Earn Improved Business Through Custom Postcard Printing

You may think direct mail advertising is antiquated, but it’s anything but! In fact, advertising using postcards is a much more effective form of reaching your target audience than you may think. Consider how much the everyday person is bombarded by advertising, from online to television and radio – it’s pretty crazy. Because of the development of online advertising and social media marketing, the amount of advertising that come through traditional mail have decreased.

Postcard PrintingThe challenges of mail

Sending advertising through the mail poses some obstacles, which mainly consist of getting your mailer seen. If you send out a brochure, or something in an envelope, they are easily recognized as advertising and thrown out before they are opened. With postcards, you don’t have this problem because it’s a reflex to look at the card and flip it over. It’s effortless and you don’t feel like you are ‘wasting your time’ by opening something you know is advertising.

Direct contact

This means feeling like you are reaching your audience directly by sending something to their home, and giving them a direct line of sight to your business through your postcard. You never really know how many people are seeing your online advertisements or listening to the ones that air on television and the radio – it can sometimes be a shot in the dark. A postcard doesn’t waste any time or space, all the critical info you need a consumer to see is right there and easy to digest.

Design is key

The design of your postcard is very important. Not only does it have to be eye catching and interesting, but it can’t be overwhelming. You need to get your message to the consumer quickly and simply, but also provide an appearance that gets them interested enough to read the info in the first place. This can be achieved through a palatable color scheme, an interesting layout, or cleverly chosen font, etc. Another important decision is the size of the actual card you choose. If it’s too small it will get lost amongst the other pieces of mail, so you want something a little larger than standard to make it pop-out in a pile of mail.

They’re cost effective

When you send out an advertisement that involves an envelope, you incur the additional cost of the envelopes, on top of the advertisement within, and additional postage. For post cards, you have one charge for the card and the design, and then postage, which is usually inexpensive for postcards. If budget is a concern this is the way to go – although, even with an astronomical advertising budget, this is still the most effective means of reaching your consumer.

If your business moved away from direct mail advertising at some point, now is a good time to consider getting back into it. The advertising game is always changing, and sometimes what’s old is new again. Now is the time to take advantage of the direct mail advertising. Get your business seen by your target audience by utilizing catchy, cost-effective postcards. Get in touch with us at iti Direct Mail to design, print or mail your customized postcards.

The Popularity of Using Snap Pack Mailers for Direct Mail

Snap pack mailers have become extremely popular in the direct marketing. They are showing up in mailboxes everywhere and their usage shows no sign of slowing down. Snap pack mailers have been shown to be effective for many reasons. The main one being that they make companies money. They do this because they create curiosity when seen in the mailbox; also, they have a very high open and response rate and are really effective when sending important communications. Let’s discuss the benefits of using snap pack mailers for direct mail in more detail.

What is a Snap Pack Mailer?

You’ve probably received these mailers in your box before. Snap pack mailers show up in the mail without an envelope. They are letter size with perforated edges, and you have to tear them open along perforated lines. Let’s talk about why these snap pack mailers are so effective.

Snap PackThey save Businesses Money

As mentioned, snap packs do not require an envelope because they are glued or pressure sealed. So this saves a company a lot of money when they don’t have to purchase envelopes for hundreds or even thousands of mailers that they need to send out.

They Work Because of Curiosity

First off, a huge benefit of using snap pack mailers in a direct mail campaign is that they create curiosity in the mind of the receiver.  In this competitive economy, it’s important to create a sense of importance and urgency in opening direct mailers. This leads us to our next major benefit.

They Have a High Open Rate

Open rate is a marketing term relating to percentage of people that open a direct mailer. In the case of snap packs, the open rate is extremely high. Open rate is important because the higher the opening rate, the bigger the response to the mailing campaign. This is why it is such a sought after method of direct mailing.

They are Very Useful When Sending Important Information

Snap pack mailers can be especially beneficial if you are sending very sensitive, important, or time sensitive information. Companies frequently use them to send pay stubs, account statements, credit offers or for billing a client. The high open rate ensures that they will be read and responded to in a timely manner.

