Pros and Cons of Vehicle Magnets, Decals, and Window Clings

When you want to advertise and use your vehicle or vehicles to do it, are you going to pay a professional to paint them? That takes time, it is messy and expensive, and then when you want to sell the vehicles, you have to scrape the paint off to make a sale. Instead, there are window clings, vehicle magnets, and vehicle decals. All of these have their pros and cons.

Window Clings

Window clings are vinyl decals that adhere to your vehicle’s windows via static electricity. A little water tends to create extra suction if you want the clings to stick harder. These you can adhere to the windows on the doors of your vehicle or to the rear windshield, so long as your rear view is not entirely occluded. They are the cheapest means of advertising on your vehicles. Because they are so easy to remove and reposition on another window, you can use them on just about any other glass surface too.

Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle magnets are giant magnets designed to advertise your business from the doors of your vehicle. They can be imprinted with any and all of your business information, logos, colors, etc. You will need to order two if you want the information to be on both of your vehicle’s front doors or back doors, if applicable. They are the second least expensive option for business advertising on your vehicle. They are also the easiest to remove because they are just magnets. Unfortunately, that is also a “con” of these big magnets, as anyone can remove them.

Vehicle Decals

Vehicle decals are your most expensive option here. However, they are still far cheaper than professional auto paint jobs when it comes to using space on your vehicles for advertising. You can think of these decals as giant stickers you slap on the sides of the vehicles. They can be custom-made to reflect your business information and fit certain vehicles. They can travel the length of the sides of your vehicles, or just cover the hoods or front doors; your choice.

The “cons” of vehicle decals is that you have to be very careful when applying them or you could apply them crookedly. You may need a professional auto detailer’s help. You also have to contend with sticky residue removal when you take the decals off and either sell the vehicles or replace the decals with updated ones. Fortunately for most businesses that opt to use decals, they do not change their business information for at least a decade after getting started, and there are sticker residue removal kits that make these decals easy to remove.

After You Have Made Your Choice

After you have selected which of the above forms of advertising you want to put on your vehicles, you can order everything you need from a single printing company. Anytime you need to recreate your vehicle advertising choice, you only have to call in the changes for “reprints.” If you decide that you do not like the option you have chosen, you can always try one of the other options above.

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

We live in a world where it is impossible to buy stationery anymore, and where the two most recent generations of youngsters do not know what handwriting is. Yes, writing is a lost art form, one which is going the way of the dodo. If you are past age twenty, you may still be one of those who knows how to write a letter by hand. If you want to keep this rare art form alive, our stationery products can help.

mail merge


The Stationery Paper

Crisp sheets of decorated paper pulled from a stationery box; you do not see that every day. We create the perfect stationery paper with your choice of colors, designs, and even your company logo and letterhead, should you so desire. If you want to use the paper for more personal letters, you can skip the logo and letterhead and just place your name and address, pre-stamped, in the upper righthand corner where it is supposed to go. All you have to do is date the letter and begin your salutations below.


The Matching Envelopes

Stationery sets done right have always had matching envelopes. These matching envelopes for your chosen stationery are as colorful and as attractive as the paper you have chosen. When you send a personal or business letter on this stationery and in these envelopes, people take notice. They want to open your letters and read the hand-written notes inside. It means you took the time, thought, and energy needed to compose something of meaning, just for the recipient.

Additionally, if you use the stationery and matching envelopes for business purposes, we can make sure your logo is on both the heads of the paper and on the exterior of the envelopes. Everything is perfectly stamped, inked, and clear. Your recipients will know exactly what company it is from, and what they may expect in the body of the letter.


Writing the Letter

If you have decent penmanship, writing a letter yourself is much more personable. Begin with a formal greeting if you are addressing customers, clients or business partners. Informal greetings are reserved for personal relationships, friends, and family. Then write the body of the letter.

The body of the letter should detail the main reason for making contact, as well as why you chose to write rather than call, text or email. Choose a reason that sounds believable, and one that you personally believe. A business letter discusses business that you wish to conduct with the recipient, while personal letters can talk about anything you want to mention to the reader. Keep things light, professional (if applicable), and reasonably short (unless you are writing a personal letter to someone you have not seen or spoken to in a while).

Always sign your name in ink. Skip the ink stamped version of your written name. The personally signed letter is always more impressive, regardless of who the recipient is.


Buying Sets or Buying a la Carte

We can package stationery for you so that it comes in a nice, organized, and orderly gift box. If you would prefer to order your paper and your envelopes separately, our company can do that too. Once you become accustomed to letter writing by hand, you may find that you use more sheets of stationery paper and fewer envelopes. That is normal and you can always buy more.

