The Big Benefits of Print Marketing for Your Small Business

Print is dead right? Everything’s digital now. Digital marketing is so much more effective than print.

If that’s what you believe, think again. Regardless of what many think, print marketing is still thriving. Furthermore, it has many benefits for those who know how to use it.

If you are a small business owner, you don’t want to just brush off advertising in print as “obsolete” or “a thing of the past.” And you especially don’t want to make that mistake when 82% percent of consumers say they trust print ads more than any other ads.

That number should have you eager to learn more. We’re going to tell you the three big benefits of print marketing for your small business. But first, let’s talk about what print marketing is, because it’s a broader field than you may realize.


What Is Print Marketing?

Print marketing consists of physically printed media to advertise a product or service to potential consumers. While the first thought that may come to your mind is newspaper or magazine ads which are two types of print that advertisers use, print advertising also includes direct mail, billboards, catalogs, and brochures. Even a business card, with a logo or slogan on it, is considered as an advertisement. When the printing materials create brand awareness, they are considered to be forms of print marketing.


Three Big Benefits of Print Marketing

Now that you know what print marketing is, you can now learn three major benefits of adding it to your small business marketing plan. Those benefits include credibility, controlled customer reach, and tangibility.



If your ad appears in a reputable publication, your company’s credibility will be substantially higher. The Houston Chronicle explains that readers trust the information presented in the publication, and businesses that advertise with them reap the benefits of that trust.

Granted, you want to make sure it’s a trusted and reputable publication. Readers will likely trust an ad in Newsweek more than they would a tabloid. Always make sure to advertise with the right publication.

Controlled Customer Reach

Print marketing can allow you to reach a specific customer segment more easily. If you are a jewelry business, imagine how effective advertising in a bridal magazine would be. Or if you sell sporting goods, you could pay for an ad in the sports section of your local newspaper.

This strategy, if done with careful planning, is a great way to reach your target customer. Furthermore, those popular publications allow for an extended reach.


There is something to be said about that tangibility of print media. It’s easy to just click away from a digital ad, but it’s not so easy to ignore the ad right next to the article a potential customer is reading.

This can be especially helpful with direct mail and postcard marketing. There is a personal flair that comes with a tangible piece of mail that a customer can hold in their hands. This helps a customer feel important, as they have a sense that your business is truly seeking them out.

That tangibility is a special benefit to print. Moreover, it’s a benefit that digital ads can’t recreate.


Put Print Marketing into Action

Now that you know that print marketing isn’t only alive and well, but it has at least three big benefits. It enhances credibility, it helps you target your consumer more easily, and the tangible aspect is more personal and harder to ignore. With all this in mind, it’s clear that your small business marketing strategy could benefit from print media and materials.

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