Top Five Direct Mail Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Direct mail marketing can greatly boost the success rate of your marketing campaign, but with many organizations sending out thousands of pieces of direct mail every day, it can be hard for you to stand out, especially as a small business. Not only that, but it’s hard to get people to even look at your marketing piece, due to the fact they are receiving so many of them from many different sources every day. How do you make people stop and read your specific piece? Follow these top five direct mail marketing tips to get your campaign noticed.

direct mail

Make it eye-catching

If you’re sending out a postcard, a brochure or even something inside of an envelope, the first thing your recipient sees needs to be eye-catching. People receive these types of mail items every day, and are used to just tossing them in the trash without even blinking an eye. In order for someone to stop and pay attention to what you’re saying, you need to add detail. Use color and font that pops. You don’t want anything too loud, but you want to include something that is going to make an impact. The correct use of photos can also make all the difference in grabbing a reader’s attention. For example, if you work for a small animal shelter, include a picture of cute animal, or an animal in a cage waiting for his forever home. You need to appeal to the interest and emotion of your recipient.

Introduce a call-to-action

More often than not; readers want to be told what they need to do. Too much information that beats around the bush can become confusing for a reader and they will quickly lose interest. If you want the recipient to donate, put that on the front. You want to tell them right away what you are looking for.

Tell a story

Again, you need to appeal to a reader’s emotions. By telling a story and making it interesting you will more likely be able to get a response. A recipient will be able to become more emotionally involved if there is some kind of back-story that appeals to them. If you don’t have a story, then provide testimonials. Whether they are testimonials from people your organization has helped or testimonials about how great your business is, this will help your reader become invested.

Keep it short

No one has time to read through paragraphs of copy. People want to skim through a sentence or two of information and be able to understand exactly what it is that you are asking for. Too much copy will only drive a reader away. Keep it short and simple and you will be successful.

Use a direct mail company

Many organizations have the option of sending out mail themselves which can sometimes lead to complications. If you want your direct mail campaign to be successful, hire a direct mail company that will be able to customize and mail all of your pieces for you in a timely manner.

For your direct mail marketing campaign needs, or for help with your direct mailing, contact us at iti Direct Mail today.

7 Real Estate Direct Marketing Tips to Boost Response Rates

Real estate direct mail marketing is an affordable and effective way to get noticed, leading to more leads and opportunities for sales.  Here are some real estate direct marketing tips to boost response rates for a better ROI.

1.  Experiment with Real Estate Letters Versus Postcards

Should you use letters or postcards to conduct a real estate direct mail campaign? Answering this question is one of your first steps before launching your campaign.

Unfortunately, one way or the other isn’t ideal for all campaigns, so you may have to experiment. A postcard may work best for specific properties for sale but won’t be as effective if you have more information to share.

2.  Use a Simple Message with Clear Benefits

If you only use one tip from this, make sure it’s this one. This key takeaway is vital for direct mail marketing campaigns. Your marketing message has to be simple enough so readers can see the benefits right away. They probably will not spend more than five seconds reading your message.

Answer these two questions quickly: What are you offering them and what are the benefits?

Real Estate Direct Marketing

3.  Tell Your Readers What to do Next

When it comes to real estate direct marketing your message should steer them to the next step. Perhaps you want them to contact you to find out more information about a listing or list their home with you if they are looking to sell. Make it clear.

4.  Don’t Ever Make Guarantees

Never guarantee that a property will be available or that they will get a specific amount of money for their property. If your campaign involves a mortgage special make sure you follow the guidelines of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the FTC.

Although you can explain the benefits of a special mortgage, never tell people they will be automatically approved.

5.  Guide Your Readers to a Specific Section on Your Website

When using direct mail you don’t always have the space you need on your mail piece to communicate all of the relevant information regarding your products and services, especially if you’re using a postcard. This is why you need to send readers to a specific page on your website. Make sure the webpage is both informative and relevant to your message.

