Why You Should Be Thinking about Print and Mail Services

Advertising is, by far, the most important aspect of any business’s success—especially nowadays, when the success of your business isn’t limited to the number of clients that exists in proximity to your location.  Today, you can get almost anything online and delivered to your door—and most of your potential customers are doing so.  Even if you offer services rather than products, your competition isn’t just in your backyard; it’s global.  In order to succeed, you need to create a positive image for yourself—a reputation that extends beyond word of mouth—and you need to do it quickly.  Fortunately, print and mail services can help.

What can print and mail services do for you?

The biggest thing you can do for your business involves getting your name out there—and, unfortunately, that’s actually a lot harder than it sounds.  Nowadays, your potential clients are being inundated by advertisements: they are on billboards, bus shelters, online, on TV, on the radio, and even in their email inboxes.  Your advertisements need to be different.  You need your potential clients to notice your business’s marketing techniques, which means you don’t want your marketing strategies to blur into the slurry of background advertising noise your clients are ignoring.  You need to deliver your business’s name right to your clients’ doors—and that’s where print and mail services can help.mail services-min

What kinds of print and mail services are there?

Print and mail services take your business—its name, its reputation, its values, and everything it offers—right to your clients’ doorstep.  It is the best way to get yourself noticed, and print and mail services offer a variety of different formats so you can make sure your business is making the impression it should.

Here are a few of the formats print and mail services allow you to design:

  • Letters allow you to address your future clients in a professional, but also a personalized manner. You can tell your clients a lot more about what you are offering and why they need those services, which goes a long way towards getting you noticed, and it also gives your business credibility.
  • Yellow Letters stand out even more, and they add an even more personalized touch since you can use handwritten fonts to get your information across.
  • Flyers allow you to advertise various products and specials using bright colors and compelling images of the products you are offering. They work like a catalogue to remind people of the things they need, and you will benefit your business even more when you are offering your products at better deals than your competitors.
  • Brochures and Newsletters provide images and write-ups to catch your clients’ attention visually while also providing information about the services you offer—and why they need them.
  • Snap Packs provide a more secure—and interactive—mail-out format.
  • Postcards are fun and interactive mail-outs that allow you to advertise your products, services, and special events in a manner that is sure to grab your potential client’s attention.

If you are looking for a marketing campaign that will make a definitive difference in the success of your business, contact us at iti Direct Mail and learn more about print and mail services today.

Advantages of Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing

A mortgage is a major part of many people’s financial lives. When your company has a way to make people’s mortgages easier to deal with, it’s important that you let them know the benefits of starting a business relationship with you! One of the most efficient ways to communicate with your potential clients is to initiate contact directly via a physical letter mailed to their place of residence. But, just because your letter automatically dodges being put into the trash right away, doesn’t mean they’re going to read it. Here are some ways that iti Direct Mail can help you to avoid your customers’ real life ‘junk mail folder,’ also known as the garbage can.

People Judge Books by Their Covers

The adage says not to judge a book by its cover, but people do it all the time. The same goes for mortgage direct mail marketing ( http://www.letterprinting.net/store/pc/Mortgage-Insurance-Direct-Mail-Marketing-d57.htm ). When people find letters in their mailbox that look generic, impersonal and unrelated to their interests, they rarely bother to open them before relegating it to the Circular File (again, the dreaded garbage can). At iti Direct Mail, we know that before your potential client even begins to read your message, their attention needs to be caught in a positive and engaging way. We have devoted a considerable amount of time to learning what grabs customers’ attention and makes them want to read more.direct mailmarketing-min

Direct Mail

People instinctively know when the letter they have received is identical to letters sent to hundreds of their neighbors. They know that people who send this mail don’t have their individual needs in mind, and they’re certainly not about to trust them with something as sensitive as a mortgage. iti Direct Mail knows the importance of personalization beyond just knowing your customer’s name. We can personalize everything about your message, from stationary to background images to the font used on the envelope or postcard. We won’t let your message be mistaken for mass advertising.

