they are assumed to be spam. Other times people don’t click on ads for fear of a computer virus. Print materials don’t have these issues. While space is limited with online ads, you can illustrate your business’s selling points in detail with print materials. Just remember to ensure your branding is consistent across the digital and print domains.


Increase Engagement

One final reason to use print advertisements is the engagement it garners. Digital mediums often aren’t engaging or attention-grabbing. How often are you scrolling through Facebook or Instagram while cooking or talking to your friends? People tend to focus more on print material. While clicking a link on Facebook or opening an email takes very little effort, there are more psychological steps involved in responding to a print or mailer ad. With this in mind, you can see how print advertisements can lead to more engaged and qualified prospects. So if you’re looking to increase the quality of your leads, print marketing can help bolster your success.


Time to Watch Snail Mail Keep Winning

It should now be clear how useful print advertising can be for any business. Ready to harness the power of snail mail, but have a few more questions? Interested in what we could do for your business? Be sure to contact us. We would love to help!

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