Make Your Life Easier With These 10 Tips for Effective Business Cards

Running a business, and marketing it, can be tough. One of the best tools you have to get new clients and to brand your business is your company’s business card. By following these 10 tips for designing effective business cards, you’ll make your life a whole lot easier.

Take your blank business card and turn it into a marketing machine.

Have a clear goal

Your company’s business card conveys multiple messages. You can use it as a quick way to give out your contact information, but it is also an effective marketing tool. Before designing your business card, identify what you want it to achieve.

Include all important information

Business CardDo not make the mistake of leaving out important information. Potential and existing clients want to know all the ways they can contact you. Cover all of your company’s best communication bases, and don’t forget to include social media links.

Include a personal photo

Networking events are one of the best places to hand out your business card. When a lot of people are exchanging contact information, it’s easy to mix up faces with names. If your photo is on it, those who received your business cards will remember you a lot easier.

Use the back of your business card

You want to use all the space available so your card reaches its fullest potential, and this includes not wasting the back of the card.

You can use the back to add extras, such as your photograph, a map to your business, a special offer, or a coupon.

Be creative

If you want your company business card to stand out, put some thought into how you can make it unique. It needs to reflect the perfect combination of your business’s industry and your personality.

Use high quality paper

Sometimes your business card is the first impression people get of you and your business. You don’t want to look unprofessional with low quality paper. As well, sometimes people write identifiers on business cards, and if you use low-quality paper they can’t.

Brand your business

Be clear and concise about what your business does. You can use your tagline or another company slogan or phrase. Make sure your logo is on your business card too. Keep the writing short, simple, and effective—make sure it conveys what you need them to know. Potential clients have to know exactly what your services are.

Proofread your business card

Check for typos and grammar errors; remember that this is your chance to make a first impression—you want it to be a positive one.

Include bragging rights

Don’t be shy about bragging a little about your affiliations and qualifications.

Watch your font size

Stay away from font sizes that are less than 10. You want to make sure people can read it without using a magnifying glass.

If you want your business to reap all the benefits that an effective business card offers, then check out our business card design and print services at iti Direct Mail today.

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Top 5 Tips for Variable Data Printing Will Change Your Direct Marketing Results

How many times have you received or sent out a mailer that reads something like this:

Dear Customer,

To us you are a valued customer; we would like to invite you to come into our store for a massive 15% off sale.

What’s wrong with this? Well, your customer hears “Come to our store and spend money.” It is more about your business rather than the needs of the customer. This is a generic mass mailer, and your customers can see right through it. Also, it is not very effective in increasing sales. Using our variable data printing services can make your marketing a little more personal and a lot more effective.

Personalizing communication with your customers

Customers are more likely to pay attention to a mailer when it is personalized and speaks to them by name. You should also use a very warm and welcoming tone in your communication with your customers; avoid being overly business-like.

Change the focus from “us” to “you”

It may be a wise idea to re-write your message and change the focus from “us” to “you.” This will show the customer that you focus on meeting the needs of your customers, instead of just focused on your own goals and needs.

Build a relationship with your customer

If you have a method to track customer purchases, this is an effective way to help to Variable Data Printingbuild a relationship with your customer—and to get to know their needs. Imagine if you send a mailer reminding a customer of an item that they might need, along with a coupon. This would increase the chances that the customer will actually come into your business.

Now that we have discussed how to create personalized wording for your mailer, here is an example of the improved wording of an effective mailer.

Dear John (Stating the customer’s name is a must),

As an extremely valued customer, we wanted to let you know about your opportunity to save a huge 20% off for those leather boots that you will need for the fall season. We would be pleased to help you find the perfect boots to fit your needs. We invite you into the store for a personal consultation with one of our stylists. We hope to see you soon.

There is a huge difference between the first example presented and this improved version. It is more personalized, warm, and is more likely to attract a customer into a business.