The Smallest Details Count

So, how does iti Direct Mail send your message to a large number of potential clients without losing the personal touch? We start with quality materials. Beautiful postcards and colorful printed envelopes let people know that they are worth using quality materials, not cheap bulk stock, to advertise their products and services to. We choose fonts that resemble handwriting too. In fact, we can convert your own handwriting into a font for you! We tailor the images on our mailing to match a customer’s interests, and can even add custom Post-It notes to your mail. Customers notice the small details, so we make sure they’re worth noticing.

Let Us Open Doors for You

When it comes to mortgages, you know what works. At iti Direct Mail, we are the best at getting people to listen to your mortgage expertise! Our job is not only to get your mail into your customers’ hands, but to get your message into their minds and your influence into their mortgage decisions. Check out our products and services and see what we can do for you!

Why You Should be Hand Addressing Your Envelopes

If you are a company that uses direct mailers to connect with your potential and current customers, you should definitely be hand addressing the envelopes in which your flyers or messages are sent. This small detail can make the difference between your piece of mail being opened and it ending up in the garbage bin! Prevent this by catching their attention, making your mail look personalized and from someone your receiver knows; your addresses will also be clean and legible and save your company time if you choose a professional to do it for you.

Hand Addressed Envelopes Catch the Receivers Attention

People receive a lot of mail, and a lot of it is junk mail that is filled with graphics, trying tohand addressing-min get your attention. People have become desensitized to this type of invasive mail-out marketing. Most people take this mail and throw it in the trash or recycling. You don’t want your marketing efforts to end up there! It has a good probability of catching your prospect’s attention more by directly sending them a hand addressed envelope.

Hand Addressed Envelopes Looks Personalized 

The reason why these envelopes catch the receiver’s attention is because they look personalized. They look like someone took the time and effort to write their address on the front of the envelope and therefore they should take the time to open it and read what’s inside. This personal touch makes people feel special, and makes them more likely to engage with your business when they read about the special offer or promotion you are having.

Hand Addressed Envelopes Feel like they Come from a Friend or Acquaintance

How many pieces of mail do we actually get from friends and acquaintances these days? We have become so accustomed to receiving text messages and e-mails that when we see a hand addressed envelope we think for a moment that it is from someone we know and want to hear from. This is a subtle psychology that leads to the increased opening rate of these hand addressed envelopes.

Hand Addressed Envelopes are Neat and Legible

One downfall of hand addressing your direct mailer envelopes on your own is that they may not end up being written clearly and accurately. A professional knows their business and will ensure that your addresses are neatly written in an appropriate font and that all of the addresses are correct. This ensures that all of your prospects will receive the mailer.

Hand Addressed Envelopes Save Your Company Time

You may be thinking that “hand addressing” sounds great, but I don’t have the time for that!” We understand you have a business to run and your employees are busy too. You don’t have to worry about finding the time when you hire a company to have your envelopes professionally hand written.

Contact iti Direct Mail at (866) 559-6365 to have your direct mailer marketing materials hand addressed. We can achieve truly amazing open-rates that will improve your marketing efforts and sales. If you are looking for unique marketing solutions, consider us!

8 Tips for a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Direct mail fundraising is all about helping non-profit organizations get the money they need so they can help the people who need it.  For this to happen there needs to be a connection between the donor and the recipients.

If you are using direct mail fundraising, here are some tips that may help you have an even greater successful campaign.