6.  Establish a Direct Mail Control and Try to Beat it

Control in direct mail marketing is the first piece of mail you create that makes a profit. It is a prototype of sorts. Measure your response rate and ROI for this control; and then try to beat it.

You can do this by changing one element at a time.

7.  Learn From the Real Estate Direct Marketing Experience of Others

We mentioned at the beginning of this blog that direct mail marketing is affordable and can get you noticed and help you find more leads. Learn from others with marketing experience.

At iti Direct Mail, we know how important affordability and looking professional is to the real estate industry. We are your one-stop shop and solution for direct mail services. To find out how to put these real estate direct marketing tips to boost response rates to work for you, check out our direct mail services on our website and get a quote for custom services.

Print Custom Postcards While Saving on Printing Costs

A Postcard Says a Thousand Words

You may be wondering: what is the value of sending a custom postcard rather than a letter, flyer, or brochure? For starters, postcards are a unique and novel way to generate customer interest and keep in touch with existing clients. Who doesn’t like receiving a postcard in the mail? Sending custom postcards is an interesting and creative way to show prospective and pre-existing clients that your company is a cut above the rest, innovative, and unique.

Because postcards are one-sided, they are less likely to make their way into the trash or recycling. A lot of people don’t even bother to open mail if they perceive it to be “junk mail.” With a postcard, however, your message is front and center; you can guarantee people will at least look at it before discarding it, which is more than can be said for other forms of mail. If you’re planning to advertise an event or product, custom postcards are a great way to generate customer interest, as they stand out from the regular run-of-the-mill flyers and brochures.

Green Savings

One of the major benefits of sending custom postcards Custom Postcardsto clients and future customers is that postcards are far less inexpensive to print than other forms of direct mail marketing. Plus, by printing postcards instead of large flyers or letters that require envelopes you will be cutting down on paper waste and saving money.

Because customers are becoming increasingly concerned with eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable business practices, wasteful advertising tactics will only project a negative image of your company to environmentally-conscious people. By sending custom postcards while saving on printing costs, you can demonstrate to your loyal customers and prospective clients that yours is a company that cares about the environment as much as the bottom line. You can even print your custom postcards on recycled paper! Make an impression with custom postcards!

Tips to Print

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to invest in a postcard campaign. Here are some tips on how to avoid high printing costs:

1.  Use large cards

By printing large cards you will have far more success attracting business than if you were to print on small cards. Large cards are more noticeable and less likely to be thrown away. In addition, printing large custom postcards won’t cost you much more than printing on smaller stock.

2.  Buy and Send in Bulk

For all orders that are not time sensitive, custom postcards can be bought and sent in bulk. When you buy in bulk and use bulk/standard shipping, you will save on printing and postage costs. At iti Direct Mail, all of our postcard sizes require the same postage, so if you decide to send postcards of different sizes, it won’t cost you any extra.

3.  Opt for a High Gloss Finish

When printing your custom postcards opt for a high gloss finish, as this will help your postcards stand out and ensure your postcards have a professional and stylish look. A glossy finish will also help the colors and designs of your postcards appear brighter and richer.

If you want to print custom postcards while saving on printing costs, give us a call today!

Newsletter Marketing – An Inexpensive and Effective Way to Increase Sales

Are you looking for a creative way to get more people interested in your business? Newsletter marketing is an effective and inexpensive way to do that. iti Direct Mail is your source for creating newsletters that will help you gain customers and maintain the current ones. We print professional envelopes and letters that are meant to get a high response rate; you will be impressed with our service.

Newsletter marketingWhy are newsletters still relevant?

Newsletters are an effective way of communicating with your shareholders and it is cost-effective. It gives you a chance to print important information about your business in a well-written and aesthetic way, regardless of what you need the newsletter for. Furthermore, it is the perfect solution for making your brand name stand out. Newsletters are a good way to advise, update, and notify your customers by telling them about current events. It creates brand awareness and it will generate interest in your products and services. It will work for any business, whether it is a large or small company.