Saving Money Through Direct Mail Campaigns: Tips That Can Help

Direct mail campaigns require planning and wise financial management. You want to be sure that the audience that receives your mailings are the ones that are most likely to use your products or services. You also want to be sure that the mailing products you use do not cost a fortune. To save money and hit the right target audience, here are a few tips.

1. Use Postcards

Why postcards? Well, for one, they are significantly cheaper to send than flyers, brochures and letters. Most post offices only charge half the postage on a postcard as they do for a first class stamp. Half of that part of your mailing expenses stays in your pocket, and that’s a definite benefit.

2. Target Everyone, or Target a Cross-Section

Clearly, targeting everyone with a post office box and/or a street address is expensive. If your services or goods are not for the average consumer, this is a massive beginner’s mistake. It is extremely expensive to mail to everyone within a ten-mile radius of your business. Of course, if you run a retail store or grocery store, a marketing mailer en masse makes perfect sense.

hand addressing-minInstead, target the audience you want. Just contractors? Just banks and financial institutions? Just office buildings? Focus on exactly who you want to do business with, and then send your postcards to these potential customers. You will save a lot of money focusing on just one cross-section of the working population at a time. You can also purchase mailing lists for these very specific businesses which saves time and money on research and compiling your own lists.

3. Do Batch Mailings

Rather than address potential clients specifically, you could do batch mailings. With batch mailings, you pay for the postage, then request that the postcards be delivered to a specific area, such as the business parks or the industrial parks in a particular zip code. The post office then delivers your postcards to these groups and areas only.

4. Buy Pre-Stamped Postage

Printing companies now offer pre-stamped postage services. Not only can you reduce the amount of postage you pay by using postcards, but you can reduce your postage costs further by requesting this service. Your printing company places stamps on all of your postcards and bulk mailings that you order from them. You save a lot of money from this service in addition to all the time saved from stamping the mailers yourself. Once your order from the printing company arrives, you only have to address the postcards and mail them.

5. Buy in Bulk

This is one area of business where buying in bulk is a bonus. Printing companies who print your postcards and other mail marketing products offer deeper discounts when you buy more. Instead of just buying five hundred postcards, why not five thousand? Sure, the final price costs you a little more, but consider the fact that you will go through five thousand postcards in a matter of months, and that each of these from your bulk purchase will cost far less per card than the five hundred you initially considered.

How to Gain Leverage on Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is a great approach towards helping businesses capture targeted customers and retain regular ones. However, it is important to note that sending a letter to a particular client once in a while may not help you gain the most business. You need to adopt a well planned on-going approach to realize success and here is some insight on effective direct mail campaigns.


The mail

Ensure that your direct mail pieces are designed in the best way possible to make it attractive to the recipient. Some important aspects to consider in this case include the color, content, size, and dimension of the direct mail piece. Personalizing the message is an essential ingredient when mailing to a target audience, as well as, a strong product presentation at the beginning of the letter. The product or services offer, in this case, should be appealing so do your best to promote them right from the beginning.


direct mailmarketing-min

Get on target

Establishing your target audience will save you a lot of time and money when mailing. You want to mail to people who you know may need or want your type of services or products. This can make your direct marketing techniques more effective and less costly.


Identifying the right list

Once you establish the target audience, you need to come up with a list. There are many databases to choose from that include business and residential names and addresses; selecting your target audience with precision will ultimately guarantee faster, cheaper, and better results.



Before you commission your direct mail campaign, it is important to test it out first with a small mailing. If you have a list you have been using successfully in the past, it would be great to test the new one against the old one. It is possible to check more than one list so you can establish what adjustments need to be made to further define your target audience. This will ultimately save you valuable time and money.


Track your success

Your progress is the other critical aspect worth monitoring as you do direct mail campaigns. Hence, you need to have tools to help you measure the results of such campaigns. If you have multiple lists, assigning key codes will be the best idea, which will help you attribute each response to the right key code.

After the campaign, it is wise to take time and analyze the results achieved. At this point, you will be in a position to identify what list yielded the best success.



A step by step guide like this one is what gives insight into leveraging more on targeted direct mail marketing techniques using personalized letters. In time, the result is a quantifiable success that you can attribute to your direct mail campaigns.