They Result in More Money

It has been proven that the high open and response rate of snap pack mailers results in more money. If used in donation campaigns, more money is collected from potential donors. When used to report account balances or credit statements they result in more timely payments which increase revenue for the company that uses them to contact their customers.

To find out more information about snap pack mailers and how your business can utilize them in your direct mailers, contact iti Direct Mail. We will help you customize a mailer and get them into the hands of current or potential customers. You can speak to us about your business needs and reap the benefits of direct mail.

Non-Profits: Raise Funds With Direct Mail

For anyone who has worked or volunteered at a non-profit organization, you will understand the importance of creating awareness for an organization. It’s integral to the success of a non-profit—in order for it to survive and to get the support of local citizens and funders. Direct mail is one solution in making effective mail outs and techniques to maintain the support of current partners, and create new partners as well. iti Direct Mail has marketing specialists that can create an efficient mail out campaign to create awareness, and help you raise funds for your non-profit organization.Raise Funds

Communicating Effectively

Some common methods to increase funds or donor awareness are letters and postcards. A personal letter is a means of communicating information about your non-profit’s mission, goals and some history about your charity as well.  Additionally, a letter is a good way to thank a donor for their support and commitment. Moreover, you can use calendars, booklets, brochures, newsletters, and other marketing tools too. It is effective in raising awareness in whatever it is you are trying to promote, and increases the chances of your target clients looking at the postcard. Furthermore, you can use effective images and texts on the postcards. It is easy to include in sales kits or in high traffic areas to attract customers. Direct mail is also a way to tell potential donors about upcoming fundraising events, and it will keep your current partners up to date.

We will be able to create high quality, low cost mail pieces that are tailored to your organization. We can save you time and money, and we are experienced in direct mail marketing with quality non-profit mail pieces that will not be mistaken for junk mail.  Usually, the only communication you will have with your funders are the postcards or letters, so it is worth the time and effort to create pieces that will effectively convey your organization’s mission and process.

Some Additional Tips

You need to write effectively and include stories that will tug at your reader’s heart strings. You need to determine what is most important for your organization, and why your organization is important to the community.  It has to be compelling, and keep the attention of your potential donors. It is also recommended to send out fundraising letters.

Furthermore, when you design your letterhead, it can leave an impact on its readers and your funders. That is why we take the time to select the appropriate graphics, colors, and logos, and it is what people will associate with your organization.  It should also match your business cards and brochures, and it should reflect what is going in the body of your letter. We have a variety of styles to choose from, including simple designs, to a premium business letterhead design.  Our letterheads have personality, and they will convey your organization’s purpose. Our designs are completely original, please visit our website today (www.letterprinting.net) to get started with one of our direct mail campaign.

Direct Mail Marketing – Deliver Your Message and Get it Read

The biggest problem with direct mail marketing is getting your audience to actually read your marketing message. If you can get them to at least read it and if the copy writing is done correctly, they are more likely to be enticed to take action.

Although, writing a newsletter to alert your audience of sales and services is the main purpose of your mail marketing efforts (sounds easy, right?), it also can be a constant battle.  The theory behind it is easy, but don’t let that fool you.Direct Mail

Deliver You Message Professionally and get it Read

The best advice we can give you is to get it right the first time so you can save yourself some money and a whole lot of frustration. Although mail marketing is not an exact science, there are things you can do to increase the odds in your favor so your mail won’t be ignored by your audience.

Creating professional looking mailer doesn’t have to be difficult, but it takes thoughtful planning. So, by the time you get to the execution stage (mailing your marketing materials), every exact detail should be taken care of.

Know Your Market – Are you Targeting the Right Market?

With direct mail marketing, delivering your message and getting it read is your ultimate goal. To get a jump on this, make sure you know who your market is.

Although this may sound easy, think about this: are you targeting the right audience? You could have the best newsletter with top-notch copywriting and a professional design, but if you’re not getting it into the hands of people who would be interested in your products or services, everything is wasted.