Relevant images

If you are putting so much effort into the correct wording of your mailer, make sure you pay attention to images as well. Ensure that the images you put on the mailer are matched with the words and message. If we use the example above, you would want to put pictures of boots, not random images.

Have a polished and professional design

Your mailer will give your customer an impression of your business. It is important that the graphics, layout, and fonts for the writing are all up to par and are professional enough to impress your customers and ensure that they come into your business.

For more information about our variable data printing solutions, please call us at (866) 558-6365 or visit our website at iti Direct Mail ( ) today.

Importance of a Good Business Card Design for Businesses

Business Cards. You can make them out of paper, or, to be creative, you can make them out of wood, metal or plastic; but that’s probably overkill. What matters is an eye-catching design, perhaps a memorable slogan, and that it conveys the image of your business that you want to put in your client’s mind. We at iti Direct Mail believe that a good quality, traditional paper business card says it best for most businesses with perhaps a little something exciting to give it some staying power.

First impressions

You are not just giving out contact information when you give a business card to business card designsomeone. You are giving them a first impression. Unlike first impressions, a business card is not gone in a fleeting memory. At least you hope it won’t be. At iti Direct Mail we can help you find a business card that will stand up for your business; having a good business card design is essential.

Quality matters

The first thing you need is a good quality card. Professionally printed cards, on good quality paper, are not that expensive. The first impression that you send should not be ‘slapdash’, ‘cheap’, ‘in a hurry’, or ‘ordinary’. And, it most definitely should not be ‘temporary’.

Creativity counts

A good design is eye-catching, creative and memorable, and it is reflective of your personality and that of your business. And, be assured that our professional designers at iti Direct Mail will not design a boring business card. You don’t want to have a design that does not reflect the type of business that you do, because then you will give the wrong impression.

We still need business cards

Nowadays, smartphones may be able to exchange contact information, but as people, we are not there yet. A business card is still important in the digital age. As people, we are tangible. We want something in our hand to see and feel. It makes a greater impression. Phones or computers can exchange information that the human user never sees. We may know it is there, but we do not connect to it. Handing out a business card lets people connect to you.

A powerful tool

Business cards are inexpensive but powerful marketing tools. Just having one is essential. It provides people with the necessary information to remember you and contact you. But, it does more than that. It sends an unconscious message. The fonts you choose, the colors, the graphics: they all say something to the receiver. Make sure that you have a well-designed card where the designer has put conscious thought into that what that message says. At iti Direct Mail, we have people who can help you with that. Call us, and don’t leave your first impression to chance.

5 Common Mistakes when Designing for Print

When designing your ad, brochure, poster or any other print materials, you, of course, want the outcome to be perfect. You put the effort into writing the most gripping and original content. You put this content together with attractive and unique imagery. You add all the pertinent contact information. You look the design over, very happy and proud, and send it off to the publisher. Sometime later, you pick up a product that looks so different from your idea that you cannot imagine why. If you are extra ‘lucky’, there is also a glaring typographical mistake on the very first line. Has something like this happened to you before? At iti Direct Mail, we have been working in the field for many years and have seen many examples of the bad, the worse, and the ugly when it comes to common mistakes when designing for print. Here is a brief rundown some of them.

Not designing for print in the first place

As simple as this may sound, we still see clients repeatedly trying to use something that was designed for electronic distribution or for the web as the basis of the print design. This never works, and it should be avoided at all cost. Redesigning something is expensive, time-consuming and unoriginal—aim for your print materials to be actually made for print in the first place.

Proofing means proofing well

The last thing you want is to have a misspelled name or other error multiplied several times. If you make a mistake in your print design, once the product is finished there is no going back and no ‘undo’ button. Take the time and put in the effort into ensuring that no such story happens to you.

Not using the right colors

From insisting on using RGB colors instead of CMYK colors to ignoring the simple fact that Photoshop’s colors are not exactly as what would come out in print form, we have seen many examples of print design problems over the years. Make sure that you understand the difference and ensure that you use the colors that your printers can accommodate.