It is important to create newsletters that convey the mission of your company and the image too. There are many things you can use newsletters for, such as improving your customer’s situation, offering solutions to problems, or teaching your customers new ways to grow their business. They are a good way to generate sales from your current clients and create new sales too. They can be used for:

•  Annual dinners

•  Fundraising purposes

•  Meetings

•  Marketing a product

Additionally, they are versatile and they can be folded, tabbed, and sent as one mail piece. The design will vary depending on who your target audience is and the image of your business.

Fun and informative

Moreover, if you want your newsletter to be effective we suggest that you make your information informative instead of promotional. You should also do it frequently. If your newsletter delivery is consistent, it will allow your business to talk about important topics regarding your company with your customers.  It will also maintain their attention and it will keep them interested in what your business has to offer. You will even be able to use it with some of our other direct mailing services and then you will be able to stay consistent and send newsletters on a regular basis.  It is a chance to showcase the expertise and knowledge of your business regardless of the field.

Be simple

Another tip we have for you is to choose black and white newsletters with a closed tab so you can maintain your campaign. This is a good idea if you have a small budget. You also have to remember that timing is important during your marketing campaign. If you wait too long or start too early you could diminish the message of your business which could reach your targeted audience.

Consider personalizing your newsletters and you can add a little personality to your printed material. It is a chance for your business to stand out from the competition and you can connect with your shareholders. You will be impressed with the results and the return on investment. Look no further for effective marketing tools than iti Direct Mail; contact us today to get started.

Increase Your Marketing ROI Using Snap Pack Mailer

You put a lot of money into that mailer. Not just money went into it; there was also the time and resources. So how can you be sure that you will get back what you paid for it? If you are convinced that most of what you send out just ends up in the trash, then you need to try something new. Send out mailers that people want to open. Send them something that catches their attention. One thing that makes people curious is a snap pack mailer. You can increase your marketing return on investment using a snap pack mailer because it’s impossible to see one without wanting to open it.


snap pack mailer

What they are


A snap pack mailer is a pressure-sealed envelope-free mailer that is perforated on three sides. The receiver has to tear off three sides of the envelope to open it. We have a snap pack printing service that creates direct mail pieces that can get you great results on your ROI.


Why do they work?


The snap pack mailer looks official, so it seems as though whatever is inside is official, important or urgent. They are often used by businesses and payroll, so they remind people of their pay checks. People think there is something valuable inside, like a check. Plus, the idea of tearing the perforations is just so tempting, especially when the envelope is just sitting there in front of you. They work because people can’t throw them away without opening. It’s against human conditioning.


They are personalized to list the recipient’s name, address and other personal facts. This is another reason why they work. Speaking directly to the individual appeals to the individual, and this brings a high response rate. We at iti Direct Mail understand how to make this work to your advantage, working with you to make the most out of the variable data that you have.


What can they be used for?


They work well with direct mail marketing, but they can also be used for corporate purposes, such as accounting reports to clients, and have other administrative uses. They look official as direct mail marketing, because they do have many official uses. They can also be used for donations requests, because they have two distinct parts, in which one can be a mail-in return form.


The snap pack mailers come in three sizes from iti Direct Mail. They can usually be found in 8.5×11 size, or 8.5×14 size, but here they come in postcard size as well, 4×6. The postcard on the bottom can be conveniently torn off and mailed back to you.


There are a lot of ways that the snap pack mailers will work to increase your ROI. They will get opened and that is the most important thing. They can work for you because they can be tailored to be exactly what you want them to be. Our staff is here to help you make sure that you get exactly the mailer that you need. Contact us today and discover what we at iti Direct Mail can do for you.


How Personalizing Direct Mail Campaigns Can Help Reach Your Target Audience

A Thing of the Present


In today’s increasingly online world, it seems that mail has become a thing of the past. On the contrary; direct mail campaigns are still one of the best ways to advertise and keep in touch with your customer base.