For example, you don’t want to send information on your latest toy for toddlers to a group of 50+ men.

If It Walks Like a Duck…

Professional looking designs apply to direct mail marketing, too. If it looks like junk, it will be treated like junk. Your audience won’t take the time to even glance at it. Inevitably, they for sure won’t read it, and they definitely won’t take action—which will make all your marketing efforts a waste of time and money, and both are valuable commodities that can not be wasted.

Get Your Marketing Message Read

If you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s okay. You can’t be expected to do everything. Your talents are better spent running your business, and this is a task that can easily be outsourced—particularly, if you don’t have a marketing team.

Many small businesses outsource tasks that they aren’t proficient at, either because they don’t have the time, or they don’t feel like dealing with the frustration.

Here, at iti Direct Mail, our staff has 11 years’ experience in targeted direct mail marketing. We know how to create professional looking newsletters that don’t look like junk mail. As a result, we can help you deliver a personalized marketing campaign that will help make your business money.

If you want to take your business to the next level, check out our direct mail marketing services on our website. There is something there for every type and size of business.

Newsletter Printing: 10 Reasons it is Essential for Your Business and Marketing

There are many reasons why a company newsletter can increase revenue and good will with consumers, but here we’re only going to look at ten reasons newsletter printing is essential for any business.

Why Newsletters are Essential for Your Business and Marketing

#1:  The Cost

A printed newsletter is an economical way to keep consumers and staff informed about your company brand, and new developments within your business.

#2 Tangible

A company newsletter is a tangible item consumers can read, and touch, as opposed to only looking at it on a computer screen, where competition to capture their focus is fierce. There is so much information on web pages that it’s hard to get, and keep a reader’s attention.

#3 Reach More Consumers

With newsletter printing, your company can reach more people. Although we live in the internet age, not everyone is internet savvy, and those consumers need your product or service too.

#4 Promotes Company Unity

Newsletter printing promotes unity between management and staff. It opens the door to communication about important company issues, while increasing morale.

#5 Gives Employees a Voice

A printed newsletter is an outlet for employees to contribute their insights and ideas about the company and its products and services, as well as issues internally or with customer service practices. Employees often deal more with consumers than management does, so they have a lot useful information on ways to increase productivity and offer better service(s).

#6 Formal and Informal CommunicationNewsletter Printing

A printed newsletter can mix things up by displaying information both formally and informally.  Product descriptions should probably be written in a formal and to the point manner because they educate and inform, but things like employee profiles can be included and written more informally. Other sides of your company can be shown in more lighthearted ways during more opportune events, like company barbecues or annual parties.

#7 Branding and Promotion

A vibrant and professional printed newsletter can stimulate critical thinking by its readers, which promotes the business environment. As well, it can potentially pierce the company brand forever in their memories.

It’s also a great avenue to mention sales and promotions in a non-aggressive way.

#8 Promotes Loyalty

Newsletter printing promotes loyalty from customers and staff alike by boosting company morale and letting consumers know how important they are to your business.

#9 Constant Communication

A newsletter is a vehicle to maintain constant communication with your audience.

#10 Easy to Create

A printed newsletter is easy to create, especially when you get a little cost-effective help from professionals.

I’m sure now you have a clearer picture now of why newsletter printing is essential for your business and marketing. At iti Direct Mail, we help thousands of businesses reap the benefits of using their newsletter to both increase revenue and build brand awareness.

If you want to take your business to the next level with a printed company newsletter, check out our various design and printing services on our website. There is something there for every business.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Custom Postcard Printing: An Effective Way to Attract Your Customers

In this day and age, every single one of your current and potential customers is constantlyCustom Postcard Printing
bombarded with a lot of information coming from different channels and from various sources, which may include many of your competitors. As electronic marketing has become more popular, and television and online ads have become prevalent, an important point to keep in mind is that good old-fashioned print advertising remains one of the most cost efficient and effective ways to promote your company, services and products. While people are growing accustomed to muting out the advertising and promotion they hear and watch on a screen, physical mail is becoming the tool once again to enter your customers’ homes and catch their attention. As recent studies have shown, the human attention span values have dropped below eight seconds (less than a goldfish); you have just a few seconds to grasp the attention and imagination of your potential clients. Custom postcard printing – to the rescue!