Resolution is key

What can easily work on the web will look blurry in print. Aim for at least 300 DPI guarantee that there is no pixilation and the quality is attractive to the readers. If you are unsure of how to change the resolution, make sure to ask a design professional.

The bleed is not as horrible as it sounds

If you are designing for print, do remember to leave some extra space covered with the colors that you need outside of the main print area. This way, you will avoid white space should the print be only a millimeter off from the desired position.

Avoiding the above-mentioned points will not resolve all problems, but will definitely be a good start. If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact our expert team at iti Direct Mail. We look forward to working with you!


Seven Steps to Making Your Print Advertising Effective

Print advertising continues to be an important marketing tool in the hands of those who know how to use it. If print advertising were not as important today as it was ten or more years ago, we would not be seeing so much of it on a daily basis. However, as many newspapers, journals and other publications have gone online and sometimes scrapped their paper versions altogether, the competition for spaces is sometimes quite big, and grasping people’s attention is many times more difficult today than ever before.

All of this, of course, means that you need to be much more effective in your print advertising—in other words, don’t beat around the bush and get right to the point. But how can that be achieved? Based on our experience here at iti Direct Mail, there are seven steps you should keep in mind when creating your ad.

Step one: photos come first

In today’s world of extremely high visuality, it is difficult to get people to read long segments of text. Moreover, it has been shown in a number of studies that the visual material often attracts the readers so much that they may remain oblivious to the text above it – thus one piece of advice we can provide is to be careful with the way you choose and position the image in the advertisement.

Step two: make it easy to read

Ensure that there is a natural flow to your print advertising—and that nothing prevents your readers from going all the way from the beginning to the end. Unnecessarily complex grammar structures and divider graphic elements are just some of the things to avoid.

Step three: do not be over-zealous

Yes, the purpose of the ad is to encourage people to buy your product or service, but do not be too direct about it. For one thing, don’t start with your company name – that’s not what is important to start with. Get the reader interested first.

Step four: create lots of white space

This advice is pretty straightforward and goes hand in hand with Step Two. You want people to have no difficulty reading your ad.

Step five: create even more white space

When you think you’ve left enough white space, add some more instead of adding a few more words. Be concise and to the point – do not give all the answers in the ad.

Step six: don’t forget about contact information

After the ‘wow’ factor sentence, all that needs to be in the ad is information on how prospective clients can reach you. Be diverse – give your phone number, email, website and physical address. If you are advertising something hi-tech, consider a Twitter handle as well.

Step seven: get the ad proofed

This may sound obvious, but simply re-reading what you’ve just created yourself leaves you prone to leaving glaring mistakes and typos undetected. Don’t let that happen to you – ask someone to read it for you.

Following these seven simple recommendations will drastically improve the efficiency of your print ad. Try it for yourself and see. If you have any questions – give our expert team a call!

30 Most Important Tips for Print Marketing

Print marketing campaigns can be expensive, but effective. Marketing can be very interesting and multifaceted. It involves gathering information, understanding your business, and knowing the most effective ways to reach your demographic. To make sure that your business will get the most return for its investment, we will provide you with some tips to create the most effective print marketing campaign possible.

Know your audience

When it comes to print marketing, it is important to know your audience, which means you have to:

1.    Decide on the type of customer you are targeting before you begin brainstorming ideas.

2.    Conduct a market research or focus groups before you create your marketing campaign.

30-Most-Important-Tips-For-Print-Marketing3.    Create a cohesive and effective message to your targeted customer base.

4.    Speak to your target customer on a personal level.

5.    Incite a feeling or emotion in your customer; people will remember how an ad made them feel.

6.    Invite your potential customer to interact with you.

Hints to save money

Even though print marketing can get expensive, there are some simple tips you can follow to help your business save a few bucks:

7.    Know your budget up front so costs do not spin out of control.

8.    Use some of the software out there that is designed to create professional looking print marketing without the cost of a designer (if you need to control costs).