While email and social media platforms are no doubt effective tools for advertising your business, direct mail campaigns are typically known to be more effective in not only attracting new clients, but also increasing customer loyalty. People are inundated, even saturated, by Twitter Feeds and Facebook posts. After a while (and it usually doesn’t take that long), most people simply tune out all the virtual noise going on around them. That is, “likes” on Facebook are not an accurate indication of whether a business is succeeding or not.


When you personalize a direct mail campaign, it demonstrates to your current and future clients that you are willing to go that extra mile to keep them in the loop. And, as many studies show, people are more likely to remember a flyer or newsletter delivered to their home than they are a quick email delivered to their inbox. Plus, with personalized direct mail campaigns, there’s no chance that your letter will end up in someone’s “Spam” folder.


Low-Cost, High Impact


The majority of small to mid-size businesses simply do not have the money or time to spend on expensive printing and mailing services. As most of us know, printing costs can be exorbitant and orchestrating a mailing campaign is a laborious and time-consuming endeavor. Most businesses do not have the time to spend coordinating targeted mail campaigns.


personalized direct mail campaigns

That’s why we offer direct mail services that are not only cost-effective and efficient, but professional. We ensure that all the marketing material that is sent out on your behalf is of the highest caliber and quality, so that your personalized advertisements, flyers and newsletters never look like “Junk Mail.” With our direct mail services, you’ll be able to get the best return on your investment: not only will you save time and money, but you’ll also get great results, as your attractive and professional looking mail campaign will be sure to attract future customers and build client loyalty.


If you’re wondering how personalizing direct mail campaigns can help reach your target audience, just give us a call. We offer free one-on-one consultations for anyone interested in learning more about the benefits of direct mail campaigns and the services we offer.


Track Your Results


Believe it or not, not everyone uses the Internet. That’s right — not everyone’s on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. While it may seem like using the Internet to advertise one’s business is the way to go, many businesses are actually missing out on a large customer base that has chosen, for one reason or another, to go offline.


If you’re not yet sure who your targeted audience is, direct mail campaigns are actually a great way to find out, as you are able to track responses by using codes that allow you to compare different approaches and different target markets. Personalized direct mail campaigns will help you reach your target audience, as they provide a much more accurate reflection of how your business is being received by the public, and which market or demographic you want to gear your business towards.


Grab Your Customer’s Attention with Handwritten Envelopes

When you are focusing on doing a direct mail campaign, one of the most important things that you need to consider is how effective your campaign will be. You want to stand out; you want to ensure you have as large a response as possible and you want to do it within a budget. Let’s take a look at some ways that we can ensure a more effective campaign.


Adding the personal touch


It is important to connect with a potential consumer from the first moment they receive your mail piece, even before they read your advertisement. One of the ways you can do this is by using handwritten envelopes. They have been proven to increase response rates. There is something about finding a letter in your stack of mail that stands out. For some people, using a colored envelope will assist with this, but many achieve this by using handwritten envelopes. There is an element of nostalgia associated with receiving mail, and even more so with receiving handwritten letters. It adds a personal touch that has been otherwise lost in emails and other forms of advertising.


handwritten envelopes

Interestingly enough, research has shown that the color of ink will also impact this handwritten envelope – using blue ink instead of black seems to garner a greater, more positive response. Blue ink appears to catch the eye and reflects the feeling that it is handwritten rather than machine produced. A third thing to consider, with respect to the handwritten envelope, is the attachment of a stamp rather than a metered stamp. Metered stamps create a very impersonal feeling and are less likely to garner a response at all, ensuring the likelihood of your advertisement ending up in the trash unopened.


How and why?


So, in a nutshell, what is it about the handwritten envelope that garners a greater response? Above, we noted the nostalgia associated with receiving a letter from an old friend; but we can take that one step further by saying it could also produce a feeling of curiosity for many people, about what could be inside. Overall, the personal touch or personal influence elicits a real response when compared to the standard, generic response most people have toward promotional materials – which is ignoring it.