Six Key Elements of a Successful Direct Mail Piece

Hand WrittenDirect mail marketing is as relevant today as it ever has been. Direct mail pieces give your customers and potential customers something they can hold on to and refer to later. Such pieces are also something that can be targeted and personalized and are a familiar marketing format for consumers of all ages and technical abilities. However, that doesn’t mean that simply sending a random postcard in the mail will be effective. In order to be successful, a direct mail marketing piece needs to contain several key elements.

Five key elements of a successful direct mail piece

  1. Your logo and company name. While your logo and name shouldn’t overwhelm the offer in the direct mail piece, these items should make it easy for the reader to tell who is sending the piece and how to contact you. Your logo and name should also be presented in a way that complements your other marketing efforts and reinforces consumers’ brand awareness.
  2. The offer. Even the most attractive direct mail piece won’t be effective if the reader can’t quickly tell “what’s in it for them.” Examples of good offers include a time-sensitive customer discount, a gift with purchase, a free estimate or an invitation to a preferred customer event.
  3. Personal benefits. All marketing pieces should address what the product or service offered will do to make the reader’s life easier. Direct marketing pieces are no exception. Make sure to concentrate on substance with creating a direct mail piece, not just on style.
  4. A great headline. Headlines aren’t just for email marketing. You also need to grab your direct mail reader’s attention early, or risk having all of your hard work end up landing quickly in the recycle bin. Do that by keeping your message concise. Make it a message that leaves the reader wanting more information.
  5. Call to action. Consumers aren’t likely to act unless you tell them what you want them to do. Tell your readers whether you want them to visit your store, order a product, call for an appointment or download your free eBook.
  6. The “PS.” According to “Entrepreneur” magazine, the PS at the end of the message is one of the most important parts of a direct mail piece. According to the magazine, readers often scan the headline or the first paragraph and then skip directly to the PS. Use this part of the piece for your call to action or for a special, time-sensitive offer.

Direct mail marketing is far from obsolete. Get the most for your direct mail market dollars by starting with a dynamic headline, making sure to include a clear offer and telling what you what the reader to do in your call to action.

5 Ways Having Your Own Custom Stationary Can Benefit Your Business

No matter how large or small your business may be, it is only as strong as your brand reputation and the public perception of your company. Customized stationary can be an important part of how you establish your company as a professional, well-established business. It can heighten the effectiveness of your communications with customers, clients, and other businesses. Here are just some of the ways that customized, professionally designed stationary can be beneficial for every area of your company.


You Have One Opportunity to Make a First Impression with Your Business

When you send letters through the mail, the only way to leave a truly memorable first impression is to wow the recipients of your communication with unforgettable stationary. It will make them stop and take notice. By choosing beautifully designed logo that captures the spirit of your brand and what you wish to convey to your customer, they will connect with it and will want to learn more about your business and its services or products.

mortgage direct mail marketing

Customized Stationary Helps Your Letter Stand Out Among Other Communications

Whether you are sending marketing letters to potential customers or clients, a response to a current customer who has written with a complaint, or a pitch letter to a potential new business associate, your letter is going to be among several others that the person likely receives each day. It can be easy to toss a letter aside to read later, only the people may never get around to doing so.

To really grab the recipient and make them want to read your message, customized stationary can catch their eye with your logo on the envelope, and the beautifully designed letterhead can hold their interest and make them want to read what you have written.

You Can Coordinate Matching Letterhead and Envelopes for a Uniform Look

Having a coordinated stationary set will wow recipients from the inside out. Having the same aesthetically appealing logo on the envelope and then again on the letter itself is sure to inspire positive feelings for your company. It just exudes professionalism to have perfectly coordinated stationary.

Professionally Designed Stationary Helps Establish Your Brand Identity

The logo that goes on your stationary products will help you further establish your brand identity. The more exposure that your target audience has to your logo, the better. After all, the reason that companies pay millions of dollars to have a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl is partly because that allows them to have a wide reach to extend their brand identity.

Raise Funds

Since brand identity is tied to how much time each customer has spent on thinking about your brand and seeing it represented, this extra exposure on the stationary can help them more easily identify your logo even from a distance or when just flipped through the mail. This basic form of connecting with the customer can inspire them to choose your business. That’s especially true when their choice is between your company and one they never heard of before.

In closing, it’s important to consider that stationary with your own logo can make a big difference in how people perceive your company. With only a small investment in a bouquet of personalized stationary that includes a letterhead and envelope that are perfectly coordinated, you can transform how you communicate with your customers and peers alike. Professionally designed stationary can empower you to take your business communications to the next level of awesome.