9.    Focus your marketing on your own city or a narrow geographic area.

Hints to make your campaign look sharp

No matter what audience you are trying to reach (and no matter what your budget) these tips will help you create an attractive campaign:

10.    Obtain a copywriter’s services to make sure the writing is perfect. They will make sure that the language and format of the writing is correct.

11.    Hire a graphic designer to create the graphics. They will determine the best layout for your advertisement.

12.    Have a strong, memorable, eye-catching and appropriate image.

13.    Choose an attractive font.

14.    Decide on a complimenting color scheme.

15.    Have a clever tagline.

16.    Make your customer curious about your business.

Your goal is to drive sales

The aim of print marketing is to boost your sales, so to encourage people to come try your product or service you can:

17.    Offer a free gift.

18.    Give the customer an irresistible price or offer.

19.    Show how you can solve a potential customer’s problem.

20.    Communicate how your business is unique.

21.    Provide ads that show the product being used (these are far more effective than just showing the product alone).

Don’t forget technology

In today’s world, the more technology you used, the more you get noticed, which means you should:

22.    Include a website address in your print marketing.

23.    Include information for potential customers to connect with your business via social media.

24.    Using QR codes on print marketing to connect smart phone users to your website.

Ensure you don’t make customers turn away from your business

Make sure your print marketing isn’t too overwhelming or overbearing.

25.    Don’t overwhelm your customer while advertising your business.

26.    It may seem counterintuitive, but using overt humor is not effective.

27.    Avoid using jargon or overly technical language.

Are you considering running an ad in the newspaper?

And make sure your ads are accessible to your demographic—even in a newspaper, the aesthetics of the ad are key.

28.    Full page ads are far more effective than half page or three quarter page ads.

29.    Banner ads on the front page of a section are better than banner ads inside of a section.

30.    Ads in a vertical format catch the eye more than those in horizontal format.

Advertising is still the most common way to reach potential customers—and to communicate the products and services that your business has to offer. The advice and tips offered can set your advertising up for success, and, if you make an effective print marketing campaign, it can directly impact your bottom line and bring in sales for your business.  But, don’t just take our word for it.  Contact us today, so we can show you the benefits your business could be receiving through print marketing.

How to Promote Your Event with Postcards

Many people choose postcards to display the beauty of a country they are currently visiting. This is what postcards are traditionally used for, and they show off the beauty of many aspects of our world. However, postcards can also be a great way to market your products and services. Here at iti Direct Mail, we can provide you with postcard designing and printing services to promote your next event. We offer a simple approach to direct mail marketing services, and we can save you time and money by using our exemplary printing services. We can help promote an event to existing clients, past clients, or potential clients from small to mid-size companies—and we can make it efficient, too.

How to promote


First of all, having a strong design can make all the difference in making people notice your business.  It will not only grab the attention of your client, but it will also maintain it.

We recommend using large cards that are about 8.5 x 5.5, 6×9 or 6 x11 in size. Larger cards tend to get a better response than smaller cards, and you should also use bulk or standard class postage. They are not time sensitive and the postage is the same for all the three larger sized postcards.

Moreover, a single sided UV coating will give your colors a richer look, and will make them look professional. The fact that there is no envelope being used leaves no risk of leaving the postcard unopened, and the client will see the name of your company and the event you are trying to promote.

Reaching your audience

In addition, there is a broad range of size choices that will tailor to your business’s message and budget in order to convey your message. If you decide to mail your postcards, they will help reach the audience you are trying to target.  They are also one of the most popular marketing tools that are displayed in a retail environment.

Postcards can be a great takeaway when a customer purchases a product in order to market your event. It will also give the customer information on your event. Postcards can be great as souvenirs for people who attend the event, or even just to mail out.