Why custom postcard printing?

As a company that has been doing print marketing for a lengthy time, we at iti Direct Mail are able to provide you with some information on what tools work the best and which ones do not. While mail merged letters and brochures remain effective methods of promoting yourself, given the bulk of mail people receive every day, it is hard for anything in an envelope or anything folded to really stand out from the rest, while a postcard, taking the same resources to send, does not have to be opened and has a much more optimistic chance of being noticed. An unusual, bright, informative and preferably large custom made postcard can help you make a breakthrough in your marketing efforts. Why large? Because you don’t want your postcard to be lost in all the other mail. Why informative? Because you don’t want the postcard to only attract attention to itself by being colorful, you actually want the attention to transition into a purchasing decision.

What are the options?

The custom postcard printing services that iti Direct Mail provides come with many options in regards to size, paper type, and additional enhancing features, such as UV coating. If you get in touch with our knowledgeable and friendly team while making your order, they will be able to quickly guide you through the options that will help in your particular circumstances.

Generally, we recommend thicker paper, larger paper sizes, and a single layer of UV coating to brighten up the colors. As we have worked with various clients in the past, by following various well planned marketing strategies, we’ve learned how to customize postcards to best suit our customer’s needs. The important thing here is to make an effort to build your business – your customers are waiting, and we are here to provide you with the best digitally printed postcards available. As a result, you get a dynamic, positive, and effective direct mail campaign without having to worry about whether your mail ends up unopened and in the recycling bin. A well-made card has by far the greatest chance of not only being read and looked at, but of bringing in new and repeat business. Try it today.

Best Practices to Improve Direct Mail Fundraising

Understanding the benefits of direct mail fundraising is important to get the best results in your fundraising campaign. Direct mail advertising refers to mailing offers, promotions, and advertisements to current customers and/or other potential consumers. It often will entail a personalized sales letter, brochure, order form and prepaid envelope – the same would apply to direct mail fundraising. Personalized letters, postcards, flyers, and brochures are all used in direct mailing marketing services to advertise a wide array of products and services and could be used in that same capacity to promote a fundraising campaign.

What makes for a strong direct mail fundraising campaign? Following are a number of best practices to improve direct mail fundraising. As noted above, one of the most important things to know is how direct mail advertising actually works. Once you understand this, then it is important to understand how to maximize the impact.

Focus on audience

A key benefit of a strong direct mail fundraising campaign is the assurance that the required audience will indeed be connected to it. One of the key factors of a direct mail fundraising campaign is that a particular demographic can be targeted once you have determined who that audience is. Direct mail fundraising takes the guess work out of the process.

Take time with the fundraising letter

You want to make sure there is no guess work associated with your fundraising campaign. Take time to create a clear, concise and appealing fundraising letter. State up front what your needs are, what you are asking for, the benefits of donating, and personalize it with stories, statistics, photographs, etc. Also consider how easy the mail is to read. Use large, simple print, lighter backgrounds, or darker fonts, lots of space between lines, etc. You don’t want to make potential donors have challenges following what it is that you are asking for.


An effective fundraising campaign needs to consider the administrative costs; the lower Direct Mail Fundraisingthe costs, the more the funds collected are actually applied to the cause. That being said, it is important to find a cost effective direct mailing service. Either way, do some leg work and compare options, administrative costs, etc., and I think that you will find direct mail marketing to be one of the best options for fundraising. You may even be able to get some direct mail organizations to donate to the campaign and decrease your overall administrative costs even more.