3 Reasons to Use Designed Postcards to Help Achieve Marketing Goals

Beautifully designed postcards can catch a customer’s eye and automatically leave a more favourable impression of your company in the minds of those who receive it. When choosing to use a postcard as an advertising method, you give yourself a flexible way to spread the word about your business in a way that is likely to be welcomed by potential customers.

Postcard Printing

Reason #1: Its Versatility Allows for a Greater Reach

You can do many things with a well-designed postcard. You can use them for a large customized local marketing campaign. For example, if you have a real estate company, you can send postcards to select people in the area who may be looking to buy or sell a home. You could also create postcards to be used at an open house which can be used to direct potential home buyers to your website, where you may make a sale even if they aren’t interested in the particular house you are currently showing. Other options for companies are to hand out postcards at events or ask to leave them in local coffee shops, or even mail out a national marketing campaign for products that would be relevant across the country.

Reason #2: Its Affordability Puts It Within Reach of Any Business

Once you have a high-quality, professional postcard designed, you can print a lot of postcards at a very low cost. In addition to the aspect of its affordability, postage on postcards cost less than traditional marketing letters, and they are more likely to immediately grab a potential customer’s attention. When it comes to print advertising, postcards allow you to focus in on a targeted audience with very little risk to your company’s bottom line. Any business who cannot afford thousands of dollars for magazine or online advertising can afford targeted, well-designed postcard marketing.

Reason #3: Its Design is the Key to Appeal to Customers

The postcard must catch the eye of the customers, and that comes down to how well designed it is. You will need a professional company who is experienced in designing postcards that will impress future customers. The design is created based around the target customers that you most want to reach and what you hope to convey to those customers about your company. Another aspect of postcard design is that it needs to be clear and concise. Someone should be able to know what you are communicating within a few seconds of looking at the postcard. To look visually stunning, a variety of imagery may be used, including stock photos and you can customize a postcard with nearly any type of image you want to show your customers.

custom postcard printing

Finally, keep in mind that a postcard can be just the right solution for your customers. They can appreciate receiving an original beautifully designed postcard, and you may also make the suggestion that they can reuse the postcard as a bookmark or perhaps even post it on their refrigerator for quick reference. The more attractive the postcard and the more informative it is, the greater your odds of having a postcard that will increase business while serving the needs of customers. A well-designed postcards will be an effective tool in keeping your business’s products and services in their view and on their mind.

4 Unexpected Reasons Direct Mail is a Winner for Real Estate Agents

Selling a home is a complex and often misunderstood process. Real estate agents are great multi-taskers who work hard for each of their clients to sell houses or to find just the right home for buyers. These days many realtors rely on social media and online advertising, which is great, but it can sometimes result in a lot of wasted revenue and can be hard to narrow in on your local market. (What’s the use of trying to market a home in Baltimore to someone in San Francisco?) With direct mail, you can reach your exact target area and know that locals are seeing your mail. Here are other important and likely unexpected reasons that direct mail can be just the thing that sells your property.


Reason #1: Flexibility

What many people don’t associate with direct marketing is a great deal of flexibility, but that is exactly what it delivers to real estate agents. Using customized targeted postcards to reach potential home buyers is easy; whether the realtor is handling a small or large group of homes for sale. The real estate agent can also typically include as much or as little information as they want in a direct mail campaign. That flexibility can be great because sometimes a house is more marketable with more information, while others draw attention with only a few essential facts.

Reason #2: Affordability

Many people may be concerned that they will not be able to afford a direct mail marketing campaign. However, direct mail marketing is traditionally less expensive compared to many other forms of advertising. When you also figure in the risks and potential rewards, it is a smart choice for nearly any real estate marketing budget. Many real estate agents repeatedly use direct mail for different campaigns because of its excellent track record.

Reason #3: Trackability

You don’t have to utilize expensive online ad trackers to see that direct mail marketing campaigns for realtors is highly measurable. It’s so simple and is an effective tracking method. You can simply print a coupon code or a four-letter code on the real estate postcard that you send in your direct mail campaign and instruct the recipient to reference that code when calling about the property. You may be surprised at how many people will positively respond and you will be well pleased at how effective the campaign was.

Reason #4: Community

When you send out direct mail to potential home buyers in your local area, you are also helping to establish a community presence. Customers who repeatedly see your name and logo associated with beautiful properties will think of you when they look for a home of their own. Building a community presence is one of the most important things you can do as a real estate agent. Not only will you be helping to spread the word about a particular property, but you are better positioning yourself for future sales.


Finally, keep in mind that direct mail marketing can work for real estate agents in any market across the country. What will change is how it achieves the goals you want. For example, how you customize a campaign may be different in a large city than in a smaller town, and it will also depend on the type of dwelling that you are selling. Ultimately, direct mail can work in your favor to help sell any home.