Postcards can be printed on one side of the page, or they can be double-sided.  They come in a variety of heavier substrates, and the different coating choices and optional rounded corners will add to your unique style to impress your target audience.

Another very effective marketing method is adding a QR code to your design directly to additional online information.  This is an effective way of providing more detail than you would have room for on a postcard. A QR code can link to an online message without the need to reprint the QR code. This has the ability to attract the attention of your clients so they can learn more about the background of your event.

You will be impressed by our approach to direct mail and marketing services. Our printed envelopes and letters look professional. The postcards are effective, personalized, and will generate results.  We, iti Direct Mail have over eleven years of experience, so contact us today or give us a call at 866-558-6365 for more information on smart marketing.

How to Create an Effective Advertisement for Your Small Business

As a small business, you may not have the budget to pay for a major advertising campaign, so you need to make the image and every word in an advertisement count. Here we explore how to create an effective advertisement for your small business.

1.    Be memorable

Making your advertisement memorable will encourage customers to think of your business when they next need to purchase that product or service—and even when they don’t. A memorable advertisement can include a memorable image or catchy tagline, or can use tactics like repetition, humor or exigency (e.g. Buy insurance before you lose everything in a fire).

2.    Define your target audience

Think about who would want or need to use your products or services. Now describe this ideal audience, listing their age group, where they live, their lifestyles, whether they are retired or not, if this is likely to be a hobby for them (special interest audience) and how much disposable income they have to spend.

3.    Tailor your advertisement to that audience

How to Create an Effective-Adverti-sementfor-Your-Small-BusinessYou know your ideal audience; now find a way to make this audience realize that they want or need what your business offers. Will the product/service make them feel better (and if so, how)? Does it meet a particular need they have? What pain or frustration does having this product or getting this service address for them? Finally, what appeals to you most about the product/service?

How receptive your audience is to your message also depends on how you approach it. Young adults may be more motivated to buy something when humor, trendiness, or peer pressure is used. Kids need lots of stimulus (color, imagery, sound) to get their attention. Discerning adults appreciate quality, sophisticated humor and value. What will make your ideal audience respond to your ad?

The answers to these questions will help you connect your ideal audience to your product/service—and form the basis for your ad.

4.    Highlight what makes your product/service different

Can they buy products or get services like yours elsewhere? To finish off your ad, you may need to define what gives your product or service the edge.

5.    Decide when to advertise

Remember to advertise your products or services when customers are most likely to look for them. For instance, if you’re promoting a lawn mower, advertise in the spring since this is when most people are starting to think about fixing up their yards for the summer.

6.    Include key information

Make sure you have included all the information the customer needs to access your product/service; e.g., your business location, phone number and/or website. In addition, include a name or code that customers should quote when they contact you and see if sales spike after the ad. Tracking sales before, during, and after enables you to see how effective your advertisement has been.

When thinking about how to advertise, consider using our variable printing services which allows you to create a highly personalized—and therefore more effective—advertisement that changes key content (text and images) to suit each recipient’s situation. With our free professionally designed templates and minimum printing orders as low as 50 pieces, these services provide great value for money along with a professional output.

What to Expect from Your Printing Company

We at iti Direct mail are here to help make you and your business look good. We are dedicated to providing you with the help, advice, and expertise that you need for all your projects. It’s the least you should expect from a printing company, and it’s a good reason for going professional rather than trying to stay in-house for your printing needs.

When it comes to letter printing, you have more options than you might think

As a printing company, we are able to offer you a variety of printing styles, fonts, paper Letter Printingdesigns, and paper weights appropriate for the job you need. Having a choice of colors and sizes are in styles and papers can make your printouts look original enough to stand out from the crowd. The available options will bring you a design that is both professional and original, so it makes a good first impression.

Professional service printing

We will also be able to get things done more quickly than you can alone, and using a printing service like ours will provide you with access to high quality design materials for your project, too. We have up-to-date and powerful printing equipment that can give any project that professional touch. Further, we have the ingenuity and design skills to make your projects really stand out.