Find a direct mail advertising company you can count on

Once you have decided this is the fundraising format you wish to undertake, it is important that you feel confident in your choice of a direct mail marketing company. At iti Direct Mail, we will ensure you are confident and comfortable in your decision. You will be very pleased with our commitment to the entire process of handling the printing and mailing of your direct mail fundraising campaign. At iti Direct Mail, we specialize in direct mail services tailored for small to mid-size companies, including non-profit organizations. By focusing on providing excellent service and building long-term client relationships, we have successfully built direct mail marketing programs that have created lasting success for our customer’s marketing campaigns.  We offer a full service approach to direct mail marketing that includes valuable custom design, print and mail ultimately leading to an effective mail campaign.  To contact our team at iti Direct Mail, phone us at (866) 558-6365 or send us a message or request a custom quote.

Five Ways to Use Direct Mail Marketing in Your Business

Everybody likes to get mail in their letter boxes; it’s the thrill of recognition and of the unknown. It is proof that someone cares enough to send something directly to your address. There’s a reason why companies are still using direct mail marketing – it works. Even those annoying flyers that get dropped off on your doorstep are proven marketing techniques.  The consumer is generally willing to open an envelope, especially if it arrives as part of something intriguing. Here are five ways to use direct mail marketing to increase your business.

Build a Target list

A target mailing list contains the group of people that you want to reach out to as a business or generated as part of your current customer base. The list is different for each industry, though obviously, there may be an overlap. This mailing list can be based on demographics of location, age or consumer history. Your first step is to figure out who you want to reach out to with direct mail.


Direct mail marketing can provide your business with information about the customer base. Every time a point of purchase requests personal information such as a postal code, address, or email, that chain is in possession of data about an individual. They know what you buy, how often you shop, and even information about your location at the time of purchase. There is a plethora of data that allow analysts to predict trends. They can predict, based on a buyer’s history, what appeals to a buyer and when their pitch is likely to be the most effective. That business can then tailor advertising directly to their consumers.

Try a Test Sample

Direct Mail MarketingWith all of the research completed, it is time to use direct mail marketing in your business to reach out directly to consumers. Create a mailing piece with a definitive call to action. This might be a start-up event, launch party or just a sample that you want potential customers to try at home. Your goal is to provoke a response. Include a sign-up sheet or return a piece of mail that says the customer received your product. Direct interaction with customers is positive. It generates conversation and a return on your investment.

Right Place, Right Time

According to most direct-mail gurus, 40 percent of a mail piece’s impact comes from sending it to the right list in the first place, 40 percent comes from the value of the offer and 20 percent comes from the design or writing of the piece. That’s the justification for all the work that went into the preliminaries of building the list, researching the demographics and creating the call to action. Using direct mail marketing in your business through iti Direct Mail will pay off in the long run.

Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Non-Profit Fundraising Events

Nonprofits rely on the generosity of their community and local government, as well as the broader government to provide funding in the form of grants and donations. Sometimes it can take a lot of legwork to drum up the interest you need to see a positive cash flow. Here are some non profit direct mail ideas that will help you reach potential donors.

Develop a solid mailing list

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to develop a successful mailing list. You want people that you know will give to a charitable organization, and sometimes that is best achieved by speaking to people you already know. Networking is a great way to get in touch with like-minded people and increase your chances of making a mailing list that really converts.

Do something different

Consider using direct mail to send something eye-catching to potential supporters of your cause. A regular old flyer may not be the best way to go, but a postcard mailer, magnets and even bookmarks are far more useful than for just a quick read. If you send your contact list something that serves a purpose, it will remain in their home as a useful reminder, long after the recycling hits the curb.

Be informative

Provide lots of information in your mailer, without being overwhelming. This can be achieved by cleverly arranging the flow ofDirect Mail Marketing information through a layout design, as well as choosing an appealing font. Provide simple contact information, and what your organization is all about (your message), as well as what people can do to help.

Be fun

Newsletters are a great alternative to typical direct mail. It helps provide direct and indirect information to your contact list, without being preachy or demanding. A newsletter can include relevant anecdotes, quotes, jokes and important dates, in an enjoyable format. The newsletters also give you the opportunity to send regularly and ongoing literature to your contact list, which is an important part of forging a relationship with potential donors.