Find a direct mail organization you can count on.


It is so important to find effective ways to grab the attention of your customers – adding a little personal touch to your mail campaign is one way of doing this. Adding print in different colors, using different colored paper, bright images or other personal touches such as handwritten envelopes are just some of the ways to achieve this. It is important to find a direct mail company that can provide you as many options as possible to find the right touch for you and your campaign.


One such company is ours, iti Direct Mail. You will be very pleased with our commitment to handling, printing and mailing your direct mail promotional materials. At iti Direct Mail, we specialize in direct mail services tailored for small to mid-sized companies. We offer a full approach to the direct mail marketing, fundraising, and promotion from printing, customizing, all the way to an effective mailing process. To contact iti Direct Mail, phone us at (866) 558-6365 or send a message via


Direct Mail Marketing Tips For Today’s Mortgage Experts

Direct mail marketing can be used to create a positive relationship between the mortgage expert and the customer. When used correctly, mortgage direct mail marketing can prompt past customers to come back for the same services in the future and also use direct mail to spread the good word about your services by word of mouth to their friends, family, and acquaintances.


mortgage direct mail marketingSince 1999, we at iti Direct Mail have put our full efforts into making direct mail marketing campaigns that recipients will be excited to open and review. Our recipients, who are most often our past customers, do not enjoy receiving junk mail, and this is why we have studied ways to make business’s mail appeal to our recipients. Some reasons to continue sending direct mail for marketing is that it strengthens business relationships, helps experts stand out in the professional world, it’s relatively inexpensive, gets prospects with real names and addresses, and much more.


Strengthening Business Relationships


If you are not taking advantage of direct mail marketing then it is possible that you are missing out on potential opportunities to strengthen current business relationships or build new ones. Most households these days still skim direct mail pieces. Direct mail has been found to be more effective at being an emotional target when compared to emails, which were found to be more often than not, unopened when deleted. Most people enjoy receiving direct mail advertising more than irritating junk email from a retailer. This can be the result of several factors, one may be that direct mail appears more personal to the recipient, while emails do not have the same effect and often do not address the recipient by name. Direct mail marketing is also not limited to letter and envelope methods as it is now acceptable to also use postcards for direct mail marketing. The benefit of this is that postcards are easy to read, eye-catching, and best of all, do not have to be opened.


Tracking Effectiveness


Some have made the case that direct mail marketing could not be tracked. Although this may be true, there is a different, more effective way to ensure recipients are reading your ads. The amount of responses you receive is much more important to the effectiveness of your ads than the amount of views. Adding a customized landing page to each postcard or letter ensures tracking the effectiveness of your mailings. This allows you to track how many people are responding to each mailing. Direct mail does not necessarily have to be opened in order to be effective with customers. It can be a simple mention of a name on the postcard or letter that can stick in their mind.


Targeting the Right Customers


To ensure that you are not wasting any time, work with a mailing list provider, which can help achieve the goal faster. Mailing list providers help build lists based on a number of factors including location, mortgage amount, and credit score data. This type of data helps find the right clientele without wasting time and energy with those who are not interested. So save your time and energy by investing in direct mail marketing to expand your clientele base.


Create an Official Look with a Snap-Pack Mailer

Looking for an effective type of direct marketing? Snap pack mailers are a good way of doing that, and they are a form of communication that will bring you results. In addition, snap pack mailers will be beneficial when you need to send something that is time-sensitive, or important. iti Direct Mail is a leader in direct mail marketing, and we will meet your specific printing needs. That is why we offer innovative strategies like snap pack mailers for you to get your client’s attention.