Professional advice from professional printers

We at iti Direct Mail are here to provide you with advice on the best ways to be noticed, too. One piece of advice that every business should know is that print marketing is an essential advertising tool. The costs of direct mail or delivery may seem high, but don’t try to lessen your costs in the design aspect. If you do, you will not make the positive first impression that you are paying for. Let us help you. With our knowledge and experience, we can help you out with the things you don’t know about the direct mail and printing business.

Lists and Databases

We can help you with your direct mailings, too. We have lists and databases that will include the customers that you want to find—or rather, the customers you want to be able to help find you.

Full-service support

We at iti Direct Mail will be able to do multiple different jobs for you. Designing, printing, packing, labeling, and mailing letters, postcards, and labels are all available, among other things.

Keeping the costs low to minimum

We can also provide you with advice on how to keep the costs low on your projects. There are many options available when it comes to printing that can help you keep the cost down without affecting the professional appearance of your project.

A pleasure to work with

This goes without saying. We want you to have a good experience when it comes to all of your printing needs; but we believe in providing you with more than just good service. We want to make your printing experience as easy, convenient, and stress-free as possible so you can focus on your project—not on how it will be printed. Excellent customer support and staff members you can talk to are an essential part of our business.

iti Direct Mail is dedicated to providing you with all of these important features throughout your printing project. We can make sure that your mail-outs are original, eye-catching, and professional so you can get a good response back from your future clients. When you want to make a good impression, don’t take chances. Call us instead.


Using Direct Mail for a New Product Launch: The Basics

One would think that today, in the increasingly confusing world of e-commerce, web portals, scan codes, smartphones, tablet computers, email money transfers, and the like, it’s ridiculous to even consider using direct mail services for a new product launch or to stay in close contact with your existing customer base. After all, the early years of the Internet held the promise of extremely high speeds of information delivery, personal and financial data security, the ability to individualize every message you send out, and very low operating costs for marketing. To say that the situation proved to be much more complex than expected would be an understatement. Online marketing has proven to be a difficult and unpredictable game in its own right; it has entered all the spheres of business, but it was not ever meant to be the universal solution.

Why not emails?

One of the elements of marketing through electronic media that used to have a lot of DirectMail Servicestraction is the email. When email marketing first appeared, many people were instantly in love with the technology, and there seemed to be a good reason: quick, painless, some personalization, and a vast magnitude of delivery. Very quickly, however, these bright benefits faded away in the face of other “features” of emails: scam artists, phishing attempts, junk mail folders, viruses, and malware.

Sending out the best possible email to a current or potential customer has become akin to throwing business cards off the roof of a building in the vague hopes that at least some of them will end up in people’s pockets instead of in the hands of identity theft criminals and/or garbage bins. Using direct mail for a new product launch is currently making an impressive comeback for all the right reasons—it’s affordable, reliable, has stood the test of time, and is actually the preferred method for an impressive number of people.

Where does your company come in?

iti Direct Mail is your first choice for top quality professional direct mail services. An increasing number of businesses approach us with questions about using direct mail for a new product launch, staying in touch with their customer base, trying out this approach for a unique marketing campaign, and creating a completely personalized letter, brochure, invitation or post card.

The problems that the Internet and other electronic media now present (instead of being the welcome solution) are manifold and complex, which pushes people away from telemarketing, television, emails, and web advertising. The trust levels associated with traditional mail have always been visibly higher, which noticeably transfers into more conversions and, thus, greater revenues for those that do not forget about the sure-fire routes while exploring the world of new technology.

The iti Direct Mail team is here to explain the details about how direct mail marketing can move your business in directions and at speeds never before imagined. Our direct mail professionals will patiently and diligently walk you through the steps that are required to set up a successful direct mail campaign. We look forward to hearing from you!