How to Write an Effective Direct Mail Sales Letter

How to Write an Effective Direct Mail Sales LetterAround 54% of consumers want to receive mail from brands they like. Learn how to write a direct mail letter that consumers respond to. A good direct mail sales letter will boost your business. About 56% of consumers who respond to direct mail letter visit a business’s website or physical location. More traffic means more of a chance at making sales. Here’s what you need to know about how to write a marketing letter:


Start with a Strong Opening

Effective direct mail letters draw in the reader from the first sentence. Your first sentence should be attention-grabbing and concise. State your offer as clearly and immediately as possible in the letter. If possible, personalize the salutations. This makes direct mail letters appear more approachable and connected to consumers. For instance, if you’re selling a product for pets, start off your letter with something like, “Dear Proud Fur Baby Parent.”


Be Clear and Concise

The best direct mail letter examples are easy to read. They use conversational language that anyone can understand. Don’t use fluff to bulk up the body of your letter. Describe the benefits, features, and details of your product or service. More reading means more work for the reader. A good rule of thumb is to write how most people speak. If possible, avoid using long sentences to describe your product or service. Shorter sentences are more readable and easier to digest. Whatever you do, don’t make your sentences sound choppy or fragmented. Ideally, your direct mail sales letter will be one page long. If it’s 2 pages, break up the last sentence between pages. This encourages the reader to go to the second page.


Cater to Your Audience

Your direct marketing letter should be written with your audience’s needs in mind. Chances are, your audience is made up of leads. Explain how your product or service will make their lives better. Make a “no risk” offer that benefits your audience. You can offer free information, free brochures, free trials, tutorials, samples, or more. The key is to entice the audience to respond.


Call to Action (CTA) and Response

A CTA is a statement that prompts the reader to take a specific action. Usually, the CTA is a way of getting readers to respond to your letter. For instance, a popular CTA is encouraging readers to call your business’s phone. Another popular CTA is telling readers to book an appointment or send an e-mail. Your CTA should be at the end of the letter. Make the response directions easy to follow.


Use Postscript (P. S.) Wisely

Numerous case studies have proven that many readers immediately go to the P. S. section when they first look at a letter. Restate your objective/proposition under the P. S. section. That way, if a person only reads the P. S., they’ll still get the gist of your letter.


Write a Direct Marketing Letter Your Audience Loves

Response rates for direct mail letters are 10 to 30 times higher than response rates to marketing e-mails. If your direct mail letter is good, you’ll get the response you’re looking for. Around 60% of consumers remember direct mail letters that appeal to their emotions. Use the emotional effect to your advantage. Invest in your success and learn more about direct mail marketing. The results will make you happy.

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