Your Ultimate 2020 Guide to Postcard Marketing

Your Ultimate 2020 Guide to Postcard Marketing

Did you know that 70 percent of Americans reported that they think that mail is more personal than the internet? That is a great statistic for the positives of postcard marketing.

Can you pull off postcard marketing like a pro in 2020? With a little help from the professionals, you definitely can. Here’s your guide on how to entice your future customers with a simply tasteful postcard marketing campaign.

Postcards are Easy to Read

A postcard is a great direct mail marketing tactic because they are so easy to read. When a potential customer opens their mailbox and sees your postcard, they automatically see the branding, the offer, or other important marketing information. Make your postcard easy to read right out of the mailbox.

Less is more when it comes to postcard marketing. Keep your direct mail copy simple and to the point. This will help your messaging stand out amongst the clutter of other pieces of marketing mail your customers will likely be receiving.

Postcard Marketing is Cost-Effective

Postcard marketing is a very cost-effective form of direct mail. A postcard just needs one piece of paper, print on 2 sides, and a stamp. Other forms of direct mail need envelopes, multiple pages printed, or even multiple stamps. Direct mail with a postcard is simple and cost-effective. 

USPS also offers some bulk marketing mail discounts. If you meet the minimum mailing quantity of 200 pieces or 50 pounds then you may qualify for the bulk rate. It’s a great idea to take advantage of bulk mail savings. 

Marketing Postcards Stand Out

In postcard marketing, your postcard should stand out with a beautiful and compelling design. You should work with a designer or use a postcard marketing template to create a professional direct mail product. 

In your design be sure to include your company’s branding, logo, and essential information such as your address or website. It’s a good idea to make your postcard stand out, but don’t overdo it. You want your postcard to be inviting to a potential customer, not push them away. 

Use a Compelling Offer on Your Postcard

Before you send out your postcards, you need to determine a few things. What are you offering in your direct mailer? Will you be giving an exclusive mail offer?

It’s a good idea to include a compelling offer on your postcard to entice your customers to take action. Examples of an offer may include:

  • Announcing a sale
  • Including a coupon
  • Giving exclusive offers or discounts

Remember to include a call to action on your postcard. This will help direct the consumer to take a specific action after receiving your marketing collateral in the mail. 

Start Postcard Marketing Today

Now that you know how to entice customers in 2020 with your postcard marketing it is time to get started. If you’d like help creating the best postcards for your marketing needs, contact us today to sign, seal, and deliver your first postcard marketing campaign.

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