Tips for Direct Mail Fundraising Success

  1. Ask Readers to Give Money to Help: People give money to help other people; they don’t give money to build things. Make sure your direct mail links these two groups together so the donors know exactly whom they’re helping.
  1. Be Specific: When donors give money, they want to know whom their money is going to, and it’s up to you to make sure they know this.
  1. Allow Donors to Identify with Whom They’re Helping: Your requestdirect mail for money needs to create an emotional connection between recipients and donors. Let them know who benefited from last year’s donations, and what you intend to do this year with the money you receive from the campaign.
  1. Tell a Story: Everyone loves a “based on actual events” story. So when you’re planning your marketing material, remove all the bureaucracy and focus on your cause and effect. Speak with volunteers or program staff and listen to their frontline stories, then use them in your direct mail fundraising materials.
  1. Give Donor’s a Choice: Allow them to choose how and what to give. For example, give them the option of a money donation, or to buy a gift with the money with all or part of the proceeds going to the recipients of your non-profit organization. Give donor’s an option to pay online, or attend an event in person and donate.
  1. Use Deadline’s when you Can: Giving would-be donor’s a deadline is a great way to engage action, because it defers procrastination. Sprinkle the deadline throughout your direct marketing campaign – but don’t be pushy. People don’t like to feel as though they’re being forced to do something.
  1. Measure and Test Your Direct Mail Fundraising Efforts: Measure what type of mailings are successful over others, such as survey type mailings compared to straight fundraising, as we have discussed here. As well, you need to test your letters on a certain number of prospects that you randomly select from a list. If it turns out to be profitable with one group, it will probably be successful with a larger group. You don’t want to put all your efforts into one mailing.
  1. Use Your Direct Mail Fundraising Campaign to Inform: You can effectively inform existing donors about news and events as you engage new donors too. Make sure your marketing campaign is broad enough to target both groups.

At iti Direct Mail, our focus is on quality and affordability. We know how important your direct mail fundraising campaign is to your organization and those you serve. We are your one-stop shop and allow you to complete your marketing campaign from one location. To find out how we can plan, design, print and produce your material for you, check out our services on our website and contact us.

6 Tips to Generate New Leads with Personalized Direct Mail

As a business owner you need new customers but you might not know how and where to find them. Below we are going to talk about how you can generate new leads with customized direct mail. You will see that this marketing strategy can simplify how you generate and convert leads into new customers.

Direct mail marketing is one of the oldest and established ways of marketing, and its roots started long before the internet. Many businesses have prospered using this technique and it has proven itself to be an ideal fit for internet marketing and email campaigns. There is no other kind of direct marketing that targets potential customers as easily as personalized direct mail.

What is Personalized Direct Mail Marketing?direct mail

Personalized direct mail marketing is the ideal way to get your businesses brand into the hands of customers looking for the products and services your business offers.

Below are 6 tips on how you can generate new leads with personalized direct mail.

  1. Understand Your Ideal Client or Customer

For any marketing campaign, knowing your target customer is the key. Know their basic demographics, such as age, sex, and family situation, however, you also need to know their shopping habits, values, lifestyle, and level of media and marketing access.  You need to understand these factors to assess the best way to communicate with them.

  1. Target Your Ideal Client or Customer

Once you know what they’re about, you can use this knowledge to create a list of targeted potential customers.  In the past, direct marketing was intended for the masses – a ‘try to reach as many people as you can’ type of attitude – however, the cost of mailing was getting expensive. So marketers had to change this system.

  1. Choose a Type of Mailing List

You want to ensure that you direct your campaign to your most valuable potential customers. Be careful while analyzing and selecting the list that will bring you the most success.  Generally, there are three types:  a specialty list for your target market, custom list to select consumers that meet specific needs, or a cloned mailing list to find consumers who are similar to your ideal customer.

  1. Personalize It

More people will likely read unrequested communication when it’s personalized. Think about when you have replied to direct mail and what it was that got you to read it. More than likely, the mail offering was ultra-focused on some area of your life.

  1. Make it Something to Remember

Make your personalized direct mail high-quality and enticing so they will remember it, and share it.

  1. Create Your Direct Mail

Once you have your mailing list ready, it’s time to create your message. Remember that the mail will be delivering a special message from your business to someone’s home; so make sure it’s high-quality.