Generating Profit


First of all, you can use snap packs for many things like sales letters, billing and account Marketingstatements, and pay stubs. Our Snap Pack printing will create direct mail that will generate great results for your company. These snap pack mailers are pressure sealed forms that require the recipient to tear off the edges in order to open it.  They are constructed from a piece of paper which is folded and sealed with glue and are mailed without an envelope. We offer a variety of snap packs that are tailored to meet your direct mail needs and are most commonly used for:

  • Direct mail marketing
  • Accounting jobs; reporting yearly contributions by non-profits
  • Administrative jobs; mailing user information to your subscriber
  • Asking for donations while using two-way forms with built-in remit envelopes

Snap packs come in various sizes, but most of them are 8.5 x 11 or 8.5 x14, but we also offer 4×6 postcard sizes, as well as, 8.5 x14 forms with a built-in return envelope. Furthermore, if you’re looking for self-mailers that are folded and sealed with a wafer seal tab, that is an option as well. The 8.5 x 11 paper is folded and mailed without an envelope. It is sealed with glue on the edges, and the recipient will open the mail piece by taking off the marked side edges. You will have to tear off the right and left side edge, and some of the forms will have a bottom edge to be torn off too. We can print these forms in black and white or color, along with graphics of your choice.


Effective Marketing Tools


Another option is the 8.5 x 14 snap pack, a double postcard that is one sheet of paper 8.5” high by 6” wide paper that is folded in half to make a postcard that is 6” wide by 4.25” high. It is also mailed without an envelope. These snap packs can be printed on both sides and mail-merged on both sides.  These cards are appropriate if you need the recipient to return one of the cards back, for example, as a survey taken by the recipient of the card. Double-sided printing on the snap pack card is also good to use if you want to cover the content printed on the inside. Another option for self-mailers that are folded is that they can be sealed with wafer seal tabs. There are various ways you can deliver these snap packs and the turnaround time is short. These are just some of the ways you can utilize and create snap pack mailers.  Contact us today in order to get started, and you will see how these mailers will boost your business.


Let the Power of Digital Variable Printing Spearhead Your Marketing Campaign

When it comes to printed marketing campaigns, there is nothing that audiences dislike more than an impersonal approach. There’s a reason people call this type of mailing “junk mail”, and a reason that most customers will toss these letters into the trash along with the rest of the junk. Nobody likes to feel that you are just sending them paper masquerading as letters, clogging up their mailbox with material they will never read. That’s where our variable printing services come in. We work with your company to create marketing campaigns that personally reach every potential customer.


Calling Customers by Name


In most situations, calling someone “Hey you!” is considered quite rude. This is one Digital variable printingreason customers tend to throw away letters that are not personally addressed to them. Our variable data printing services help to eliminate this problem. We don’t just put a customer’s name on the envelope; we also make certain to make all communication direct and personal by calling your audience by name in all parts of your campaign. This lets them know that you care enough to find out who they are speaking to, rather than just addressing them as anonymous members of a crowd.


Customized for Individuality


iti Direct Mail marketing can help you to connect on an individual level with your customers in more ways than just showing them that you know their names. Our variable printing services can do more than just change the name on each printed letter in your order. We can alter the entire letter, including its content and design, based on your clientele’s interests, purchase history, recent events and nearly any other parameter you suggest. We want your audience to know that you see them as people, not as numbers, and that you have their individual wants and needs in mind as you craft your campaign. When a customer believes that you care about their interests, they are less likely to toss your marketing letters in the trash.


Putting Your Best Foot Forward


There is more to a customer-business relationship than just showing that you understand your customers. iti Direct Mail can also help you to introduce yourself to your clientele and help them to understand why your products and services are the best on the market. We can help you send your message in an engaging and attractive way to ensure that you come out looking your very best. We offer a wide variety of designs and materials to help you connect with your audience.


Let Us Drive Your Marketing Campaign


When your campaign is based on individuality and direct communication, your success is much more likely than if you simply fire off letters at random. When you let the power of iti Direct Mail’s variable printing services spearhead your direct mailing campaign, you are tapping into a high quality method of sparking your customers’ interests. We can help you to reach your audience’s minds rather than helping them fill their trash cans. Contact us today and see what our variable printing campaigns can do for your business.