Get Your Brochure to Work for You

dreamstime_xs_49105433Brochures are used mostly by small business owners that want to market their product and expand their market. You might be asking yourself what you could do to make your brochures more effective and get them to work for you. Even though costs are very important to businesses it should not be the only thing that concerns you. Each piece of literature you send out leaves an impression on your readers. A wrong impression could mean risking losing business and also alienating your customers. Perhaps you are wondering what you can do to get a better response from your customers? Below are a few expert design and copy-writing tips that will help improve the sales literature that you provide to your customers.

Get a deeper understanding about your customers
Your customer is the backbone of your business. Take your time to understand their needs and how you can provide better services and products to them. Find out what is most important to them and what problems can be solved for them by using your products and services. If you don’t know the answers to these questions ask your sales people and your customers. Use the answers they give to decide how to write and design an effective brochure.
Do not tell, sell

Initially prospective customers are not overly interested in reading too many details about your products as they are in meeting the needs and goals of their business. To get their full attention, you need to focus mainly on the benefits they will reap from purchasing your product. This way, you turn their interest in the product into action.

Use graphics and headlines that your audience cares about

One common mistake most people make is using a picture of their building at the front of the brochure. On average, a reader takes not more than 5 seconds to glance at the cover of your brochure and decide if they will read it. Boring headlines and graphics means fewer recipients will even bother opening it up and reading it.

Keep the inside of the brochure interesting

While it is important to pay close attention to the outside of your tri-fold brochure, in doing so do not forget about the inside! Once you have managed to grab the readers’ attention and have them open it, use headlines that are benefit oriented.

Readers tend to scan through the copy, so it is advisable to use interesting and captivating headlines to catch their attention. Businesses and customers press for time since they have many ads to read through. So feature rich bullet points that keep them focused on what you have to offer and lead them to take the action you want them to take.

Make it easier for readers to respond

Ensure that your business name, website URL, and phone number can easily be found on the brochure. Having a QR code that takes people to your product page or to a page where they can sign up for a newsletter is an option that you can consider.
On top of that, keep the information current with up to date information. Your brochure should match your brand by staying consistent with the marketing materials you use.

While there are many considerations when putting together a highly effective brochure, if you follow the above guidelines you will be well on your way to having your brochure work for you!

The ABC’s of an Effective Business Card

effective business card designIt is amazing how many people overlook the value of having professional business cards that accurately reflect the image of your brand. It is most likely the first thing your prospects will receive from you, so it can be your one chance to create a lasting positive impression on them. If your business cards don’t reflect your company accurately then you can lose a good opportunity to build a positive brand image from the beginning. Business cards help put a face to your business. It helps keep your business in the back of prospective customer’s minds. Even though they may not need your services or products at that very moment, there will come a time when they do need it, and they will pull out your card and call you.

Get Professional services

To get the best results hire the services of a profession designer unless you have the skills to design a card for yourself. This person is also tasked with designing your other advertising material such as your letterhead and brochures. You should keep it simple and small in size because you do not have a lot of space to work within a business card. The logo should not be too large and the type should not be too small that one cannot comfortably read it. Standard size business cards are sufficient in getting your company name out in your specific market.

Differentiate yourself

This is for those that are adventurous. While the rectangular cards are used by everyone, you can dare to be different. You could try a card with rounded corners which could be tricky but is quite memorable. It will not quite fit in the ordinary card holder, sometimes making it inconvenient. You must be willing to make a trade between convenience and making a unique impression if you choose to go with an unconventional shape and size.

Content tips

When choosing what information will appear on the card make sure the most important information is included first; your name, the company name, logo, phone number and web address. If you still have some space to work with you can add other information like the email address and types of services offered. Be careful not to clutter too many things since a simpler and cleaner card is always better.

Keep the back of the card blank or print some noncritical information. People will often not look at the back. Even the traditional card holders assume that the back of the card is blank. If you wish to add some content to the back you could include your company’s mission or tagline. Business cards are meant to promote your business but not confuse people with extensive advertising. Use white as the base color of your card. This way once they receive your card they can write some additional notes on the front and back.

A simple business card is a road to opportunity and can help your business make money. First impressions are not only important but the business card provides others with tangible information about yourself as well as your company. People get physical information that they can refer to later. This is the exact reason why business cards are still very relevant today.

All in all, to get the perfect business card it should contain all vital information people need to contact you, entice people to learn more about your business, and it should stand out.