At iti Direct Mail, we are experts at generating new leads with personalized direct mail, and we are affordable so you get a high return on your investment. To find out more, or to speak with one of our specialists you can visit our website at itidirectmail.com




Create Newsletters for Spreading the Word about Your Business

Businesses are everywhere, offering every product imaginable, but why is it that only a select few seem to get the majority of consumers? The easiest answer is- how they market their business. Keep reading to find out how to create newsletters for spreading the word about your business, so that you can be most preferred among your consumers.

Competition is unyielding, and to market your business the best you need to communicate with your ideal market – make contact and then keep a conversation going to build excitement about your offerings. The good news is that even if you don’t have a huge marketing budget or a complete understanding of how to market your business, you can take advantage of creating a high quality and engaging newsletter.

Why Have a Newsletter?

A newsletter establishes your credibility and expertise in your industry. Yonewsletteru can let consumers know what makes you different than your competitors. So the first thing you need to do is compile a list of things that make you unique and why they should do business with you.

Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Newsletter

  1. What value do you bring compared to other similar businesses? Do you offer free-delivery? Do you offer special tricks of the trade that other related businesses don’t offer?
  2. Why are you qualified to sell your products or services? Are you an interior decorator with a knack for designing small spaces or extravagant homes?
  3. Why do you do what you do? Consumers love to connect with the why of what you do, more than what you actually do.

Build a Connection with a Newsletter

If you haven’t harnessed the power of a newsletter yet, now is the perfect time to start. It sounds like a no brainer, but the connection doesn’t always come easily. In order to get the word out about your business, people have to know about your business. Not just your products and services – but your values as well.

Your Newsletter is Your Platform and Mouth Piece

With a business newsletter you can adopt a combination of strategies that will effectively communicate your business with your target audience. You can offer specials or promotions, get the word out about new products, and share anything you that you think they should know about your business– the opportunities are endless with a newsletter.

Keep it Real.

Make sure that your newsletter is not just about sales.. Make a portion of the content personal and share beliefs that you know are important to potential customers. Share something that will make your business stand out to them.

Don’t Forget Graphics

Include eye-catching graphics in your newsletter that complement the content.  A powerful message with a powerful image doubles the impact of your newsletter on readers.

Bottom of Form

Now that you know how to create newsletters for spreading the word about your business, are you ready to get started? At iti Direct Mail, we specialize in creating high quality, eye-catching newsletters, at affordable rates. To find out more, or to speak with one of our specialists you can visit our website.





6 Tips for More Effective Direct Mail Fundraising

Mail marketing is an important part of any company’s awareness campaign. Whether you’re targeting membership, stakeholders, partners, potential sponsors, consumers, or donors, your campaign needs to be effective. In order to be deemed effective, you need to grab the attention of your audience and keep them engaged. This can be done in a number of different ways, and with a quality direct mail marketing firm, you’ll be able to create a successful direct mail fundraising campaign that will help achieve your company’s goals.

How can I create a successful direct mail marketing campaign?

There are a number of ways to ensure that your direct mail marketing campaign is successful, but here are a couple of key tips to really make your materials shine.

  1. Target your audience with personalized mail.

    One way to ensure that your audience is being engaged is to use personalized direct mail to target specific people or companies. You should always create your direct mailmail pieces based on themes and ideas that your audience will be interested in. The more it is personalized, the less likely they will be to toss away your advertisement before even reading what you have to say.

  2. Tell a story

    Not just any story—your company’s story. Make sure the people who are receiving your mail- your donors- can see exactly where they have been able to help your company succeed. Everyone likes donating to a worthy cause, but it’s always an added bonus when they are able to see where their dollars are going. Not only will this please your donors, but it will keep them coming back to donate time and time again.

  3. Include a call to action.

    Don’t just provide information or use it as a promotional tool, make sure you’re telling your recipients what you want them to do. Do you want them to donate? Then ask them. Make it extremely clear.