Be eye-catching

If you have an important fundraising event coming up, sending out direct mail specifically to promote it is important. If you use newsletters, you can mention the event repeatedly, leading up to the date, but a dedicated advertisement is also necessary. Make it pop, make it informative and be sure it is easily identifiable from any other mail you may send out.

Raising funds can be difficult, especially in times of financial hardship that often affect entire states or the country, at the same time. It’s important that whatever efforts you make aren’t wasted on customers that aren’t likely to support your cause. Maximize your efforts be reaching out to a target audience that wants to support you. Once you hone your mailing list down, you can be sure that your direct mail marketing plans will help drum up funding and spread the word about any fundraising events you may be planning. If your non-profit organization needs help with direct mail marketing for fundraising, contact iti Direct Mail now.

10 Newsletter Printing Tips and Ideas to Help you Get Creative

In today’s fast-pace marketplace, consumers want information at the touch of a button.  If Newsletter printing tips and ideasthey cannot learn about your products and services quickly, they will move on to your competitor.  A newsletter, digital or print, is a great way to keep your clients informed about what you offer.  It’s also a convenient way to post testimonials, promote sales, ask for feedback and more. Following are ten tips to help you get creative with your newsletter. 1.   Write to your target demographic Unlike short print ads or radio spots, a newsletter allows you to present a range of information.  Tailor this information to your target demographic.  For example, if you sell women’s shoes, you can also include tips on pairing shoes with outfits and other fashion accessories.  For example, a purse and a shoe does not have to match in color as long as they are in the same color palette. 2.   Share Information Explain how your services work behind the scenes. You could also write some articles on your employees, and let your customers get to know the people in your organization better.  Highlight the places where you source material and provide interesting facts about those locations.  With our shoe example, if the leather comes from Italy, you can tell your audience some facts about the region and why their leather is your first choice for your shoes. 3.    Keep it Friendly and Professional Write for reader engagement, but remain professional at all times.  If you do not have a communications specialist or media team on staff, consider outsourcing your newsletter.  4.   Go Easy on Buzzwords Don’t go overboard with buzzwords. You may think it makes your business sound current, but to many people buzzwords are annoying and overused. Also avoid text speak (R U interested in fashion? – don’t write like this!) and avoid calling out and maligning celebrities.   Using our shoe example once again, you can do a celebrity highlight (Kerri Russell was spotted in Chicago wearing pumps from our summer line!) but keep it friendly.  Don’t say things like, “What was Kerri Russell thinking, wearing those shoes last weekend?  She would have looked far better in our black pumps from our summer line.” 5.   Recycle Content You don’t have to write everything from scratch for your newsletter. You probably have a lot of content, and brochure material you could rewrite with a different angle. 6.   Don’t be too sales-focused Your company newsletter is not the place to be pushy on sales. Don’t use a lot of jargon or make it read like a hard sales pitch.  Newsletters are mainly informational, not promotional. 7.   Make it Appealing, Clear and Concise The quality of the information in your newsletter is more important than how much content you have in it, so don’t cram it full of articles. Make it visually appealing, add pictures and graphics, and make sure there is adequate negative space. Negative space is the space between articles and graphics.  It’s the space that keeps the page looking clean and not crowded.  Without negative space, the reader finds the page too distracting and will discard, rather than read, it. 8.   Keep Your Consumers Updated A weekly or monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your consumers updated with current events in your industry, but don’t spam them by making it too frequently. If you have stock that changes rapidly or limited-time specials, a weekly newsletter would work well.  If you have stock with seasonal changes, a monthly or even quarterly newsletter may be a better idea. 9.   Think About Going With Black and White If you’re on a tight budget, rather than having a colorful newsletter, consider going with black and white. It’s classic, easy to read and just as tasteful as its colorful counterpart. 10.  Get Professional Help You and your employees may be too busy to deal with all the aspects of creating a high-quality newsletter for your customers; particularly, if you don’t have the skill set to lay it out professionally. At iti Direct Mail, we love creating exciting, impactful, affordable newsletters. Contact us today for a free consultation, or check out our newsletter products and services on our website. Image courtesy: FreeDigitalPhotos.net