  4. Track your data.

    If your campaign is centered on getting donations from people, make sure you’re tracking how many donations come in and what prompted it. By tracking these numbers, you can see just how successful your campaign actually was and use that as a guide for your next campaign to either improve it or keep it just the same.

  5. Send personalized thank-you notes.

    Another crucial part of any campaign is appreciating when donors have made donations to your cause. Don’t keep sending out requests for donations, make sure you’re also sending personalized thank-you notes to those donors so that they know they are appreciated. This will keep them coming back and donating again.

  6. Employ a quality direct mail marketing company.

    Your mail marketing campaign can benefit greatly from an experienced mail marketing company. They will be able to help you with best practices and show you effective ways to ramp up your marketing campaign.

If you require assistance with your mail marketing campaign, or want some more information about direct mail marketing techniques, contact iti Direct Mail today. We’ll be able to help you out with any of your direct mail needs!

Top Trends in Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing

People may not like all the advertising that they are privy to each day, including direct mail, but there is no doubt that it serves a purpose. Without advertising, how would people know about the new products and services that are available?

In today’s market, with the speed at which things change and new opportunities become available, if people don’t keep up, they will miss out. Direct mail marketing is an excellent way of getting your name on people’s minds. Mortgage direct mail marketing performs such a service because people don’t always know all the options available to them, especially with mortgages.


The challenge with direct mail marketing is that you cannot always guarantee that the mail will be opened. When there is too much of it, the recipient barely glances at it before sending it into the recycle bin. How can you make sure your letter will be read? There are some new top trends in mortgage direct mail marketing that are definitely improving the eyes-to-letter ratio.

People love mailDirect mail marketing

Junk mail aside, people do love to get mail. Making your mail look more like a personal letter than a flyer is a big factor in having attention given to your mail
. Unaddressed mail, or mail addressed “to the Occupant” is not very personal and shows that no care at all went into the mailing. It’s not surprising that those end up in the trash. But a letter that is addressed to a specific person at a house on a topic that is currently relevant to them is something that will be noticed. Direct mail marketing campaigns should have a target audience who will be interested in the mortgage information you are sending.

Make it personal

Part of the trend towards making the mail look personal is to pay attention to the small details. Handwritten fonts that are printed in a color of ink, that is not black, make the letter warm and friendly and are more likely to be noticed and opened. Build curiosity and people will not be able to throw the letter away unopened. Don’t forget to use a real postage stamp. An electronic pass through the stamp machine might be a time saver, but that’s what makes it impersonal.

Or make it official

On the other hand, an opposite trend that gets noticed is the snap pack. These are not warm and friendly, but they do cause people to want to attend to them. This is because they look official. The snap packs are the single sheets of paper that are folded in half and perforated along the edges. No one throws those away unopened. They look important. They might have a check in them.

Try postcards

Finally, another great trend that is working well for direct mail is to use picture postcards. Postcards are attractive; they have a nice picture, or a joke on the front, and they are kept for that reason. They are great for putting out a quick attention-grabbing message.
If you are looking for new ways to get your mortgage direct mail marketing information into the hands of your customers, look at what direct mail can do for you these days.  Check out iti Direct Mail at itidirectmail.com for more information on these specialized mortgage marketing services.

Top Five Direct Mail Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Direct mail marketing can greatly boost the success rate of your marketing campaign, but with many organizations sending out thousands of pieces of direct mail every day, it can be hard for you to stand out, especially as a small business. Not only that, but it’s hard to get people to even look at your marketing piece, due to the fact they are receiving so many of them from many different sources every day. How do you make people stop and read your specific piece? Follow these top five direct mail marketing tips to get your campaign noticed.

direct mail

Make it eye-catching

If you’re sending out a postcard, a brochure or even something inside of an envelope, the first thing your recipient sees needs to be eye-catching. People receive these types of mail items every day, and are used to just tossing them in the trash without even blinking an eye. In order for someone to stop and pay attention to what you’re saying, you need to add detail. Use color and font that pops. You don’t want anything too loud, but you want to include something that is going to make an impact. The correct use of photos can also make all the difference in grabbing a reader’s attention. For example, if you work for a small animal shelter, include a picture of cute animal, or an animal in a cage waiting for his forever home. You need to appeal to the interest and emotion of your recipient.

Introduce a call-to-action

More often than not; readers want to be told what they need to do. Too much information that beats around the bush can become confusing for a reader and they will quickly lose interest. If you want the recipient to donate, put that on the front. You want to tell them right away what you are looking for.

Tell a story

Again, you need to appeal to a reader’s emotions. By telling a story and making it interesting you will more likely be able to get a response. A recipient will be able to become more emotionally involved if there is some kind of back-story that appeals to them. If you don’t have a story, then provide testimonials. Whether they are testimonials from people your organization has helped or testimonials about how great your business is, this will help your reader become invested.

Keep it short

No one has time to read through paragraphs of copy. People want to skim through a sentence or two of information and be able to understand exactly what it is that you are asking for. Too much copy will only drive a reader away. Keep it short and simple and you will be successful.

Use a direct mail company

Many organizations have the option of sending out mail themselves which can sometimes lead to complications. If you want your direct mail campaign to be successful, hire a direct mail company that will be able to customize and mail all of your pieces for you in a timely manner.

For your direct mail marketing campaign needs, or for help with your direct mailing, contact us at iti Direct Mail today.

7 Real Estate Direct Marketing Tips to Boost Response Rates

Real estate direct mail marketing is an affordable and effective way to get noticed, leading to more leads and opportunities for sales.  Here are some real estate direct marketing tips to boost response rates for a better ROI.

1.  Experiment with Real Estate Letters Versus Postcards

Should you use letters or postcards to conduct a real estate direct mail campaign? Answering this question is one of your first steps before launching your campaign.

Unfortunately, one way or the other isn’t ideal for all campaigns, so you may have to experiment. A postcard may work best for specific properties for sale but won’t be as effective if you have more information to share.

2.  Use a Simple Message with Clear Benefits

If you only use one tip from this, make sure it’s this one. This key takeaway is vital for direct mail marketing campaigns. Your marketing message has to be simple enough so readers can see the benefits right away. They probably will not spend more than five seconds reading your message.

Answer these two questions quickly: What are you offering them and what are the benefits?

Real Estate Direct Marketing

3.  Tell Your Readers What to do Next

When it comes to real estate direct marketing your message should steer them to the next step. Perhaps you want them to contact you to find out more information about a listing or list their home with you if they are looking to sell. Make it clear.

4.  Don’t Ever Make Guarantees

Never guarantee that a property will be available or that they will get a specific amount of money for their property. If your campaign involves a mortgage special make sure you follow the guidelines of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the FTC.

Although you can explain the benefits of a special mortgage, never tell people they will be automatically approved.

5.  Guide Your Readers to a Specific Section on Your Website

When using direct mail you don’t always have the space you need on your mail piece to communicate all of the relevant information regarding your products and services, especially if you’re using a postcard. This is why you need to send readers to a specific page on your website. Make sure the webpage is both informative and relevant to your message.

6.  Establish a Direct Mail Control and Try to Beat it

Control in direct mail marketing is the first piece of mail you create that makes a profit. It is a prototype of sorts. Measure your response rate and ROI for this control; and then try to beat it.

You can do this by changing one element at a time.

7.  Learn From the Real Estate Direct Marketing Experience of Others

We mentioned at the beginning of this blog that direct mail marketing is affordable and can get you noticed and help you find more leads. Learn from others with marketing experience.

At iti Direct Mail, we know how important affordability and looking professional is to the real estate industry. We are your one-stop shop and solution for direct mail services. To find out how to put these real estate direct marketing tips to boost response rates to work for you, check out our direct mail services on our website and get a quote for custom services.